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Section I


NAME: Patrick Deane
DATE COMPILED: Revised August 2015
DEPARTMENT: Office of the President; Department of English and Cultural Studies
WORK ADDRESS: Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor

Gilmour Hall Room 238

1280 Main Street West

Hamilton, Ontario

Canada L8S 4L8

TELEPHONE: Office: (905) 525-9140, ext. 24340
FAX: Office: (905) 522-3391


Section II


SECONDARY SCHOOLS: 1970-74: King Edward VII School

Johannesburg, South Africa

(Prefect; Scholar; Colours for Theatre)
UNIVERSITIES: 1975-77: B.A. (English; Legal Theory and Institutions)

University of the Witwatersrand

Johannesburg, South Africa
1978: B.A. Hons. (English)

University of the Witwatersrand

1979-80: M.A. (English)

University of Western Ontario

1980-85: Ph.D. (English)

University of Western Ontario

Senior Bursary, University of the Witwatersrand, 1978

Freda Lawenski Scholarship Fund Grant, University of the Witwatersrand, 1978

Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa, Scholarship, 1978

Special University Scholarships, University of Western Ontario, 1979-82

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 1981-82

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Doctoral Fellowships, 1983-84 and 1982-83

Queen Elizabeth II Ontario Scholarship, 1984-85

The John Charles Polanyi Prize for Literature, 1988

Shortlist, The Raymond-Klibansky Book Prize in English, Canadian Federation for the Humanities,1995.

UWO University Students Council Teaching Roll of Honour, 1995-96

The Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance, The University of Winnipeg, 2004. [Award commemorates a former President of the University who valued the self-governance activities of faculty and staff to the highest degree. Conferred extraordinarily upon Patrick Deane for his services as Acting President of the University, January 2003 to May 2004].

Honorary Life Member, The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University. Conferred March 2010. [Patrick Deane was the 25th person to receive this honour since the Alma Mater Society was established as the Student Government of Queen’s University in 1858.]

Honorary Member, The Golden Key International Honour Society, November 2010.

Honorary Member, The McMaster Alumni Association. Conferred June 2011.

The Rudy Heinzl Award of Excellence [In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the Quality of Student Life in 2011-12], McMaster Students Union, 2012.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2012.

100th Convocation Award, The University of Winnipeg, 2013.

Section III

Academic Career

University of the Witwatersrand, Senior Bursar, 1978

University of Western Ontario, Teaching Assistant, 1979-83

University of Western Ontario, Lecturer, 1985-86

University of Toronto, Assistant Professor, 1986-88

University of Western Ontario, Assistant Professor, 1988-1994

University of Western Ontario, Associate Professor, 1994-2001 (tenure conferred 1 July 1993)

University of Winnipeg, Professor of English, 2001-2005

Queen’s University, Professor of English Language and Literature, 2005-2010

The University of Western Ontario:
Vice-Chair, Department of English, 1 July 1993 to 30 June 1995

Chair, Department of English, 1 July 1997 to 30 June 2001

The University of Winnipeg:
Senior University Officer, Inter-Universities North (IUN), Manitoba. 1 January 2002 – 31 December 2004.

(Before the establishment of the University of the North, IUN was a consortium, consisting of The University of Manitoba, The University of Winnipeg, and Brandon University, which delivered university credit courses and programs on-site in Northern Communities. The Senior University Officer [SUO] was the senior administrator and Chair of the Program Executive Committee).

President, University of Winnipeg Educational Housing Corporation (UWEHC), 2003-4.
Vice-President (Academic), 1 July 2001 – 30 June 2005

Acting President and Vice-Chancellor, 1 January 2003 - 30 April 2004

Provost, 1 May 2004 – 30 June 2005*

[*By resolution on 3 November 2003, The Board of Regents created the position of Provost and combined it with that of Vice-President (Academic)]

Queen’s University:
Vice-Principal (Academic), 2005-2010

Professor of English and Cultural Studies
President and Vice-Chancellor
Senior University Administrators Course (SUAC), Centre for Higher Education Research and Development, Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, June 2003.

AUCC/CHERD Program for University Presidents, Langdon Hall, 2010.

