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Name : Yazid al Mqbas

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Assignment #7 :narrative essay,

Internet addiction.

Prof, Simon .

Nov 25 2012 .

Internet addiction

Internet addiction is considered a growing problem among the whole world. It is very rare to find a house without internet and since it has a massive positive side; but the rate of the negative influences of the internet is increasing rapidly. People are accessing the internet everywhere and anytime, and some of them is exceeding the normal use to the addiction. So in this essay I will tell my story of being an internet addicted.

Initially, it all started when I could not reach my friends and with my family being busy with their own issues, I ended up with having a lot of free time. To fill my spare time, I started spending hours and hours using the Internet in a daily basis. I was losing the track of time and I could not stop. I spent my hours on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker and without forgetting to watch tons of YouTube videos and playing endless online video games. So there was no spare time anymore and I was not feeling bored at all.

At the beginning, I was so happy and was not able to notice the impact of my new routine. I was not aware that it caused me to be addicted to browsing internet and isolated from my family and friends. Plus, my new friends thoughts and believes were slowly effecting my perspectives, traditions, values and believes and it was not a good affect at all. I can say that the most significant affect of what happened during that period was missing and losing my best friends. I lost them because, as I mentioned before, I was under affects. My actions were reckless, I had a very bad temper and you can add being violent to the list too.

After a while I was starting to feel lost and struggling to overcome the addiction damages. My new bad friends were motivating me to neglect my prayers; and I was suffering with inflammation on my eyes due to the long staring to the laptop screen. I was so lazy and kept interring chat rooms and indulged in fantasy. I was depressed for a while committing mistakes and follies. I hated myself for a while, which gave me the motivation to reduce the use of the internet.

After what happened to me, I was aware that I have a problem which I need to overcome. After browsing the internet and searching in the public library I came up with the following solutions to eliminate the internet addiction. First, identify specific times to use the Internet cannot be bypassed in any way. Then prevent the use of the Internet in closed rooms and the possibility to see what interest it enters the child or adolescent on the Internet on an ongoing basis. You also can diversify activities practiced by children and adolescents within and outside the home. You should careful spend quality family time, to work on resolving the emotional and relational problems that may arise in or outside the home, through the expression of feelings and conflicts, respect and respond so as not to become Internet and other addictive behaviors to escape from the attitude problems. Finally, make the family a place devoid of various types of abuse as the abuses and wounds and proper education of others lead to personal problems that may lead to addiction later.

Overall Grade

Expression Absolutely clear, accurate, appropriate, sophisticated

Ideas Relevant, explicit, engaging

Detail Developed, integrated, convincing

Organization Appropriate, unified


Minor errors do not detract from effectiveness


Expression Clear and mostly appropriate

Ideas Relevant; Could be more explicit or engaging

Detail Developed, integrated; Mostly convincing

Organization Appropriate, unified


Minor omissions


Expression Errors do not significantly impact on comprehension

Ideas Mostly relevant; Generally explicit

Detail Could be developed, integrated and more convincing

Organization Mostly appropriate; Could be more systematic


Requires effort from the reader


Expression Inappropriate style or partly unclear

Ideas Limited relevance or clarity

Detail Limited development

Organization Significant omissions


Not answering the question; Paragraphs not distinguished


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