Palomar College Course Outline of Record for Degree Credit Course

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Instructor: Molly Faulkner (Ext. 2318)

Office Hours: D3k W 2-3:30, Th 4-6:30 and by appt.
Palomar College

Course Outline of Record for Degree Credit Course
­__X __ Transfer Course __X__ A.A. degree applicable course
Course Number and Title: Dance 105: Introduction to Dance History
Unit Value: 3 Minimum of Semester Hours: 48
Basic Skills Requirements: Appropriate Language Skills
Prerequisite: None

Corequisite: None

Recommended Preparation: None
Course Materials (Required):

Cass, Joan. (1993). Dancing Through History. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Readings selected from current journals, books, dance reviews and other hand-outs as needed to supplement course materials. Selected videos/films shown in class.

Scope of Course:

A survey of the development of dance from earliest civilization through to the present with an emphasis on the Euro-Western Tradition. We will also cover African American influences on dance today.

Course Content:

This course will be based on the following:

Readings from the text and from class hand-outs

Lectures and discussions lead by the instructor and students

Movement/Artistic experiences led by the instructor and/or guest artist

Videotaped performances of dance


To examine the importance and function of dance in human society throughout the ages

To identify and analyze historical developments and trends in dance

To context the major trends in dance in Western Society

To examine the role of dance in the United States

To examine the role of gender and socio/economic class within various periods and world cultures

To develop written and oral communication in the discussion of ideas

To address the particularities inherent in conducting historical research in dance

Is course repeatable for reason(s) other than deficient grade?

Yes _____ No __x__ Number of times course may be taken for credit: __1__.

Instructor-prepared objective and essay questions are used for testing. Students are evaluated on substantive participation in class discussions the basis of test scores, written papers, presentations, and study guides.
• Substantive participation in discussions and movement/artistic experiences (note: if you are not in class you can’t get credit for participation) 32 classes 5 pts per class 160 pts

• Three one page critiques of Palomar Dance Events. Observation criteria will be discussed in class. Must be typed and double spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. font. Due within 1 week of seeing the show (25 pts ea = 75 pts total)

• Mini paper #1(2-3 pages) a mini research paper on a topic of your choosing. Must include at least three different sources, only one of them web based. 75 pts.
• Mini paper #2 (2-3 pages) a mini research paper on a topic of your choosing. Must include at least three different sources, only one of them web based. 75 pts
• Term paper (8-10 pages) based on a historical figure/period/event/style in dance. May be based on one of your mini papers.

(At least six sources, only one web source) 100 pts

•Exam 100 pts
• Paper presentations will be based on your research paper -- Presentations include an outline for the class to use as a study guide, and a visual aid (video, poster board . . .) If you can’t find any visuals please ask me I have a huge selection. 50 pts
• Timeline project -- a timeline covering the major eras, people, events and happenings that are covered in your book, the lectures, your mini papers, your research paper, and the student presentations. please use big paper not notebook or typing paper taped together. You may include any graphics/ art work you feel help your project. (I have big paper in my office, please come and get some). 100 pts

A = 735-662, B= 661-588 C= 587-514, D= 513-440, F= 439 and under
Extra Credit Assignments (you may do two of the three extra credit assignments – 1 Palomar dance events, 1 Palomar performing arts event, or one film critique (you may not do two film critiques).

•A two page written critique of a Palomar dance performance or Palomar performing arts event – Please follow critique guide. Must be typed and double spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. font. Due within two weeks of seeing the show (10pts) Palomar Winter Dance Concert Dec. 8 and 9 at 8 p.m. in the Howard Brubeck Theatre.

• Rent or see a film or video that has dance as a major portion of the plot. Write a page on why this film is important, what the plot of the film is, what style or styles of dance are represented and pick one or two dance moments and describe them in detail. Examples of films could be Flashdance, Breakers, Billy Elliot, Center Stage, Swan Lake, Top Hat, 42cnd Street, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. . . (10 pts)
Potential topics for papers

Historical figures: Aristotle, Plato, Thespis, Catherine de Medici, King Louis XIV, Beauchamps, Lully, Moliere, Anna Pavlova, Michel Fokine, Sol Hurok, Marius Petipa, Marie Salle, Marie Taglioni, Philippe Taglioni, Marie Camargo, Fanny Elsler, Emma Livery, Anthony Tudor, Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, Bella Lewitsky, Alvin Ailey, Garth Fagan, Arthur Mitchel, Agnes DeMille, George Balanchine, Michael Kidd, Rudolf Nureyev, Jerome Robbins, Michail Barishnikov, Bronislava Nijinska, Vaslav Nijinski, Bob Fosse, Ziegfield, Savion Glover, Gregory Hines, Elvis, Sammy Davis Jr., Bebe Newirth, Shakira, Michael Jackson, . . .