Modern Language Association (MLA)

Canadian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (CACLALS)

Conference on Christianity and Literature

Canadian Association of Chairs of English (CACE), 1997-2001

Council of Presidents of Universities of Manitoba (COPUM), 2003-4 (Vice-Chair, 2004).

Council of Western Canadian University Presidents (COWCUP), 2003-4.

Western Vice-Presidents Academic (WESTVAC), 2001-2005

National Association of Vice-Presidents Academic (NATVAC), 2001 - 2010

Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV), 2005 – 2010 (see details below).


International Association of University Professors of English (IAUPE), elected to membership, 2009.

International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)

Section IV

Teaching Experience
Twentieth-Century British Literature and Culture

South African Literature and Culture

Literature and Society/Politics

Criticism and Theory

Postcolonial Literature

Higher Education Policy

University of the Witwatersrand (1978): Tutor to First-Year students
University of Western Ontario (1979-1986):

Forms of Drama, Film Comedy and Film Genres, General Introduction to Literature & Composition, Contemporary Literature, Composition, Public Speaking

University of Toronto (1986-88): Fiction 1900-1960, American Literature, Major Forms of English Literature, Effective Writing (at University College, New College, and St. Michael=s College)

Woodsworth College Summer School: American Literature (Summer 1987)

University of Western Ontario (1988-2001):

English 100E - Introduction to Poetry

English 270E - Modern Literature, 1890-1945

English 283E - Literature of the United States From 1865

Film 154E - Film Comedy and Film Genres

English 204F - Poetry and Prosody

English 455F - British Poetry Since 1960 (Fourth-year seminar)

English 254E - Twentieth-Century British Literature

English 022E - (Advanced) General Literature and Composition

English 455G - English Literature and Politics in the 1930s (Fourth-year seminar)

English 020E - General Literature and Composition (300 students; 8 teaching assistants)

English 258E - Contemporary Poetry


English 774B - British Poetry Since 1960 (Graduate Reading Course)

English 711 - Recent Poetry from Britain, Australia, and New Zealand (Graduate Reading Course)

English 513 - South African Prose in English: Texts and Contexts (Graduate Reading Course)

English 777B - Religion as Ideology: Studies in Modern Poetry

English 573 - Neo-Augustanism in Modern Poetry

English 507B - Twentieth Century South African Fiction (Graduate Reading Course)

English 575A - Readings in British Poetry Since 1945

English 770B - Religion as Ideology: Readings in 20th Century Poetry (Graduate Reading Course)

English 771 - George Orwell and the British Left (Graduate Reading Course)

English 574 - English Literature and Politics in the 1930s

English 579B - Scenes from the Class War in Twentieth-Century Britain

University of Winnipeg (2001-2005):
Film Comedy (Mini-Enrichment Course, 2002)

British and Irish Literature, 1910-1945 (17.3222/6)

British and Irish Literature, 1945-2000 (17.4292/6) Honours seminar
“Dylan Thomas and the Genesis Myth.” A.H. Richtersmith (1993, B.A.)
“Communion and Remains.” Creative Writing. Peter Darbyshire (1995, B.A.)
“The Christian Context of Stephen Dedalus: Dialectical Structures in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.” Glen R. Gill (1995, B.A.) [Second Reader]
“Moses Stood Before the Red Sea Crying.” Creative Writing. Jillian Horton (1995, B.A.) [Second Reader]
“Re-Spinning the Sailor’s Yarn: Literature, Empire, and the Post-Colonial Intertext.” Christine McCullough (1997, B.A.)
“The Poetic Image in Alfred Lord Tennyson and T.S. Eliot: Links Between Victorian and Modern Poetics.” Joe Ruscica (2000, B.A.) [Second Reader]

“In Her Voice: Women’s Autobiographical Writing of the First World War.” Elizabeth Youdan (2000, B.A.)
“W.B. Yeats’s The Tower and A Vision: The Balance Between Prose and Poetry.” Brian Dunphy (2000, B.A.)

