Education in Qatar

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Education in Qatar

Education is a big part of a person’s life it does not just start with school and end in university, as many people assume. Education is a constant process in one’s life, it helps develop the character and personality of the person and helps define the things that he or she are interested in.

Over the years, Qatar has evolved little by little to reach the high level of education that it has now. It has ascended from only local schools for young boys, to the huge expansion where everyone has the opportunity to learn, even elders. In addition, one of the most important features of the education in Qatar is that it does not only focus on academics, but it also takes on building the students’ character. A clear example of that is the student council and the elections that take place, which is important to create a sense of democracy and fairness in the students. Another aspect as well is the scientific research, which enhances the observations and researching skills in the students and teaches them how to be enquirers, and not to be afraid to speak out and share their opinion with others and be able to communicate their thoughts clearly.

Nevertheless, Qatar is following the policy in investing in the two most important aspects in a country: Health and education. The government never holds back from providing the greatest part of its budget to improve the learning experience for the students on all levels, as much as possible. The latest technologies, buildings and learning experts are put to the mission to facilitate education in the country on a national level, and no one is left out of the pack. A great example of the developments that occurred in the education system in Qatar recently is the E-learning system that has been introduced to all schools in Qatar, which opened the door to a new level of learning and created a great bridge of communication between the students and their teachers.

On the other side of the coin, the cultural aspect always plays an important role in the students’ life, as appreciating the Qatari culture and history is a vital part in the process of learning. Students are taught to learn from their past and to embrace the heritage of those who preceded them. By that, the education system evolves confident, well-rounded batches that contribute to their community in various ways and help provide a similar quality of life to the future generations.

To conclude, the line does not end there, Qatar is carving its own path towards the future and climbing mountains to get on the top, but even on the top Qatar should not be satisfied with where it is. If you are satisfied with the place that you are in, you will lose the way to revolution. That is why Qatar will be taking on new mountains to climb and new challenges to face. One day we will see Qatari curricula adopted by so many Arab countries and perhaps the whole world one day.

Student’s Name: Muzzafer Nour AL-Din Ba Baker.

Grade 9/2

Hamza Independent Preparatory School for Boys.

Supervised by the teacher Saleem M. Al-Jabali.

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