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Islam is one of the oldest religions that have witnessed a large number of people who got into Islam in very less amount of time. Islam is a religion that has proved to be one of the most followed religions by people living all across the universe. This religion is entitled to a lot of important, beautiful and miraculous things that no other religion in the world has. Throughout this research we will discuss briefly the miracles, the facts and the history of Islam.


The reason out of making this research is to prove that Islam is a very beautiful and peaceful religion and it is not at all about violence and it supports safe life and it is possibly the best religion ever introduced to the humanity.


The method I am going to use is documentary. This means that this research is empowered by books and documents that are authorized and are correct items to use as resources.


At the time when makkah was a prosperous city whose wealth and influence were based on the Kacba, a place of pilgrimage housing the pagan deities that were worshipped by the Arabs. Muhammad's message, a new socio-religious order based on allegiance to one god—Allah—was unpopular among the leaders of Mecca, and they forced Muhammad and his followers to emigrate north to the oasis town Medina. in 622, the year of the hijra, which marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar. In Medina, Muhammad continued to attract followers and, within a few years, Mecca had also largely embraced Islam. Upon his return to Mecca, one of the Prophet's first acts was to cleanse the Kacba of its idols and rededicate the shrine to Allah. 

Although Muhammad died in 632, his followers, , continued to spread Islam. Under their command, the Arab armies carried the new faith and leadership from the Arabian Peninsula to the shores of the Mediterranean and to Iran. The Arabs conquered Syria, Palestine, and Egypt from theByzantine empire, while Iraq and Iran, the heart of the Sasanian empire, succumbed to their forces. Here in these lands, Islam fostered the development of a religious, political, and cultural commonwealth and the creation of a global empire. 

While the full formation of a distinctive Islamic artistic language took quite a few centuries, the trees were planted during the Prophet's time. Because it is through writing that the Qur'an is transmitted, the Arabic script was first transformed and edited in order that it might be worthy of revelation. Thus, font started to gain popularity, becoming essential also to Islamic ornament. In architecture, following the hijra, Muhammad's house in Medina developed into a center for the Muslim community and became the prototype for the mosque, the Muslim sanctuary for God. The early structure, known as the hypostyle mosque, included a columned hall oriented toward Mecca and an adjacent courtyard surrounded by a colonnade. The call to prayer was given from a rooftop (later the minaret was developed for this purpose). Essential elements of the mosque were a minbar (pulpit) for the Friday sermon and a mihrab (prayer niche) set in the wall oriented toward Mecca.


Prophet Mohammed (Sal), as per the expressions in the Quran was an “Ummi”, that mean that he didn’t know how to read or to write.

1400 years ago, there were no advanced computers, which could organize hundreds of thousands of words and create equal number of words on the fundamental concepts.
If you think about the fact that the revelations came during the last days of his life and he didn’t know when the Quran could be completed, then it can be seen that the Quran has been designed by a divine force.
The word Devil and Angel, which represents two opposite sides of good and bad in spiritual realm, are repeated 88 times in the Quran.
The Afterlife is the reflection of Earth. These two fundamental words of religion in the Quran are repeated 115 times each.
The word HOT is repeated 4 times in the Quran.
The word COLD   is repeated 4 times in the Quran.
The word GOOD PEOPLE   is repeated 6 times in the Quran.
It is interesting to note that the word GOOD PEOPLE has been repeated twice as more as compared to BAD PEOPLE in order symbolize that the mercifulness of Allah is more than his wrath.
The word BAD PEOPLE is repeated for 3 times in the Quran.
In the Quran, it is stated that there are 7 gates to Hell. In the Hadiths, it is stated that there are 8 gates to Heaven.
The single digit difference will also show its wisdom in number of words.
In Quran, the word Heaven is repeated 78 times, while the word Hell is repeated 77 times.
In the Quran, the word “RASUL” is repeated for 513 times.
“Rasul” is the person who has been empowered by god to tell the holy laws to the people. The number of times the names of “Rasuls” appears in the Quran is 513 times.
Allah has endorsed this holy task by making sure that the word “Rasul” and its private names are held equivalent to 513 times.


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this is a very important essay that is taken from the web , it is taken from a very authorized website that contains a huge number of essays and different useful essays that can be taken from the world wide web. This essay talks in detail about the brief history of islam.

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i expect to prove that islam is the main and the most strong relegion in this universe. i will conduct diffrent researches that will prove this case is right.

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