Terence P. Brown, "Language and History in G.M. Hopkins' The Wreck of the Deutschland and David Jones' The Anathemata." M.A. (Incomplete). Chief Supervisor.
John K. Rupert, "Jack Kerouac's Dynamic Narrative: A Formal Analysis of Dr. Sax and The Subterraneans." M.A. conferred Spring 1991.
Marion M. Parsons, "Touch Monkeys: Nonsense Strategies for Reading Twentieth Century Poetry." Ph.D. conferred Fall 1991. [Winner of SSHRCC Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1992-94.]
Kevin McGuirk, "Lyric Trials: Lyric and Questioning of Lyric in Five Postmodern Poets--A.R. Ammons, John Ashbery, Seamus Heaney, W.S. Merwin, and Adrienne Rich." Ph.D. (accepted September 1993). Chief Supervisor.
Gyllian Phillips, "A Richer Burden of Suggestion: the presence of Wagner's Parsifal in Virginia Woolf's The Waves." M.A. (accepted September 1992).
Karen Sumner, "`Nothing's Over, Ever': Undecidability in the Fiction of Anita Desai." M.A. (accepted September 1992).
Noel Peacock, "`Rioting Decently': Fictional Representations of Anarchism in British Fiction, 1880-1914." Ph.D. (accepted September 1994).
Jim Horton, "Free Will and Ideology in Dos Passos, O'Connor and Pynchon." Ph.D. (accepted December 1994).
Craig Burnett, "Play, Irony and Humour in the Poetry of John Ashbery." M.A. Chief Supervisor

(accepted December 1993).

Stephanie Zufle, "Illustration and the Poetry of Stevie Smith." M.A. (Incomplete). Chief Supervisor.
Katharine Taggart, "Multiple Voices in the Fiction of Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor." M.A. (Incomplete).
Caroline Sin, "Constructions of Racial Identity in Joy Kogawa and Evelyn Lau," M.A. (accepted September 1994).
Karen Sumner, “Luminous Ex-Isles: White Creole Women Novelists of the Caribbean.” Ph.D. (accepted January 1998).

Hoi Cheu, “The Zen of Finnegans Wake”. Ph.D. (accepted September 1997).
Jillian Horton, “Amelia Earhart: A Development in Poetry of the Last Flight.” M.A. (accepted Summer 1997).
Jacqueline Mottl, “In-between the designations of identity: Hybridity in Three Novels of Bessie Head.” M.A. (In progress as of 2001). Chief Supervisor.
Alison Kenzie, “Political Literature, Literary Politics: A Study of Milan Kundera and André Brink.” Ph.D. (accepted September 1998).
Kimberley Fortin, “Literature and the Law, 1918-1939." M.A. Comparative Literature (Handed over to a colleague when I left UWO, now complete).
Jeff Klassen, “Reactionary Modernism and the Fecundity of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land.” M.A. (Handed over to a colleague when I left UWO; now complete).
Post-Doctoral Advisor: Dr. M. Parsons (SSHRCC Post-Doctoral Fellow for a book on Louis Zukofsky's A).
Craig Smith, “Bystander Narratives:The Fiction of J.M. Coetzee and the Holocaust.” Ph.D. (Queen’s University; accepted September 2011). Co-supervisor.
Caitlin Eliasson. “Education in Pause.” M.A. Major Research Project (McMaster University; August 2015).
Lorraine C. DiCicco, "Wallace Stevens and the Long Poem: Constructing a New Stage." Ph.D. 1989.
Noel Patrick Peacock, "Colonial Discourse in Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene and J.M. Coetzee." M.A. 1989.
Brian L. Greenspan, "Postmodern Apocrypha: Calvino and Nabokov Reproduced." M.A. 1990.
Ann M. Mayer, "Adam Naming, Aesop Fabling: Artists in Dylan Thomas's Prose." Ph.D. 1991.
Dorothy M. Nielsen, "The Mystical/Political Poetry of Denise Levertov." Ph.D. 1991.
Craig Monk,"Inter-war Foreign Policy and the American Novel: Isolationist Thought in the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald." M.A. 1993.
Tanis Browning-Shelp,"`Absorbed in the Fitting Together of Pieces': Phyllis Webb's Use of Form in Even Your Right Eye, The Sea is Also a Garden and Wilson's Bowl." M.A. 1993.
Susan Braley, "Virginia Woolf as Subject in Biography and Autobiography." Ph.D. 1994.
Romayne Fullerton, “Sexing the Fairy Tale: Borrowed Monsters and Postmodern Fantasies.” Ph.D. 1996.
Jonathan Boulter, “The Impossible Voice: Hermeneutics and Narrative in Samuel Beckett’s Novels.” Ph.D. 1996.
Lynn Wells, “Allegories of Telling: Self-Referential Narrative in Contemporary British Fiction.” Ph.D. 1997.

