Education System in Qatar

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Education System in Qatar
Qatar has spent millions in improving the national education system which is directly controlled by the supreme council; the system has come a long way and has improved in so many ways since it first started. Qatar has of course schools from all over the world like American, Indian and French schools and of course its own public schools which are very different from the aforementioned private schools. They are free for Qatari students whilst non-Qataris have to pay a fee but it is a small one compared to the private schools.
The Qatar education system has changed a lot in the recent decade, especially in the last five years. Four years ago we were introduced to the national exams, which are exams that take place at the end of the year; the students are examined on everything that they have studied in that year. The school is not the one that sets the exam but it is actually the Supreme Education Council that establishes it. In the past 3 years the Qatari schools have been introduced to “tablets” and this has had initially a huge impact on the schools in Qatar. They are used as an electronic book because they are issued with all of the text books pre-installed and students are sometimes given homework and tests that are also completed on the tablet. The technology is a very nice addition to the Qatar schools though in the last year they are less frequently used.
Now I definitely think that the Qatar education system is really good but I do feel that some improvements are still required. In my view the Supreme Education Council should not control the entire syllabus in such detail because this really makes school boring: Schools cannot do anything without permission such as outside trips or even give good rewards to better students. Consequently neither do they reward good students nor do they give the bad students a reason to improve or even to excel. I believe that the tablets should be used much more and with greater frequency than they are at the moment. Their real purpose has yet to be defined: There are some improvements that might make it more useful such as usage during class with the teacher and with access to additional research material to complement the obligatory textbooks. Perhaps the feature that allows the pupil to see what the teacher is doing on his laptop from the tablet could be enabled. This feature is available on the tablet though this has from my experience a lot of glitches.
Overall I think Qatar has a very good education system perhaps one of the best education systems in the world but it still has a lot of potential for improvement. They just have to find a way to do this without prejudicing the recent progress: I believe that this will happen one day.
Student: Mohammad Yousef Al Na’ameh

School: Al Yarmouk Independent Preparatory School

Supervised by: Mr. Lu’ay Shatat

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