Events/genres: Burlesque, Zigfield Follies, Broadway shows, Flamenco, East Indian Dance, African Dance, Tap, Jazz, Ballet Comique de la Reign, Ballet de la Nuit, Creation of the New York City Ballet, Greek dance vs. Roman, Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, collaborations with the dance world, feminism in dance, the role of the male dancer in ballet.Various companies and their histories, Riverdance, Hip Hop, Krumping, Stomp, Ballet Rambert, Royal Ballet . . .

I am intentionally leaving this wide open so that you may research something of interest to you. If you can tie your subject matter with dance in any way, you may write on it.

If you plagiarize, cheat or in anyway take credit for work that is not yours you will

fail this class. Student handbook, and the student code of conduct for more information.
All papers are graded on content -- thoroughness and credibility of research, and use of sources and quotations; organization -- flow and cohesiveness of ideas, and proper citation of sources; and grammar: readability, and proper English usage.
Paper presentations are graded on content -- thoroughness and credibility of research, and use of sources and quotations; organization – flow and cohesiveness of presentation, clear articulation of ideas; voice – diction, clarity of speech (watch the uhms, likes and you knows) and volume, I need to be able to hear you; visual – quality and appropriateness of visual aid, outline – the comprehension and cohesiveness of the outline.
Timeline projects are graded on content – thoroughness and credibility of information; organization – flow and cohesiveness of information and ideas; artistry and presentation – the overall look, readability, and visual appeal of the outline.
Participation is defined as being in class on time, staying the whole length of class, being active in discussions and movement portions of class, most of all a good working attitude toward the class material, the fellow students, and your instructor. Note: Any absence will affect your participation grade.
You may not make up exams, and I will not accept late assignments. If it is an extreme circumstance and you have made prior arrangements with me, I may consider it.
Please turn off all cell phones before class.
Absence Policy: You are graded on substantive participation in class the grading scale is reflective of this. Any absence can potentially affect your grade. I will accept a doctor’s note as an excused absence due to me within a week of having missed class.
If you are sick -- coughing, wheezing, sneezing. . . I will send you home and still mark you absent so please use your best judgment – NO one wants your cold.
I will count three tardies as an absence. I define tardy as anytime after I take roll.

In the unlikely event that I am late for class, please wait 20 minutes. If I am not there by then, consider the class canceled with no penalty to the students.

All written assignments must be typed with 1” margins, 12 pt. font, and double spaced. They will be graded on content, organization, and grammar as well as creativity, research and analysis.
In the unlikely event that I am late for class, please wait 20 minutes. If I am not there by then, consider the class canceled with no penalty to the students.
My classes are based on a system of mutual respect, my respect for you, your respect for each other, and your respect for me. If you respect my time, I will respect yours. I have an open door policy, please come and see me if you have questions or concerns.

Dance History Calendar Fall 2006
Week 1

Tues. Jan 16 What is Dance? Syllabus Overview/ research projects

Thurs. Jan 18 Joann Kealinohomoku – Dance Anthropology

Read: Cass ix-xiii, and Joann Kealinohomoku’s article: An Anthropologist looks at ballet as a form of ethnic dance

Think about what you want to write about
Week 2

Tues. Jan 23 Greek/Roman

Read: Cass Ch. 4 pg. 30-39

Thurs. Jan 25 bring old magazines to class

Week 3

Tues. Jan 30 Dark /Middle Ages

Read: Cass Ch. 5 pg. 40-49

Thurs. Feb 1 Pre-Renaissance

Read: Cass Ch. 6/7 p. 50-74
Donald Mckayle Residency

Wed. 6:30 @ MiraCosta Master Class Free

Thursday 7pm @CSUSM – Lecture Demonstration Free

Friday 8pm @Howard Brubeck Theatre Performance ($10)