Peter Jaeger, “ABC of Reading TRG: Steve McCaffery, bpnichol, and Critical Desire.” Ph.D. 1997.
Ellen Painter-Zykmund, “Nation, Nationalism and National Identity in E. M. Forster and Thomas Mann.” M.A. (Comparative Literature), 1999. Extra-departmental examiner.
Hui Luo, “Ezra Pound, Confucius, and the Art of Interpretation.” MA (Comparative Literature), January 2000. Extra-departmental examiner.
Sarah Caskey, “Open Secrets: Ambiguity and Irresolution in the Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian Short Story.” Ph.D. 2000.
Shu Jiang Lu, “Rereading the Past and Reshaping the Future: Narrative Texts by Asian North American Women Writers.” Ph.D. 2001.
Section V

Grants, Consultantships & Publication

Canadian Federation for the Humanities, Aid to Scholarly Publishing Grant, for At Home in Time (April 1993, $6,923.00)
Faculty of Arts and Foundation Western, for At Home in Time (1993, Subvention of $2,000.00)
U.W.O. Vice-President’s Special Research Grant, for At Home in Time, (April 1994, $1,966.00)
Faculty of Arts Grant (for research travel & conference): $900.00, 1995.
Faculty of Arts Grant (awarded but not used), $900.00, 1994
SSHRC (Internal) Research Grant (1995-6, $4,000.00): “W.H. Auden and the Just City.”
SSHRC (National) Standard Research Grant (1997-2000, $18,054.00): Literature, Culture and Politics in Britain in the 1930s.
SSHRC Conference Travel Grant (1998; $1200.00): Meeting of the North American Conference on British Studies, Colorado October 1998.
Co-author, Handbook for Effective Writing Instructors, Department of English, University of Toronto, 1987
Referee for The Canadian Review of American Studies, January 1991.
Editorial Board, Arachne: Papers of the Language and Literature Seminars at Laurentian,

1992- 1993. Referee 1998.

Referee for Ariel: A Review of International English Literature. March 1993, 1996, and 1999.

Assessor for Tenure and Promotion (Jeffery Donaldson), Dept. of English, McMaster University, 1994.
Referee for Contemporary Literature, September 1995 and January 1999.
Assessor for Killam Junior Award for Research (J.X. Cooper), University of British Columbia, 1997.
External Examiner, Ph.D., (Carol Ann Tattersall), University of Toronto, January 1998.
Assessor for Research Grants (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), 1998 [for a project on Ezra Pound and Modernism]; and 1999 [for a major project on David Jones].
Referee for Florilegium, December 1997/ January 1998
Assessor for University of Utah New Faculty Research Grant Program (Kristine Miller), January 1998.
Assessor for Tenure and Promotion, Dept. Of English, University of Windsor, April 1998.
Member of the founding Editorial Board, Precursors and Aftermaths: Literatures in English, 1914-1945. (A new international journal based at Fort Hays State University, Kansas). May 1998-2000.
Chief Editor, Precursors and Aftermaths: Literature in English 1914-1945. June 2000-September 2002.
Referee for Papers on Language and Literature, June 1999, for an essay on W. H. Auden’s New Year Letter.
Co-ordinator, third annual conference of The Space Between, “Constructing literature and Culture, 1914-1945.” University College, University of Western Ontario, May 2000. [Approximately seventy papers, plus two plenaries. A three-day conference with more than eighty delegates from seven countries]
Assessor for McCalla Research Professorship, University of Alberta, December 1999. [Bert Lynn Almon: “From Family Saga to Family Romance: Studies in Autobiography.”]
Assessor for Promotion to Full Professor (John Cooper), University of British Columbia, 2000
Assessor for Promotion to Associate Professor and Tenure (Christina Hauck), Kansas State University, 2000
Assessor for Tenure and Promotion (Anthony Stewart), Dalhousie University, 2000.
External Examiner for Ph.D. (Robert Hemmings), University of Toronto, 2002.
Assessor for Promotion to Associate Professor and Tenure (Kristine Miller), Utah State University, 2002.

