While I stamp your locator, please fill out an index card

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While I stamp your locator, please fill out an index card.

  • Blank Side- MIDDLE: Period # // Decorate + 1 sentence
  • (10 words or less) that describes you
  • Top: Your Name (first and last)
  • * How you get to/from school
  • *1 strength/1 weakness in English
  • *3 important priorities in your life (sports,
  • friends, etc.)
  • *Future aspirations
  • Lined Side

My Summer  // Your Year 

But it’s okay… work now, play later 

My Summer (Minus prepping AP)

My Summer

My Loves

My Loves

AP Language and Composition

  • 2013-2014

AP Language and Composition

  • Language:
    • Definition
    • What comes to mind?
  • Composition:
    • Definition
    • What comes to mind?
  • What do you know/think APLAC is about?


  • This course will refine your ability to:

APLAC Summer Reading

  • The summer reading focused on non-fiction for a number of reasons:
    • 1. Almost ALL of the material you will be reading in this class revolves around non-fiction material.
    • 2. The books introduced you to important current events that you may not have been aware of previously.
    • 3. You will now have a basis in which to begin analyzing the main style elements that APLAC requires.

AP Language and Composition

APLAC- Syllabus

  • Read over the syllabus and annotate what you feel is important.
  • Questions?
  • Have your signature + your parent signature on the students contract turned in by Friday.

APLAC- What to Expect

  • Daily writing
  • A weekly “Article of the Week” assignment
  • 3-4 full AP practice exams
  • Less novels, more non-fiction (articles, essays, speeches)

Ticket Out the Door 


  • Bring Columbine & optional book work tomorrow
  • Bring back your syllabus signed by both you and your parents

Personality Test (If time permits)

  • Imagine you are going to cross a vast, sandy desert. You have the option of bringing animals with you. You can bring all, some, or none. The animals are a bird, snake, and monkey.
  • Which animals would you bring and how do you picture them crossing the desert with you?

Download 4.31 Kb.

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