Week 4

Tues. Feb 6 Pre Rennaisance Catherine De Medici/Noverre/Dauberval

Thurs. Feb 8 Renaissance King Louis XIV

Donald McKayle Critiques Due

Palomar Dance Festival

Fri/Sat Feb. 9/10 8pm
Week 5

Tues. Feb 13 Pre Romantic Ballet

Read: Cass Ch. 8 p. 75-83

Thurs. Feb 15 Romantic Ballet

Read: Cass Ch. 9/10 p. 84-100

Due: Paper #1

Week 6

Tues. Feb 20 Classical Ballet

Read: Cass Ch. 11/12/13 p. 101-131

Palomar Dance Festival Critiques Due

Thurs. Feb 22 Ballet Russe

Reading for the Week: Cass Ch. 14/15 p. 132-158

Week 7

Tues. Feb. 27 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

Read: Cass Ch. 16 p. 159-179

Thurs. March 1 Dance in America

Read: Cass Ch. 17/18 p. 180-203

Week 8

Tues. March 6 Early Modern Dance

Read: Cass Ch. 20 p. 210-223

Thurs. March 8 Mid-Modern Dance

Read: Cass Ch. 21/22/23 p. 224-253

Due : Paper #2
Week 9

Tues. March 13 Post Modern Dance

Read: Cass Ch. 24/25 p. 254-283

Thurs. March 15 African American Influences in Dance

Read: Cass Ch. 26/27 p. 284-300

Due Rewrites of Paper #1
March 19-25 Spring Break
Week 10

Tues. March 27 Jazz

Read: Cass Ch. 31/32/33 p. 341-371

Thurs. March 29 Contemporary Ballet

Read: Cass Ch. 29, 30 p. 315-340

Week 11

Tues. April 3 Dance on Film

Read: Cass Ch. 28 p. 301-314

Thurs. April 5 Current trends in Dance

Due Rewrites of Paper #2
Week 12

Tues. April 10 Exam Review

Thurs. April 12 Exam
Week 13

Tues. April 17 Student Presentations

Thurs. April 19 Student Presentations
Week 14

Tues. April 24 Student Presentations

Thurs. April 26 Student Presentations

Due: Research Paper #3 (the big paper)
Week 15

Tues. May 1 Student Presentations

Thurs. May 3 Student Presentations

Due: All rewrites of Paper #3

Week 16

Tues. May 8 Student Presentations

Thurs. May 10 Student Presentations
Palomar Dance Concert this weekend Dec. 8 and 9 Fri/Sat at 8 pm at the Howard Brubeck Theatre
Finals Week

Thursday May 17 – 8-9:50 am


Palomar Faculty Dance Concert critiques due

Research Paper Guidelines

I expect college level writing.

If you need help there are writing labs at the Library and in Room S1
You may also make an appointment to work with me (I need at least a week before the paper is due to help)
I grade on three areas equally: Content, Organization, and Grammar.
If your paper is not College level I will hand it back for revision – as many times as necessary.


Please make sure your topic is manageable in the page limit given. The history of ballet would be a hard topic to cover in 3-4 pages. But the impact of Fanny Elsler on the female image of ballet would be narrow enough to handle.
If you choose to write on a historical figure, just don’t give me a blow by blow of their life, pick an idea about them that you are intrigued by. How Gene Kelley changed the face of American Dance on Film is much more focused and interesting than a recitation of Gene Kelley’s life. I want to know WHY!!!!!!! Or HOW!!!!! Something is important.
Make sure that you are supporting your ideas with your source material. I am not interested in what others have to say about your topic, I am interested in your ideas and how other writers support those ideas.
Please explore your ideas fully within the scope of your paper. Do not introduce ideas that you are not prepared to cover and do not introduce new ideas in your conclusionary paragraph. That is to wrap up your own ideas. Do not end with a quote, I want you to end with your own words.
I am serious about the length of the paper. If it is a 3-4 page paper I expect at least 3 1/2 full pages. If your paper is under the page limit I will grade off for content and organization.


