In nature, nothing exists alone

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Nature Is Our Symphony
“In nature, nothing exists alone.”
Nature. The vast, perplexing world that is always hopping with life. From the trees in our backyard, to the waving grass on a prairie, nature will always exist. As a whole, that is. All the trees, the sun, the dirt, the plants, the animals, and everything else on the planet, depend on each other, including human beings. There can’t be only one tree, or only one flower. It wouldn’t be there without all the elements of nature. They are all interconnected. Nature, in my opinion, is like a piece of music.

A piece of music is made up of multiple notes. High notes, low notes, and notes in between. Long notes, short notes, and notes in between. Loud notes, quiet notes, and notes in between. Quiet to loud, and loud to quiet, but all the different types of notes have one thing in common. When they work together, they create a song, or even a symphony, which could never be created with only one note. If one note is taken off the piece of music, it affects the entire piece.

“In nature, nothing exists alone.” Those are Rachel Carson’s words on her observation that everything you do has an effect somewhere else. One thing can’t live by itself because it is interconnected to everything else. It needs support, but it also gives it. For example, the DDT pesticide situation. People thought that getting rid of all the bad bugs in the environment would be a good thing. Little did they know, something that was powerful enough to get rid of all the bad bugs had to have an effect somewhere else. It affected the life cycle of the singing birds, which was a message that it affected other organisms in the surrounding environment. Rachel Carson then had the intelligence and the courage to bring this topic to light in Silent Spring in such a way, that it reached many people, which was something no one had ever done before. I believe that the silence of the birds was a sign. It was a sign that what they were doing was killing the bugs, but also affecting other organisms in the environment, including human beings. “In nature, nothing exists alone.” We all breathe the same air, we all drink the same water, we all live in the same nature.

Nature is our symphony. Everything needs to be there for it to sound its best. All the notes need to be there, working together, in order for it to be its best. Taking out one part of the symphony will affect the entire piece. Just like the environment, killing the bugs with DDT affected more than just the bugs. Rachel Carson understood and tried to relay this message of interdependence in nature. “In nature, nothing exists alone.” Everything is interconnected. Just like a piece of music.

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