Writing competition Theme : Family traditions Written by: Noof Naser Almnnaei- a student at Grade 5 /c english Department Zikreet primary independent school

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Writing competition

Theme :Family traditions

Written by: Noof Naser Almnnaei- A student at Grade 5 /C

English Department

Zikreet primary independent school

Qatar is developing fast and families traditions are changing with modernization. In fact families system of life is changed so that, their traditions also changed.

In the past all family members were at house at the food time

Sitting on the ground eating together and talking about their days.

In the evening all the family sat around the black and white TV listened to songs and watched old films. The family fathers were travelling in long journeys for months looking for pearls while mothers staying at house doing the house hold and they didn't go out to work . Little girls went to the Quran teacher who taught them reading and writing in Arabic beside Quran. Houses are big and had wide yard that people gathered with their relatives and chatted while their children were playing.

Now days families life and traditions are changed a lot .Family members don’t have time to eat together they are either outside with friends or in their own rooms playing on their mobile phone , iPod or chatting in their lap top and may order food from restaurants outside

People in one family now they don't sit together to watch TV programs because each one has his own TV in his room with many different channels. Houses also changed from big houses with one floor to houses with many floors. some clothes also changed from traditional clothes like (Bakhnaq and thobe nashel) to modern clothes.

Life is changed but Qatari people still good and kind and few families still keeping their old traditions.

English coordinator :Najlaa Haj

Teacher :Asma Alsafi

Written by : Noof Naser Almnnaei Grade 5 /C

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