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Remember that the best way to learn something is to “experience it” so please tell your “lesson” as a story that will involve the reader. You can best engage the reader by including the emotional side of the story and by using concrete language that helps a reader picture an event. Please limit the body of the story to 500 words, and then provide a recap of the lesson in a quotable phrase of 30 words or less.

Your Name:

Your Practice Name:


Phone: Mobile phone:


Best way to communicate with you __phone __ mobile phone __email

Best time of day to communicate with you ____________________________

Your Lesson Addresses a Teachable Moment related to:

  1. Goal setting

    1. Importance of learning delayed gratification

    2. Achieving the goal(s)

  1. Saving

  2. Needs vs Wants

  3. Credit Cards

  4. Developing good spending habits

  5. Budgeting/Combating paycheck to paycheck lifestyle

  6. Addressing and eliminating debt

  7. Paying yourself first (retirement)

  8. Making your own money - Entrepreneurship

  9. Moving out/going out on your own

  10. Buying your first car

  11. Paying for college

  12. Your first home (apartment, house, rent/buy)

  13. Crisis moments

  14. Getting Married -Managing money as a couple/family

  15. Budgeting/Combating paycheck to paycheck lifestyle

  16. Understanding the economic realities

  17. Other (Please email Heather O’Connor at before writing an essay to ensure your proposed topic is in keeping with the overall theme of the book.)

Your Lesson addresses the following age group:

___ Children under 12

___ Children 12-18

___Young Adults 18-22

___Adults over 22

Your client…or source of the story:

__ Your client name is _____________________________. They have given you permission to share their story with their name attached. If your essay is selected, written proof of this permission will be required, even if names have been changed. If names have been changed, they will not be revealed in the book.

__ Names have been changed.

Please share your story through the following format:

Your Title for the story: ______________________________________________________________

Timeframe of the story: ______________________________________________________________

State or Geographic Region: ___________________________________________________________

Main Lesson You Want the Reader to learn from your story (30 words or less):

The story (NOTE – maximum 500 words)

List any references (including websites) that you used in advising this client/student/person:

How could this client/student/person have prevented his/her problem? (if applicable):

What did this client/student/person learn from this experience?

What did you learn from this experience?

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