Selected Scholarship Opportunities for Natural Resource Students Conservation Federation of Missouri

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Selected Scholarship Opportunities for Natural Resource Students

Conservation Federation of Missouri

Charles P. Bell Conservation Scholarships
The Charles P. Bell Conservation Scholarships are sponsored by the Conservation Foundation of Missouri Charitable Trust and the Conservation Federation of Missouri. The scholarships are named for Charles P. Bell, a past president of the CFM, whose family provided major funding for this program.

Eight scholarships are awarded each year. There is one graduate level scholarship in the amount of $600, one undergraduate scholarship in the amount of $500, and six scholarships for elementary, high school or youth group projects each in the amount of $250.

The graduate and undergraduate applicants must be enrolled in a field of study related to management of natural resources, specifically fish, wildlife, forest, soil, and water. Applicants must be Missouri residents, and those applicants enrolled in Missouri schools will be given preference. Undergraduate applicants must have earned at least 60 hours of college credit. The following information must be submitted with each application.
Applicants must provide three letters of recommendation with the application (may be teachers, employers, or other persons acquainted but not related to you).

Applicants must list community and school activities.

Undergraduate applicants must provide a copy of his/her high school transcript and college transcript; Graduate applicants must provide a copy of his/her college transcript.

Applicant should give a profile of his/her work experience, if applicable.

Applicant should make a statement of need and explain how he/she intends to use the scholarship.

Applicants must provide a copy of an acceptance letter to the university or graduate school (as applicable) he/she will be attending.

Elementary, High School, Youth Group scholarships will be awarded to Missouri elementary or high school classes or youth groups who have ongoing or proposed projects related to natural resource conservation, especially those which entail education and physical involvement in the protection of the natural environment. Applicants must include the names of the teacher, class or group, and school, and addresses for the teacher and school should also be included. The applicants must describe the objectives of and procedures used in the project. An essay with the theme of how the project will benefit the community should also be included. The application must have the signature and title of a school superintendent or principal.
All materials must be submitted to:

Bell Scholarships

728 West Main Street

Jefferson City, MO 65101-1559

The Missouri Chapter of The Wildlife Society

University of Missouri Graduate Fellowship
Annually the Missouri Chapter of The Wildlife Society awards a fellowship to an outstanding graduate student who is a member of The Wildlife Society and is enrolled in the Fisheries and Wildlife graduate program at the University of Missouri - Columbia conducting research which pertains to some aspect of wildlife biology and/or management in Missouri. The purpose of the fellowship is to further professional educational opportunities for students interested in obtaining graduate degrees in wildlife management in Missouri, and to promote student involvement in the Missouri Chapter of the Wildlife Society and to enhance student/Chapter relationships. Recipients are selected based on their resume, research study proposal and academic performance.
The Missouri Chapter of The Wildlife Society

James D. Chambers Memorial Scholarship
The James D. Chambers Memorial Scholarship, initiated in 1996, is awarded annually to a Missouri graduate or senior undergraduate student majoring in wildlife ecology or natural resources conservation. The scholarship is designed to recognize excellence in academics, leadership, and conservation education. Recipients are selected based on an essay (2 pages or less) outlining the student's research or special project involvement and describing how their work will or has benefited natural resource conservation; a resume; and 2 letters of recommendation from natural resource professionals.
North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society
Student Awards (updated 01/02/2007)

The North Central Division administers awards to both student sub-units of state chapters and to individual students. An "Outstanding Sub-unit" award is available, and the Joan Duffy Student Travel Award is given to one student from each member chapter. Duffy Award applications are solicited by and selections made by each Chapter. The Janice Lee Fenske Memorial Scholarship Award is awarded by the North Central Division and the Michigan Chapter. Please follow the link for application details.

Joan Duffy Student Travel Award

Award Description

One award is given to a student from each North Central Division chapter for travel assistance to the Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference. Each chapter is responsible for selecting its respective recipient and forwarding such information to the North Central Division chair prior to the annual meeting. The NCD matches Chapter student travel awards up to $100. Students will be honored and checks presented during the NCD Business Meeting. Interested students should contact their local chapters.


On 11 June 1999 the fisheries community lost a friend and dedicated professional when Ms. Joan Duffy was killed in an automobile accident. At the time of her death Joan was the Southern Lake Michigan Fisheries Management Unit Supervisor with the Michigan DNR. Joan was also a committed member and leader in the North Central Division of AFS.

