Pitt’s 2016 Family of the Year

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Pitt’s 2016 Family of the Year

Nomination Form
This form and your 800 word essay must be electronically submitted by 5 p.m., Friday, June 24, 2016 to parents@pitt.edu . To be fair to all participants, late or incomplete forms will not be accepted. This form can be found at www.parents.pitt.edu after April 15. Winner will be notified on July 22, 2016.

Student’s Last Name Student’s First Name People Soft #

School Address Street City Zip College Major
Cell phone/number where you can be reached Pitt Email Address
Family’s Phone Number Family’s Email Address
Please list the names of the family members you are nominating:
1.______________________________________ Relationship__________________________

Last First

2.______________________________________ Relationship __________________________

Last First

3.______________________________________ Relationship __________________________

Last First

4.______________________________________ Relationship __________________________

Last First

Essays will be judged according to the following criteria

  • Evidence of family’s support for your college success

  • Specific evidence of family’s Pitt Pride, support, energy, and enthusiasm

  • Creativity

  • Grammar, punctuation, readability, & presentation

  • Meets all specified requirements

  • Nomination Guidelines:

  • Pitt Oakland undergraduates may nominate their families

  • Family members alive or deceased may be nominated

  • Submit your essay and this form electronically to parents@pitt.edu

  • How did you hear about the Family of the Year Essay Contest?

  • Poster/flyer/tabling on campus. If so, where__________________________________________

  • Pitt News. Write which day if you can remember_______________________________________

  • Residence Hall. If so, which one_____________________________________________________

  • Electronic flat screens. ___________________________________________________________

  • Student Organization. If so, which one_______________________________________________

  • Other________________________________________________________________________________

  • Year at Pitt, fall 2016 …. FR____ SO____ JR ____ SR ____

Download 8.55 Kb.

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