Assessor, Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme, The Humanities and Social Science Federation of Canada, Manuscript by R.H. Granofsky, D.H. Lawrence and Survival: Darwinism in the Fiction of the Transitional Period. January 2002.
Assessor, Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme, The Humanities and Social Science Federation of Canada, Manuscript by A.T. Tolley, British Literary Periodicals of World War II and Aftermath: A Critical History. November-December 2004.
Referee for Mosaic, for an essay on David Jones. 2002 and 2006.
Assessor for Tenure and promotion to Associate Professor (Shu-Jiang Lu), University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, 2006.
Assessor, book manuscript, for the University of Edinburgh Press, 2007.
External Examiner, Ph.D. (Douglas Brown), University of Montreal, 2007.
Assessor for Promotion to Full Professor (George M. Johnson), Thompson Rivers University, 2009.
Selection Committee for Distinguished University Professorships, University of Manitoba, 2014 -
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Reprinted in The New Arthurian Encyclopedia (Garland, 1991): 253.

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At Home in Time: Forms of Neo-Augustanism in Modern English Poetry. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1994. 256 pp. Shortlisted for the Raymond-Klibansky Book Prize in English (Canadian Federation for the Humanities), 1995.
History in Our Hands: A Critical Anthology of Writings on Literature, Culture, and Politics from the 1930s. Edited by Patrick Deane. London and New York: Leicester University Press, September 1998. 407pp. HB and PB. Besides research and selection, the editor’s work includes an Introduction of 15 pages, 45 shorter introductory notes, elaborate footnotes and cross-referencing, a detailed and extensive bibliography, index.
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Book-length study: W. H. Auden and the Just City: Origins and Metamorphoses of a Political Myth. Long-term project, at the research stage.

“Ethics and geopolitics in HE Internationalization.” Panel presentation. British Council Going Global Conference 2012. Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. 15 March 2012.
“Academic Freedom and Institutional Autonomy.” Panel presentation. Harry Crowe Foundation Conference on The Limits of Academic Freedom. Toronto. 1 February 2013.
IAU/EAIE Executive Programme and Seminar, 25th Anniversary Conference of the European Association for International Education (EAIE), Istanbul, 2013. Participation by invitation only.

Section VI

Professional Service

University of Toronto:
Principal's Appointee, Innis College Council, 1987-1988 (John Browne, Principal)

Moderator, Academic Affairs Committee, Innis College, 1987-1988

University of Western Ontario:

Vice-President, The Graduate English Society, 1980-1981

President, The Graduate English Society, 1981-1982
Member, Writing Program Committee, 1985-1986 (B. Lundgren, Chair)

Member, Committee on Undergraduate Studies, 1989-1991 (J.D. Kneale, Chair)

Member Film Program Committee, 1989-1990 (A.J. Gedalof, Chair)

Member, Committee on Women's Studies and Feminist Research, 1991-1993 (K. Brady, Chair)

Member, Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1993-1995 (P. Gaudet, Chair)

Chair, Committee on Colloquia, Visiting Speakers, etc., 1993-1995

Member, Committee on Graduate Studies, 1996-1997 (E.D. Harvey, Chair)

Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Differential Workload, 1996-1997 (K. Brady, Chair)

Ex Officio (as chair 1997-2001): Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee; Committee on Undergraduate Studies; Committee on Graduate Studies, Committee on Research and Travel, SSA Committee, Budget Committee.
Faculty of Arts Representative to Faculty of Music Council, 1989-1991 (Chair: J. Stokes, Dean of Music)

Member, Selection Committee for Chair of English Department, 1991-1992 (Chair: T.M. Lennon, Dean)

Senate Subcommittee on Affiliated Colleges (SUAC) January 1993-December 31, 1994

Senate Committee on Promotion and Tenure I, November 1994-November 1996. (Chair: Prof. Roma Harris)

Senator, for the Faculty of Arts, 1997-99 and 1999-2001

Senate Nominations Committee, 1998-2000 (Chair in 1998-1999 and in 1999-2000).

Senate Operations and Agenda Committee, 1998-1999 and 1999-2000.

Senate Committee on Promotion and Tenure I, November 1998-2001 (Chair in 1998-99)

Senate Honorary Degrees Committee, 1998-2000.