Joan became an AFS member in 1975 and quickly assumed leadership roles in the Michigan Chapter (Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, then President of the Chapter), and the North Central Division (Secretary-Treasurer of NCD, contributor to many Division committees). She also played a key role in organizing the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in 1995, followed immediately by the AFS meeting in Dearborn in 1996.

Joan was a strong advocate for the NCD student travel award program. The program was conceived while Joan was an NCD Governing Board member and her enthusiasm and conviction were an important catalyst in the process. When the program was established she was Secretary-Treasurer and was responsible for writing checks to students at the Midwest. The first students receiving checks from Joan will likely never forget the glee on her face as she wrote out and handed over the awards.

Joan's commitment to the travel award arose from her own experience as a student at Michigan State University. She frequently spoke of how important those trips were in her professional development. They remained important in her professional life, as she often took personal leave to attend AFS meetings when agency rules restricted her paid travel. Student travel support was at the core of what Joan valued in AFS.

In honor of Joan's commitment to AFS and student travel, the NCD has renamed the student travel award program the Joan Duffy Student Travel Award. The NCD is also establishing an endowment that, when fully funded, will insure stable funding for the award. The Michigan Chapter proposed initiating the fund with gifts from the NCD and from member chapters and has committed $500 to the endowment. However, individual donations to the fund will also be needed to bring the endowment to full funding. Individual donations to the endowment can be made through Randy Schultz, NCD Secretary-Treasurer. Anyone interested in making a donation to the fund should contact Randy by phone at (641) 774-2958 or by e-mail at
Missouri Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
Mid-West Fish and Wildlife Conference Travel Award -- $200

Nominations due by September 1

Requirements: (i) resume documenting qualifications, academic standing and awards, extra-curricular activities, aquatics-oriented activities, professional aspirations; (ii) letter of recommendation by a faculty member.
Best Undergraduate Student Project

Best M.S. thesis Award

Best PhD dissertation Award

Requirements: (i) copy of completed/accepted project/thesis; (ii) letter from the faculty advisor. Notes: (i) only work completed between September of prior year and August of current year will be accepted; and (ii) only 2 submissions per college/university accepted per category.

Student Achievement Award recognizes combined excellence in academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement in the fisheries or aquatics field by a student attending a Missouri college or university. Requirements: (i) resume documenting student's qualifications; (ii) letter of recommendation from faculty member.
Best student presentation at the Missouri Natural Resources Conference (MNRC)

Best student poster at the MNRC. Student must have executed the research (data collection, analyses, write-up) and be senior author and presenter. Requirements: (i) must notify Student Support Chair in writing by January 1st (ii) include copy of abstract; (iii) a letter by co-author documenting the work was completed by student.

Missouri Society of American Foresters
Ed Stegner Forest Management Scholarship

Amount: $1000

Requirements: Missouri Resident

Enrolled in an accredited traditiional Forest Management 4-year school (non-urban)

GPA of 2.5 or better

Student member of SAF

Be able to attend the Conservation Federation of Missouri Annual Banquet
Application process:
1 letter of recommendation

Essay on why they want to be a Forester

Please send materials to the Chair of the Council, Fellows and Awards Committee or the SAF Student Chapter Advisor by December 1.
Missouri Conservation Agents Association
I. Name - Missouri Conservation Agents Association Scholarship
II. Amount

A. The Scholarship will be in an amount not to exceed $500 per student per academic year.

B. The scholarship will be used for tuition, books room and board.
III. Selection

A. The Missouri Conservation Agents Association Scholarship committee will select the recipients of the scholarship and the selection will be approved by the MCAA Board of Directors.

B. Any applicant who is a dependent of a member of the scholarship Selection committee will not be eligible for the scholarship.

IV. Criteria

A. The number and monetary value of scholarships to be awarded will be decided by the MCAA Board of Directors on an annual basis.

B. The applicant will be a Missouri Resident.

C. The applicant will be a U.S. Citizen.

D. The applicant must be pursuing a degree in Biology, Wildlife Management, Forestry, Fisheries, Ecology, Agriculture, Criminal Justice or a field of study closely related to the preceding subjects.

E. The applicant must be an under-graduate student of an accredited college, university, or trade school; or a high school student entering college.

F. The student will be a full-time student as defined by the college, university, or trade school being attended.

G. The applicant must have a current and a cumulative minimum grade point average of 2.5 to be eligible for the scholarship.

