Volunteers and success

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Rhoda Bint Mohammed Sec. Independent School for Girls


I used to ask myself, even before adulthood, what is the purpose of my existence in this life? How can I be a distinct citizen from others? How can I invest my leisure time to serve my community? I often thought about the famous saying, ‘’ he doesn`t worth living who lives only for himself.’’ One day my father told me that he has a new American colleague who came recently to Doha with his two teenage girls. My father told me that the two girls spend a part of their leisure time at Hamad Medical Corporation with patients who don`t have relatives or their kids rarely visit them. The story of the two American girls opened my eyes on voluntary work, which has become a profound impact on my personality and the way of my thinking since that time on.

That story led to a significant shift in my thinking regarding how to interact with the community around me, and to my view of life as a whole. I then selected two different age groups to be the focus of my voluntary work in my leisure time, orphans at Qatari Orphans’ Society, Dream, and the elderly people at Qatar Society for old people who have no one to take care of them. Therefore, I began to visit old people in their centre and the orphans in Dream. Sometimes I sit with them, listen to them talking about their problems and concerns, and play with orphans.

Volunteering helped me to be self-confident and gave me the feeling of satisfaction. Doing unpaid work for others especially orphans and old people provided me with pride, dignity, and self-respect. I cannot describe how much delight I noticed in those people`s eyes each time I visit them. Moreover, volunteering offered me a new career experience. I am skilled at dealing with people, but volunteering provided me with extensive training and helped me build upon my skills.

Before volunteering, I used to spend my leisure time doing useless things, always feeling bored too. My social relationships increased since I started voluntary work as this work gave me a valuable opportunity to develop my social skills, consequently, now I have more friends and more contacts. Furthermore, it helped me get rid of my day-to-day routine of school, homework, and family commitments. It helped me to explore my passion and interests to navigate to a world I have never been to. In fact, it gives me happiness and fun which I didn`t know their meanings before.

Finally, voluntary work holds the whole community together, allow making it a better place, and helped me personally to lead a better social life with more friends around me. I helped me expand my network, develop my skills, and made me even a happier person. It is worth mentioning that if you live only for yourself, you don`t deserve that life. Give a part of what you have and wait for a gracious life ahead.

Lana Mohammed


Charity reflects one's character

Millie Thorton once said, "Generosity is a principle not an amount." I too believe that giving is a principle and that everyone should give. Helping others who really need our help is a rare and amazing quality a person can have. Charity is the will to helping others without expecting anything in return, being selfless and forgetting ourselves for the sake of others. There are selfish people out there who basically don’t know what charity is and there are people who donate large sums of money to charitable institutions to impress others but they do not care about the ones who really suffer. What is the point of all that if they aren’t really helping the people who need them?

A truly charitable person should help those who are actually in need for food, water, or cures for horrible diseases. He should be willing to help a needy man whether he is a relative or not. Charities every year help millions of people with whatever situations they are in. They help give shelter to the homeless, which helps them get their lives back on track and it gives people hope. Giving to charities not only helps others, it makes us feel satisfactory about ourselves that we made a difference in someone's life as well.

There is no deny in the fact that most of us, Muslims, feel care and compassion towards each other, Charity in Islam is very important. Some of the sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) speaks about this deep affection of brotherhood. Islam also highlights the spiritual need of those with wealth to give some of it away selflessly. We must be compassionate and share our provisions with our brothers and sisters in humanity. Charity should be given in prosperity without fear of one's wealth. By giving, a Muslim is fulfilling a duty to those in need.

The novel Oliver Twist was written by Charles Dickens in the mid 1930's, Dickens showed his thoughts on charity in the opening chapters of the novel. There was a division between the rich and the poor because the middle and the upper cast people didn’t want to pay for the lower casts with their hard earned money. The poor symbolize charity in the novel.

Nevertheless, I think that parents should teach their children to be gracious towards the poor and the needy. They themselves should learn to be noble. Because charity makes one glorious and pure at heart, selfishness and narrow-mindedness disappear from their character.

Aisha Mohammed Ahmed Taha


How to improve education?

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, or research. Education may also include informal transmission of such information from one human being to another. Education in Qatar is very diverse with several schools from different countries. Moreover, several prestigious universities around the world have satellite campuses in the country in Education City or in the city of Doha.

Since Qatar aims to build a modern excellent educational system that provides students with a first-rate education for the Qatar national vision in 2030, Qatar aims to be an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of education for its entire people. Qatar’s National Vision defines the long-term outcomes for the country and provides a framework that dedicates a noticeable importance to education. So what should be done to improve schools?

