C. A. S. H. College Awareness Symbolizes Hope

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C.A.S.H. College Awareness Symbolizes Hope

  • A Program Sponsored by the

Table of Contents

  • History
  • Mission
  • Program Overview
  • Program Affiliates
  • Sample Full Schedule
  • Session Descriptions
  • Student Awards


  • C.A.S.H. – College Awareness Symbolizes Hope
  • Founded in 1993, by The National Black MBA Association, Inc. – New York Chapter
  • A program created for African American high school students
  • Over the years this program has grown and remains a jewel in the NYC Metro chapter. Under the past leadership of Derrick Bryant, Mary McElrath-Jones, Sydney Askew, Lenora Hines, Gregory Bell, Pamela Shariff, and countless others, this program has continued to help high school students. Today Tyrone Scott chairs the program under the presidential leadership of Derrick Bryant.
  • The sole mission of the C.A.S.H Program is to provide African-American high school students with awareness, education and information of the economic, financial and social advantages of graduating from high school and matriculating through college. It provides access to business professionals and resources to help the youth in our community in several aspects of their life from choosing the right college and career to living their lives financially independent. This program gives the students a competitive advantage to be able to soundly compete in today’s and tomorrow’s intertwined global economy.
  • Mission

Program Overview

  • Mentoring program administered by the NY Chapter of NBMBAA
  • Geared towards high school students in the NYC Metropolitan area.
  • 3 - 4 mentors lead groups of 10 - 15 students on college preparatory sessions ranging from choosing a college to essay writing
  • Individuals within the group compete for a sponsored slot on the Alpha Phi Alpha historically Black college tour in October of each year.
  • Groups compete in a final presentation of the students design for various prizes which in the past have included gift certificates, books, computers and other corporate donated items
  • In June, there is a graduation where certificates of completion are awarded to each student

Program Affiliates

  • L.O.T. National Program – The national program sponsors a Leaders of Tomorrow conference during the national conference of the NBMBAA. During this conference students are able to:
    • Network with students from around the country
    • Attend business sessions on preparing for college, work and etc.
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity – The sponsors of a 15 college HBCU College Tour. This 8-day tour introduces students to life on a black college campuses. Students visit the campuses of HBCU’s to learn of the academic, social, sport, and career opportunities offered to their matriculated students. At the end of the Tour, the students have data on the admissions procedure, majors offered and financial aid programs of each school. We are very proud of our 18 year partnership with the Alpha’s

Program Affiliates

  • AXA Equitable – Is a life insurance company that has been in business since 1859. Today the company has over $500 billion in assets under management. We are very pleased to once again have AXA as a co-host for this year’s C.A.S.H. Program as they were our original corporate host when the program started in 1993.
    • AXA Equitable’s office is located at 1290 6th Avenue between 51st and 52nd St. (Trains to their office are B, D, F, V to Rockefeller Center)
  • Fordham University Graduate Center – Fordham University’s Black and Hispanic MBA Association. We are pleased to once again have them as a co-host for the program this year. Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus is home to the graduate business school, the law school and the school of social services. We are very proud to be working with a college setting as co-host of the program.
    • Fordham’s campus is located at 60th and Columbus Avenue (Trains to Columbus Circle are A, B, C, D and 1)

Sample Full Schedule

  • Jan Registration & College/Career Goal-Setting
  • Jan Writing College Essays
  • Feb Overcoming Stereotypes
  • Feb Technology & Social Media in the 21st Century
  • Mar Business Etiquette
  • Mar Public Speaking & Effective Communication
  • Apr Resume Writing & Interview Skills
  • Apr Financial Literacy Part I: Intro to Stock Game
  • Apr Financial Literacy Part II: Budgeting & Credit
  • May Community Service Day Planning Session
  • May Case Competition Preparation
  • Jun Case Competition Preparation
  • Jun Community Service Project Day
  • Jun Case Presentations
  • Jun Graduation

Session Descriptions

  • January – Registration & College/Career Goal Setting
    • First day of registration
    • Students and Mentors will be given a schedule of sessions
    • Mentors will be given a guide to help facilitate sessions
    • Introduction of Career Choices
      • Icebreakers
      • Open session to discuss different career paths available to students
      • Discuss academic, college prep goals for the next year
      • Handouts will be distributed to help students choose an area of interests and worksheet to be turned in at the next session
    • What is important to you when choosing colleges?
      • Do they have the program you are interested in learning?
      • Location, Location, Location
      • Cost of attendance: In state vs. out-of-state
      • Programming and the fun factor

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • January – Writing College Essays
    • Mentors will start a discussion regarding the importance of writing a great essay for school and scholarship applications:
      • Students will be given a copy of last years LOT essay to assess and develop a method to complete that type of essay
      • Students will be given sample essay questions from various college applications and work with their mentors on how to best write a winning essay
      • There will be an essay writing contest for an award

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • February – Overcoming Stereotypes
    • The purpose of this lesson is to help people to discuss issues such as: Stereotyping, Racism, Discrimination, and Generalizing. (Most of the kids probably know that stereotyping is “wrong” or “bad” but may not have been given the chance to think about why they are “bad” or where they come from. )
    • Guests will come in to host this meeting

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • February – Technology & Social Media in the 21st Century
    • The impact of social media in our lives on a daily basis. We will discuss how students and adults use technology (computers, cell phones, blackberries, smart phones, GPS, etc) in their daily lives and how all this impacts our lives
    • We then will discuss the explosion in social media and how everyone from presidential campaigns are even using things like:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • My Space
      • BING
      • Google Buzz
      • Skype
  • March – Business Etiquette
    • Students will gain insights on how to perform successfully in business environments such as interviews, dinners, professional meetings, etc.

