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Expression Absolutely clear, accurate, appropriate, sophisticated

Ideas Relevant, explicit, engaging

Detail Developed, integrated, convincing

Organization Appropriate, unified


Minor errors do not detract from effectiveness


Expression Clear and mostly appropriate

Ideas Relevant; Could be more explicit or engaging

Detail Developed, integrated; Mostly convincing

Organization Appropriate, unified


Minor omissions


Expression Errors do not significantly impact on comprehension

Ideas Mostly relevant; Generally explicit

Detail Could be developed, integrated and more convincing

Organization Mostly appropriate; Could be more systematic


Requires effort from the reader


Expression Inappropriate style or partly unclear

Ideas Limited relevance or clarity

Detail Limited development

Organization Significant omissions


Not answering the question; Paragraphs not distinguished


Student name: Mohammed AL-Qarawi Student ID: 201102244 sec: 109
Team sports

Do you know what “sport team” mean? Its mean a when people be together under name of group so they have their training and games. There are many kind of sport in our world for example: American football, basketball, baseball, world football, tennis, swimming and ice hockey. We only have football in Saudi Arabia. In this essay I will write about the argument of sport team.

Many people disagree with sport. You may ask your self why do so many people disagree or hate with sport? Because they don’t have time to play sports but the main reason is that they have a bad history that’s mean when people have a bad memories in their childhood like when someone push them when they play or when have a hard injury. So they have that image a bout sport that gives them that fear. The other reason is the lake of under standing the sport so they have that small image a bout the sports and that’s sometimes happen because of the family no one in his family fanatic in sport. Some

People who are disagreeing in sport have that common disease, which is the shyness 35 percent of people cannot play sport because their shy and they afraid of the action of the pother people around them.

There are many people who agree with the sport because they don’t have any other place to go in a small brake and they don’t know any other entertainment. Many people who are fanatic on any kind of sports team always think that sports is everything even if they have a free time to play sports. Many people who are fanatic in sports think that sport is a role model. 90 percent of people who are agreeing with the sport know that sports are the best competitive athletics and there is no other competitive athletics. Sport let them believe in the impossible and its engages their minds. Sport inspire them and it’s touch the depths of them emotion they turn their day to a better day when their team win and also the opposite when their team lose they turn their day to a bad day. Sports is one of the games that no pain on it and sport acts as a way to unite people it’s a common in our society.
I’m one of the people who disagree on sports. In my opinion sport is the last think in my schedule so sport is not a necessary or that important thing so I don’t care if many people liked it, because I have that fear that I always feel when I start to play I think of the way that people will see me or judge me when I play so you can call it “shy”. Also I didn’t know how to play any kind of sport no one teaches me or even tell me how can I start to play. No one in my family like sport not even my uncle.
Finally, in the end of this essay I would like to write that people always have the choice to choose if they agree or disagree and every single or each person have their opinion in sports. In this essay I wrote an argument essay of sport team in body one I wrote the disagreement and how can people hate sports or not paying any attention to it at all, body two I wrote the agreement and how can sport effect their personality in body three I have wrote my opinion how I hate the sports. I want to write some facts about. Sports; do you know that fishing is the world biggest participant sport, football invented in china.

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