Firstly, Schools should become interactive environments where innovations in technology and curricula will fundamentally transform the role of teachers and reshape the landscape of learning. In other words, classed should be student-centered where the higher order thinking skills are addressed.

In addition, a resounding 93 % of the experts say they favor schools that implement innovative methods based on new teaching approaches and creative processes. We predict that schools will evolve to become learning networks. Online resources and technologies will support peer-to-peer networking. I think these new methods should be applied to guarantee the high quality of education where students interact freely with those in different countries to exchange experience.

By 2030, school should concentrate more on the practical skills for the learners besides taking into consideration the academic part. Practical skills are more beneficial since they prepare students to deal with the world around them besides providing a great career field for them.

To sum up, the education system in Qatar faces a continuous development from year to year as the country considers it its first priority to produce responsible citizens who are the future hope. As Nelson Mandela said, ‘’ ‘’Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’’

Maha Sedeek


Why charities are useful and important?

With the progress and development that have occurred in our world, it has become difficult to know who is suffering, and who are in need of help. Often hear that there are people in the world suffering from many diseases and malnutrition; this is a result of extreme poverty and this is a real problem. I strongly believe that charities have a significant role in minimizing the poor of this world.

Firstly, charities help people to embrace Islam as they prove to people that Islam is a religion of moderation and mediation. Charities give various aid for poor from food and clothing to shelter to help them reunite with their families and provide for them the materials they need, for instance, pay them school fees if they have children and regular bills of housing, electricity, and water. Charities provide them with enough food for a long time and even improve their situation.

Secondly, a lot of teenagers who want to get certification volunteer works in charities because they are the most suitable for their ages, their effort, time too and everyone understands the ways of working in these charities like some Examples of charities in Qatar, Sheikh Eid al-Thani charity and Ruff charity.

Thirdly and the most important point is that charities save human rights and responsibilities and drag their attention towards others and towards. What is next? What is the meaning of the term human rights? Human rights are inherent rights of all human beings, whatever our nationality, color, religion or language. We are all equal without discrimination. Add to that the most important of these rights is to live in complete freedom. Charities bring happiness to those who work in it; and the reason is that all of the workers who help poor can see a happy and beautiful smile on the faces of poor people who have beautiful pure hearts.

All in all the facts are clear; life today reflects charities` slight effect, but it was a success, with the development and progress accomplished something so simple has helped many poor people from all over the world, and now do you think charities are important? I think that your answer is ‘ABSOULETLY YES.’’



We have to improve our Education

There are many people who think that education is not important and we can do without. However, I believe that education is extremely important in our life. You can`t be successful in your life without being educated. You have a blessing which many illiterate people wish that they had. So, we have to improve the educational environment starting from teachers, students, facilities, and teaching methods. The problem is that many schools don`t know how. There are many to improve not only students but also teachers.

Firstly, ENGAGE project-based learning methods where students go beyond the textbook to study complex topics based on and closely related to real world issues. For example, the water quality in communities or the history of towns, analyzing information from multiple resources, including the Internet service and interviews with experts. Project- based classwork is more demanding than traditional book-based instructions where students may just memorize facts from a single source. Instead, students utilize original documents and data, mastering principles covered in traditional courses but learning them in ways that are more meaningful. Projects can last for weeks while others can cover the entire course. Students` work is presented to audience beyond the teacher, including parents and community groups.

Secondly, LEARN teaching as apprenticeship. Preparation for a teaching career should follow the model of apprenticeship, in which novices learn from experienced masters. Teachers should spend less time in classroom working directly with students. Teaching skills should be continually sharpened, with time to take courses, attend conferences, and share lessons and tips with other teachers, online and in person.

Thirdly, ADOPT technology. The intelligent use of technology can transform and improve almost every aspect of school, modernizing the nature of curriculum, student assignment, parental connections, and administrative issues. Online curricula now include lesson plans, simulations, and demonstrations for classroom use and review. With online connections, students can share their work and communicate more productively and creatively. Teachers can maintain records and assessments using software tools and stay in close touch with students and families via e-mail and voicemail. Another point is that, schools can reduce administrative costs by using advanced technological tools and provide more funds for the classrooms.

To sum up, eventually you will discover the importance of education. Look at the educated people around you and notice how they can survive in this advanced world. Education can easily make you familiar with your surroundings through studying some certain subjects like religion, geography, science, and others. ‘’ the more you educate, the more respect you get and you will live safely and you will understand well this world.’’ Just try hard, and I guarantee you that you won`t regret.

Muneera Dil Al-Baloushi


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