Senate Operations/Agenda ad hoc Subcommittee to Investigate an Allegation Regarding the Operation of The Senate Review Board Academic.

Selection Committee for the Dean of Law, 1999-2000

Vice-President’s Strategic Plan Committee for the Canada Research Chairs Program, 2000.

Other contributions at the University of Western Ontario:
Panelist, Provost's Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning Seminars, 1984; 1985

Panelist, T.S. Eliot Centennial Celebration, U.W.O., September 1988

Adjudicator, Lillian Kroll Prize in Creative Writing, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1995.

Adjudicator, Canadian Heritage Prize for Creative Writing, 1992

"Veteran New Faculty" panelist, Educational Development Office Orientation for New Faculty, September 1992 at Windermere Manor

Faculty Speaker, first-year counselling program, 1996

Member of Panel on Graduate Students’ Professional Concerns, 1996 and 1997

Co-ordinated founding of the Society of Undergraduate English Students, 1997

Co-ordinated founding of the Film Students’ Society, 1998

Counsellor, Summer Counselling Program, 1999 and 2000.

Organizer (with T. Carmichael) of the Formal Exchange Agreement between the University of Western Ontario and the Université de Provence (Aix), due for signing 2000.

Panelist and respondent, The Humanities and the Future of the University, Veritas Forum 2000.

University of Winnipeg
The Vice-President (Academic) and Provost served, ex officio, on many bodies, including:
The Board of Regents

Senate (Vice-Chair)

University Tenure and Promotion Committee (Chair)

Senate Academic Planning Committee (Chair)

Academic Council (Chair)

Administrative Council (Vice-Chair)

Mennonite Studies Chair Advisory Committee (Chair)

German-Canadian Studies Chair Advisory Committee (Chair)
As Acting President, additional bodies including:
Board of Directors, The University of Winnipeg Foundation

Finance Committee (Board of Regents)

Pension Committee

Investment Committee

Audit Committee

Selection Committees for various awards, including:

The Marsha Hanen Award for Excellence in Creating Community Awareness; The Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching; The Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance; The Clarence Atchison Award for Excellence in Community Service; The Sir William Stephenson Scholarship; the Mr. And Mrs. Roderick O. Hunter Award.

Queen’s University
The Vice-Principal (Academic) serves ex officio on many committees, including:
Internal Academic Review Committee (IAR), Chair

Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD), Chair

University Promotion Advisory Committee (UPAC), Chair

University Promotion Committee (UPC), Chair

Principal’s Advisory Committee on Budget (Vice-Chair)

Capital Planning Committee

University Teaching Awards Committee, Chair

Canada Research Chair Executive Committee

CFI Executive Committee
Other Queen’s Committees:
Principal’s Advisory Committees (Decanal Searches; Decanal Reviews; Directorship Reviews, etc), Chair.

Senate Convocation Task Force, Chair

Steering Committee, Queen’s Administrative Systems Replacement (QASR), Co-Chair.

Selection Committee, Queen’s Civic Responsibility Awards, Chair

Selection Committee, Baillie Awards for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching, Chair.

Joint Queen’s University – City of Kingston Steering Committee, Co-Chair with the CAO of the City of Kingston

Joint Queen’s – Kingston Committee on the Aberdeen Street Party, Co-Chair

University Council Executive Committee, Principal’s Designate, 2009-2010

Council of Ontario Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV)
Member, 2005 - 2010.

Executive member, 2007 – 2010

Vice-Chair 2008 – 2009,

Chair, 1 July 2009 – 30 June 2010

Undergraduate Program Review Audit Committee (UPRAC) Executive, 2007-2010 ; (Chair, 2009-2010)
OCAV representative, Management Committee, Faculty Bargaining Services (CAUBO), 2009-2010.
Council of Ontario Universities (COU)
Quality and Productivity Task Force, 2005-6

Standing Committee on Relationships, 2008-2010

Institutional Issues Working Group, 2009-2010
MTCU/COU Steering Committee/Working Group on Student Mobility – Credit Transfer System,


