The Unforgettable Journey

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The Unforgettable Journey

One of the best memories Osama has ever had in his life was his journey to Lebanon in 2008. This was because he travelled alone! In this essay, I will look at how difficult the journey was in the beginning, what he had to make his journey enjoyable, and why he had a positive attitude towards Lebanese people.

In the beginning, he thought that it would be too difficult to travel by himself as a young boy. In fact, the things he did and experienced there made it a wonderful journey. He learned how to stamp his passport, get the bags at the luggage claim, and how to get inside the aeroplane. Osama had to sit beside a stranger and had to handle this new and difficult situation for two long hours. In Lebanon, things didn’t go that simple when he arrived there, no one was waiting for him at the airport. Fortunately, he had the address of his relatives so he took a taxi to the general bus station. Unfortunately, there was no bus heading to that city till seven o’clock next morning. He didn’t know what to do since he had no place to go, no extra money to rent a room so he had to stay up till the bus time in that isolated spot.

During the night, he felt very scared. First of all, the horrible feeling of loneliness was about to kill him. He didn’t know what to do or where to go. It was a very boring situation. Moreover, there were some terrifying events such as some people were blind drunk. They were a big threat for him. They even tried to steal something of his properties. Thank Goodness, he was able to handle the situation successfully. When he arrived at his relatives place, he didn’t tell them anything. He stayed with them normally. He even started to enjoy his time. He did a lot of things; he walked a lot, he did a lot of shopping, he made some new friends, most importantly he gained self confidence as I become a more capable boy.

The lasting positive impression that the trip made was the gaining of his parents’ trust. Since his return, his parents looked at him differently. They started to depend on him in so many things. He became more confident in his abilities and managed to improve different skills. His parents became very proud of him and he became very proud of himself.

To sum up, the journey was a high success in spite of having some challenges. Lack of experience due to being young, the rapid reaction for killing time, and enjoying it, and the good the good impression Osama had about the Lebanese people were three major facts of this essay. In a word, Osama got a number of lessons from the journey to Lebanon.

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