H. The applicant must submit a transcript along with the application.

I. The applicant must submit a 50 word essay telling why they would like the scholarship.
Instructions: The applicant should complete section I. Section II should be completed by the Principal, Counselor or College Advisor. Application must be postmarked no later than February 1st and mailed to:

Brian Ham

10356 Hwy 54

New Bloomfield, MO 65063

Download and print the application. (PDF format)

Download and print the application. (Word Doccument)

Soil and Water Conservation Society

Missouri Show-Me Chapter
The 2007 Conservation Foundation of Missouri Natural Resources Scholarships
1. Applicant must be a Missouri resident.

2. Applicant must plan to be (or already be) enrolled as an undergraduate at a Missouri college or university in the chosen discipline of study.

3. Applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted by December 31, 2006.

4. Preference will be given to individuals with a demonstrated financial need.

1. Complete and submit an application by December 31, 2006.

2. Attach an official copy of your current transcript(s).

3. Attach an explanation of why you are applying for and how you would use this scholarship. If financial need should be considered, briefly explain the related circumstances.

4. Attach a resume including your experiential background and professional society memberships.

5. Mail or email your completed application no later than December 31, 2006 to: Conservation Federation of Missouri, 728 W. Main Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101-1559.

6. Chosen recipients will be contacted by February 15, 2007 about the specifics of the award presentation.
West North Central Region

Student Grants

Purpose of Grants:

* Encourage and provide financial assistance for student members to participate in international, national, regional, and statewide SWCS and soil and water conservation related activities.
* Encourage and provide financial assistance for student chapters to conduct soil and water conservation educational activities.

* Students from the West North Central Region who are SWCS members

* Grants are available for students to participate in educational events conducted or sponsored by SWCS

* Grants are available for students to develop soil and water conservation activities for other students, the public, or conservation professionals

* Grants cannot exceed the student’s cost
Amount: Grants are available for up to $250 per student

($2,500 total available for all West North Central Region students)

Requirements: Students must submit a receipt for conference fees or a receipt for project costs

Students must submit a summary of the benefits they received through the funded learning experience.

Students participating in the SWCS Annual Conference in Rochester, NY must attend both plenary sessions to receive reimbursement.
Students participating in other events must attend all educational activities
Selection Priorities:

1) Conducting an SWCS Student Chapter educational event

2) Giving a presentation (oral or poster) at a national or international conference

3) Representing a Chapter at the SWCS House of Delegates’ meeting in St. Paul

4) Receiving an SWCS award (personal or Chapter) at the St. Paul Conference

5) Attending an SWCS sponsored event

Application Process:

Complete the form provided for the 2005 SWCS WNC Region Student Grants and mail or email a completed form to Peggie James, 101 South Webster Street WT/2, Madison, WI 53703

Quail Unlimited

KC QU Chapter scholarships
College students still have time to apply for $1,000.00 scholarships from the Quail Unlimited Kansas City Chapter. The group awards several scholarships annually to college students majoring in Wildlife managemnet or related fields. For details, contact Dave White, 12012 West 150th Circle, Olathe, Kansas 66062-9410, Phone 913-897-3822, e-mail Applications are due by May 1, 2007.
Izaak Walton League of America
National Conservation Scholarship
From our mission statement, the Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) is “to conserve, maintain, protect and restore the soil, forest, water and other natural resources of the United States and other lands; to promote means and opportunities for the education of the public with respect to such resources and their enjoyment and wholesome utilization.” Part of our longstanding mission includes education.
The League has long realized that education is important to the future our environment. By providing knowledge to today’s public, we will leave a legacy of conservation of the natural resources for future generations.
Established in 2005, the IWLA National Conservation Scholarship program was formed to further encourage, promote, and recognize conservation leadership among future natural resource managers and professionals.
This scholarship was designed to further support undergraduates from recognized conservation or environmental-related degree programs. Programs may include, but are not limited to, those such as: environmental science/engineering/education, natural resource management, forestry, wildlife, fisheries, parks and recreation, range management, and soils, and other related sciences such as ecology, biology (conservation/field/marine), geology, hydrology, and zoology, including mammalogy, ornithology, and entomology.
The National Conservation Scholarship complements the many scholarships offered annually by IWLA local chapters and state divisions. “These League scholarships provide students not only with financial support, but also with moral support from like-minded conservationists.”
Source: Outdoor America, Summer 2004, “All Aboard the Scholar Ship” pages 36 –37
This national scholarship is made possible with support from the members of the Izaak Walton League of America and a generous annual grant from the Izaak Walton League of America Endowment, Inc.
IWLA National Conservation Scholarship may be presented to no more than two undergraduate students in the United States, one in each of the following qualification categories. Each scholarship category includes up to a $2,500 scholarship, an engraved plaque, and a one-year IWLA student membership.