No title page is necessary (let’s save a tree)
Please put your name, course title, and date in the upper right corner (single spaced).
The title of your paper should encapsulate the idea you are exploring in your research and be centered three lines (triple spaced) after the date.
The rest of the paper should be double spaced using 12 pt. font (I prefer Times) with one inch margins top, bottom, right and left.
Page #’s should be bottom center and please staple your paper.
Your introductory paragraph that introduces the reader to your topic, your thesis statement (what perspective your paper will be exploring) and explain reasons why you have chosen this topic, should be triple spaced (three lines) after your title.
Please indent all paragraphs five spaces.
Each subsequent paragraph must include a topic sentence and support for that sentence. A paragraph should deal with only one major idea and support for that idea.
If you are mentioning the name of a movie, dance, song, theatre production please italicize all titles.
Please make sure your subject matter is organized in a logical manner. I need to understand the progression from idea to idea.
All quotes need to be credited with the last name of the author and page # (if in APA – also include the year of the publication).
Quotes should support YOUR ideas – I am not interested in reading a string of quotes. I am interested in what ideas YOU have and how quotes support them.
Please write in a stylistic format. The library has handouts on the various styles. I prefer APA format where the quotes are followed by parenthetical source information. I will also accept MLA in which the source material information is also parenthetical but without the year of publication. Please make sure that your style is consistent.
You must have a bibliography or works cited page that includes all of your source material.
All sentences must have at least a subject and a verb.
Please keep your paragraphs in the same tense.
Make sure your paper is saying what you want it to say. Read it aloud and if it sounds stuffy or awkward, it probably is.
Please spell check and proofread your paper. Those little mistakes really add up.


Put your name on the top, somewhere and what class it is for

• At least one full page double spaced, typed, 12 point font (times preferably), 1” margins

• Typed with a printer cartridge that has ink

• Stapled

• Proper spelling and grammar are a given

• Use a lede. A lede is an opening statement that catches the attention of the reader.

• Give your paper a conclusion, don’t just stop, sum up what you have said.

• I do not accept hand written critiques

• Proofread your paper. If there are more than three errors in the first paragraph, I will hand back your paper to be rewritten and take off 10 points
Choose one or two dances or moments that interested you, either good or bad and write on them, you do not have to give a detailed account of the whole show in fact, please don’t.

Use your personal voice, and please write in first person. You saw the show, it is your opinion, therefore write in a style that is comfortable for you. Don't apologize in your writing, i.e., “I’m really not a good enough dancer to say that I didn’t think her technique was . . . “ Write with authority. “I didn’t like her technique because . . . ”

I love bad reviews as well as good reviews but your opinions must be backed up with examples and intelligent reasons. "I didn't like it cause it was ugly," is not good enough. “I thought the angular lines of the choreography were inconsistent to the music and caused a dissonance that was never resolved,” would tell me why you didn’t like it.

Things to look for are:

Give credit where credit is due - - I want names: choreographer, composer, costume designer, lighting designer, dancers. Weave the names of the players into the body of your text, do not just list them off in chronological order.

Intent - - what do you feel the dance was about? Did the choreographer achieve that? Why or why not?

Style - - was it ballet, tap, jazz, modern, folk, a combination of several styles? Was that style appropriate to the dance? Why or why not?

Choreography - - notice that this is different from the dancing. Were the steps the dancers were doing put together in a way that facilitated the intent. What kind of moves were used: flowing, athletic, low to the ground, a lot of jumps? Did you recognize any steps we do in class?

Dancing - - how did the dancers perform the choreography? Did they look tired? Bored? Did they do a good job? Why or why not? How was their technique?

Production Elements - - lighting, sets, props, multi-media elements, costumes: were these things effective in making a cohesive whole? Why or why not. A dance is more than just the dancers and the choreography.

These are just a few of the elements involved in writing an intelligent dance review. If there are other elements you choose to write about, please do so. Live performance is amazing and I love anecdotes, like... "A dancer's shoe fell off and went flying into the audience and some old lady caught it..." If the unexpected happens or if you notice something that might have been a mistake, tell me about it. I prefer reading a slightly less formal style of writing yet still well organized. Make it conversational and don't just list facts. Use lots and lots of descriptive language.

Tense - - Please write in the past tense. Present tense can be used you are stating a universal fact. “The Washington Ballet is a good company.” “I love tap dancing.” But if you are talking about the performance, “I saw the Washington Ballet and really liked it because...” “The lighting for the show reminded me of...” Of course this rule is meant to be broken if there is a valid reason but it has to be a good reason. Do not switch tenses in the middle of a sentence and try not to switch tenses in the middle of a paragraph.

Most of all have fun with these assignments. I read hundreds of reviews each semester, make yours stand out, be funny, use big words, and have fun writing it... Make me remember it.

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