Taskforce on Teaching and Learning, 2010 –
Chair, Advisory Board, Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC), 2011-15
Chair, OUAC Budget Committee, 2011-15
Budget and Audit Committee, COU Holding Association Inc., 2011-
Vice-Chair, 2014-15
Chair, 2015-17
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), now Universities Canada (UC)
Standing Advisory Committee on University Research (SACUR), 2010-2012
Ad Hoc Working Group on the New AUCC Narrative, January 2011 – 2012.
Working Group on Teaching and Learning, November 2010 – 2011.
Working Group on Student Mental Health, 2011 – 2012.
Negotiating Team on Access Copyright, 2012.
Ad Hoc Committee on College-University relations, 2012-
Standing Advisory Committee on Educational Issues and Funding (SACEIF), 2012-
Board of Directors, 2012-

Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, 2013-14.
Chair, Board of Directors, 2014-
Finance Committee, 2013-14.
Executive Committee, 2013- (Chair, 2014-)
Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee, 2013-2014.

Section VII

Board Memberships
Chair of the Board, International Study Centre Charitable Trust (UK), 2005 - 2010
Chair of the Board, Herstmonceux Castle Enterprises (UK), 2005 - 2010.
President and Chair of the Board, Corporation of McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2007 to 2009 [Vice-Chair, 2005 to 2007, 2009 - 2010].
Toronto Regional Research Alliance (TRRA), September 2010 – 2011
Allergen: Allergy, Genes and Environment Network, September 2010 –
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, January 2011 – October 2012
Hamilton Community Foundation, 2011 – 2014
Royal Botanical Gardens, 2011 –
First Longwood Innovation Trustee Corporation, 2010 –
Advisory Committee, Teaching and Learning Canada (TLC/AME), charitable arm of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), 2012-

Section VIII

Community Service

Commissioned artwork for St. Paul's Cathedral Sesquicentennial and other events, London, Ontario.

Chair, Education Committee, Church of St. John the Evangelist (Anglican), London, June 1993 to 1996.
Board of Management of the Church of St. John the Evangelist, 1993-96.
Lenten Lecture Series Coordinator at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, 1994-1996.
Lay Administrator and Reader, Church of St. John the Evangelist, 1994-2001.
Co-editor, Newsletter of the Canadian Pony Club, Western Ontario Region, 1998-2001.
Member, South African Network of Skills Abroad (SANSA) [Organization based at the University of Cape Town, its purpose to enlist the skills and knowledge of persons abroad in the development and reconstruction of post-apartheid South Africa].
Commissioner, Winnipeg Ward Boundaries Commission 2001. [Three person commission, chaired by Mr. Justice Benjamin Hewack, Chief Justice, Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba, to review the Municipal Electoral Boundaries of the City of Winnipeg. The Report of the Winnipeg Ward Boundaries Commission was issued in Fall 2001.]
Member of the Board, Virtuosi Concerts, Inc., Winnipeg, 2001- 2005.

Member of the Board, Stiftung des Deutschkanadischen Lehrstuhls Universität von Winnipeg (German-Canadian Studies Foundation, Inc.), 2001- 2005 .
Jury Member, Manitoba Business Awards 2003 and 2004 (The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce).
Founding member of the Board of Trustees, University of Winnipeg Foundation, 2003-4.
Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program (2004 and 2005), Western Region, Judge.
Volunteer, Manitoba Horse Trials, 2002-2005.
Member of the Board, Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba, 2004 – 2005
Sponsor. First Spring Pow-Wow, University of Winnipeg, 2004.
Volunteer, Canadian Pony Club, St. Lawrence and Ottawa Valley Branch, 2006 -

Selected Community Addresses
Skywalk Series, Winnipeg Public Library, February 2002. “Liberal Education Under Apartheid.”
Asper Jewish Community Centre, Winnipeg, March 2002. “Reflections on Growing Up in South Africa”
Crocus Investment Fund, Annual General Meeting, Canad Inns Fort Garry (Winnipeg), 4 May 2002. “The University of Winnipeg Residence Initiative and Urban Renewal.”
Chancellor’s Forum, University of Winnipeg, Fall 2001. “The University of Winnipeg in Perspective.”
Canadian Mennonite University, Annual Dinner, “Commemorating the Fifteenth Anniversary of Menno Simons College.” October 2004.
Leadership Winnipeg, Opening Address to Class of 2004. Thunderbird House, Winnipeg, November 2004.
“The Deserted Campus.” Keynote. 2012 Partners Dinner, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto. April 2012.

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