Category #1 - Previous IWLA Chapter/Division Scholarship Recipient

Applicant is a:
Previous recipient of an IWLA chapter/division scholarship.
By the completion of the spring semester/quarter, applicants must:
1. Be an undergraduate in a recognized conservation or environmental-related

degree program.

2. Have junior or senior class standing (completed a minimum of 56 semester hours or 108 quarter hours).

3. Have at least one semester or two quarters remaining in their degree program.

4. Be scheduled to enroll as a full-time undergraduate student for the following fall semester/quarter.
Category #2 - Child Of Or A Current IWLA Member
Applicant is a:
Son or daughter of a current IWLA member for at least one year prior to submission, or a current IWLA member for at least one year prior to submission.
By the completion of the spring semester/quarter, applicants must:
1. Be an undergraduate in a recognized conservation or environmental-related degree program.

2. Have junior or senior class standing (completed a minimum of 56 semester hours or 108 quarter hours).

3. Have at least one semester or two quarters remaining in their degree program.

4. Be scheduled to enroll as a full-time undergraduate student for the following fall semester/quarter.

Previous IWLA National Conservation Scholarship recipients are ineligible. You may apply for only one category per year. If not selected, but eligible, you may apply during the second year.

Your completed application must be mailed postmarked no later than April 1st.

Complete the IWLA National Conservation Scholarship Application Form, including the written requirements, enclose one letter of personal reference, two letters of recommendation from faculty at your college/university, have your university department head/chair or advisor complete and sign their designated section, and then you mail the completed packet to:
Izaak Walton League of America

707 Conservation Lane

Gaithersburg, MD 20878-2983

Attention: IWLA National Conservation Scholarship.

Applicants will be evaluated based upon their knowledge of conservation/environmental issues and their commitment as a future conservation leader. Each submitted application will be screened by the National Conservation Scholarship Sub-Committee, as part of an effort of the IWLA Conservation Education and Youth Convention Committee. Also included are representatives from the IWLA Executive Board and the Izaak Walton League of America Endowment, Inc., who will assist in making the final decision regarding the selection of recipients by the end of the month of May.
IWLA National Conservation Scholarship recipients will be announced and recognized at the annual IWLA national convention in July, and scholarships will be awarded directly through the college/university at the beginning of the fall semester/quarter.
The awarded scholarship may be used only for tuition, fees, books, room and board, or other related-research expenses. Payments may be made directly to the college/university in the name of student, thus the student’s identification number will be required only if selected. After an award is made, any major change in the recipient’s course of study requires prior notification of the League. The IWLA reserves the right to withhold or terminate a scholarship due to unsatisfactory academic performance, or recipient’s early departure or withdrawal from college. Scholarship criteria or procedures subject to change without notice.
Ben Meadows Natural Resource Scholarships
Scholarships will be administered through the Society of American Foresters (SAF). All scholarship hopefuls must be enrolled in an SAF-accredited (or non-SAF accredited) or SAF-candidate curriculum as a junior or senior enrolled in a natural resource program working toward a bachelor of arts or science degree, which includes, but not limited to, agro forestry, urban forestry, environmental studies, natural resource management, natural resource recreation, wildlife management, wood science and fisheries management.
There will be two scholarships awarded in the amounts of $2,500 each. Ben Meadows is looking for students who stand out in achievement or leadership. Each award will be presented separately based upon acceleration in one of these qualifications. Awards are judged on the criteria shown below.
Only one scholarship will be granted per person.

Awards will be made payable to a specified educational organization that the winning awardee chooses and that amount shall be used for qualified tuition and related expenses. Qualified tuition and related expenses are tuition and fees required for enrollment and fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction at the educational organization.

Awards are to be granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual preference or disability.

Basic Requirements for Both Scholarships

a) Applicant must be entering junior or senior status during the year the scholarship is to be provided.

b) Applicant must provide one letter of recommendation from educational superior, such as professor, teacher, or advisor.

Judging Criteria for the Academic Achievement Scholarship
a) List of clubs, activities, and years involved.

b) Summary or list of accomplishments relating to your field of study.

c) Essay of 300 words or less how these achievements have helped you grow individually and expand your interest in your field of study.

d) GPA must be 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Judging Criteria for the Leadership Scholarship
a) List of leadership roles, clubs, and years involved.

b) Summary of involvement and projects within leadership roles relating to your field of study

c) Essay of 300 words or less how these leadership roles have helped you grow individually and expand your interest in your field of study.

d) GPA must be 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale

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