Participating in pmu sports team helps develop personal character

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Participating in PMU sports team helps develop personal character
Sports in general are self disciplining. It provides psychological and physical balance inducing the brain to secrete the “happy” hormones which elevate the person's mood. Adding to the previous benefits, joining university sports team helps students develop their personalities as well as sharpen their social and team skills; this helps in their years spent at university and later on in life. A character quality can be developed through repeated practice, leading to future success.
Joining a university sports team is one of the best ways for students to grow their skills, whether social, physical or psychological. The students meet on regular basis according to a schedule, this teaches them commitment and consistency. The process creates friendships and bonds amongst team members, it teaches them how to work in groups and be active members. This leads to the student’s emotional balance and well-being because human beings are social in their nature.
On the other hand, joining a team is not always beneficial because lack of interest in sports or team members can lead to irresponsible behavior and eventually failure. The pressure of studying is enough for some students, adding the load of a team and the need to win can be catastrophic. Some students collapse under the pressure, which defeats the purpose of joining. This can lead to aggression, it also takes away valuable time from students, time which should be spent studying or resting.
Some argue it is completely wrong; playing sports is always good for anyone's well-being. It enhances the student's behavior because of responsibility towards the team and helps the students be more focused on studies which lead to their success. According to psychologists, a steady stream of pressure is always good to keep the students alert, however, too much pressure can lead to the opposite. Joining a team can as well help the students stay balanced between social life and other university obligations. The benefits most certainly outweigh disadvantages.
In the end, it depends on the students and how they cope with sports and teams but in general it is always good for them. It gives them the sense of belonging and obligation towards other team members.

It teaches them how to socialize with different people from different backgrounds and work for the same goal. It creates lifelong friendships and bonds. Also teaches them that practice makes perfect and consistency is key to any success.

Omar Ghazzawi


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