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • March – Public Speaking & Effective Communication
    • In order to help the students prepare to give their presentations, this session will be geared towards Public Speaking.
      • How to give an effective presentation
      • Knowing your audience
      • Preparation
      • Visual aids
      • Researching topic
    • Each student will prepare a two to three minute presentation on any subject. They will make their speech to their group and be critiqued by mentors and fellow group members.
  • During the wrap-up at the end of the session, one member from each group will make a speech to the entire assembly.

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • April – Resume Writing
    • Mentors will start a discussion regarding the importance of a writing a great resume for school and scholarship applications:
      • Mentors will emphasize that resumes represent the person
      • Students will be required to bring in a resume at the second session
  • April – Interview Skills
    • Mentors will start a discussion regarding the importance of being prepared for interviews and why looking your best is important:
      • Do’s and Don’ts of interviewing will be discussed
      • Discussion on types of questions asked and importance of preparing questions for the interviewer
      • Discussion on effective verbal and non-verbal communication
      • Students should already have been assigned to bring in their resume or a resume for this session
      • Students will practice giving and receiving a mock interview during this session

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • April – Financial Literacy Part I: Intro to Stock Game
    • Students will be introduced to investing in the stock market
      • Students will learn how the stock market works and impacts everyday life
      • Students will learn how to conduct research to help them make smart investments and how to write an outstanding investment report
      • Requirements for winning are as follows:
        • Detailed report on your investment strategy
        • Final Standings
        • 2nd half performance
      • Mentors will distribute a worksheet that lists what each student has to do in order to compete in the stock game

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • April – Financial Literacy Part II: Budgeting & Credit
    • Students will learn about the importance of creating a monthly budget in addition to wisely managing their finances
    • Specific topics for this session include:
      • Balancing Wants vs. Needs
      • Managing Your Monthly Budget
      • Understanding Credit
      • How to Use Credit Cards Wisely
      • Protecting Your Credit Score
      • Savings and Investing

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • May/June – Community Service Project
    • Students will lead the effort in finding a worthwhile community service project that the entire CASH family will be a part of on a Saturday in June
    • Students will engage their family, friends and community to be a part of this effort
    • Past community service projects done by the CASH Program included cleaning up an entire park and vacant play area in the Bronx

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • May/June – Case Competition Preparation
    • Details for Case Competition:
    • Each group must compete, everyone in group must participate
    • Presentations are made by students under the direction of the mentors
    • Cases can be:
      • Company vs. Company (i.e., Coke vs. Pepsi; Microsoft vs. Apple)
      • Social Issues (i.e. The Importance of Going to College; Impact of Politics in the Black Community, etc.)
    • Presentations can be skits, videos, debates, shows, etc.
    • Presentations will be judged based on:
      • Student Participation
      • Creativity
      • Content
      • Overall Presentation

Session Descriptions (con’t)

  • June – Case Presentations
    • Each group will present their cases to be judged.
    • Final day for students to submit Stock Game Reports
  • June – Graduation
    • Each student will be awarded a certificate of completion
    • Winners of the Stock Game will be announced
    • Winners of the Case Competition will be announced
    • Winners of the College Tour will be announced
    • Senior awards recipients announced; special awards recipients announced

Final Presentations

  • Students are responsible for presenting their case competition project in June
  • The students choose the topic, do the research, create the style of presentation and assign tasks to fellow group members
  • Often groups and mentors meet outside of the scheduled sessions to complete work on this project
  • Mentors do not determine the project scope or do any of the research required for the project

Student Awards

  • During our annual graduation ceremony, each of our students receive a personalized certificate of completion for the 6 month program. In addition, standout students receive some of the following items in recognition of their efforts throughout the program:
  • Awards and Prizes
  • Admission on the HBCU College Tour
  • Team Case Competition Winners Gift Cards
      • 1st Place
      • 2nd Place
      • 3rd Place
  • Stock Game Top 3 Winners Awards
      • Nintendo or PlayStation
      • PlayStation Personal (PSP)
      • Gift Certificate
  • Laptop Computers & Accessories (for Top Seniors)
  • Gift Bag Giveaways
  • Special Recognition Awards
  • Weekly prizes and giveaways for Current Events quizzes
  • *The above are not guaranteed and are based on similar prizes awarded the last two to three years; Actual awards vary year to year
  • based on budget and corporate and private donations.

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