Model Tool: Certification table professional credentials for medical office managers

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Model Tool: Certification table - professional credentials for medical office managers

Why you need this table:

Professional credentials can help advance your career, but first you have to know what type of certification to pursue and what the requirements are.

How this table helps you:

This table will show you what professional credentials are available for medical office managers, and what the requirements are for certification.

How to use this table:

Use this certification table to set and meet educational goals that can help advance your career.

Model Tool: Certification table - professional credentials for medical office managers





Maintaining certification

Topics covered



3 years work experience (supporting patient care; medical practice or clinical setting); 12 college credit hours in health care or business management courses; PAHCOM membership

3 hours, 200 multiple choice questions, at a testing center or PAHCOM conference

24 CEUs every two years and maintain PAHCOM


insurance/managed healthcare plans, risk management, contracting, data management, human resources, communication, administrative issues, clinical knowledge administration and marketing



2 or more years in healthcare management (at least 6 months in supervisory role); MGMA membership

A 3-hour 15 minute, 175-question multiple choice test and a 90 minute essay exam and 50 hours of continuing education

50 CEUs every three years and MGMA membership

business operations, financial management, human resource management, organizational governance, patient care systems and risk management. the two domains now being integrated into the remaining six are: quality management and information management



CMPE board certification and MGMA membership

Completion of three case studies or a professional paper

50 CEUs every three years



At least one year experience in a medical practice or supplemental medical office training

four-hour, 100-question

multiple choice proctored exam

12 CEUs needed each year; nine must be in specified core competencies

managed care and the medical practice, practice administration, personnel and time management and financial management





Maintaining certification

Topics covered



AAPC membership; 2 years professional

experience recommended but not required; coding knowledge or skills also recommended

200-question multiple choice exam in five hours 40 minutes

36 CEUs related to practice management every two years

business processes, health care reform, compliance, quality

of care, accounting, physician reimbursement, revenue cycle management, human resources, marketing, operational flow, HIPAA, electronic medical records and information technology, disaster planning



Must complete basic and/or advanced training

Certification exam after completing advanced training

24 CEUs every two years



POMAA membership; 1 year of professional work experience is recommended but not required

The exam can be taken online or in person at one of POMAA’s conferences and seminars

12 CEUs each year

principles of management, human resource management, OSHA, HIPAA, employment law, healthcare law


Registered Medical Manager

MMI Membership

Online learning program and exam completed within 6 months of enrollment

12 CEUs every year

> AAMA – American Association of Medical Assistants, offers

CMA certification.

> ACMPE – American College of Medical Practice Executives,

certification division of MGMA which offers the board

certification CMPE and fellowship FACMPE

> AMT – American Medical Technologists, offers RMA


> BLA – Bureau of Labor Statistics

> CCMA – Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, certification

from National Healthcareer Association

> CEUContinuing education unit

> CIE™ – Center for Individual Excellence™, offers CMMP

certification in conjunction with CSME

> CMA – Certified Medical Assistant, certification offered by

the AAMA

> CMAA – Certified Medical Administrative Assistant,

certification offered by National Healthcareer Association

> CMM - Certified Medical Manager, a PAHCOM certification

> CMMP – Certified Medical Office Manager Practitioner,

certification offered by CIE and CSME

> CMOM® – Certified Medical Office Manager, a PMI certification

> CMPE – Certified Medical Practice Executive, board

certification through MGMA’s certification division, ACMPE

> CPM® – Certified Practice Manager®, certification offered by


> CPPM® – Certified Physician Practice Manager, certification

offered by AAPC

> FACMPE – Fellow of the American College of Medical Practice

Executives, through MGMA’s certification division, ACMPE

> MGMA – Medical Group Management Association

> MMI – Medical Management Institute, offers Registered

Medical Manager certification

> NCCT – National Center for Competency Testing, offers

NCMA certification

> NCMA – National Certified Medical Assistant, certification

from the NCCT

> PAHCOM – Professional Association of Healthcare Office


> PMI – Practice Management Institute, offers the CMOM®


> POMAA – Physician Office Managers Association of America,

offers CPM certification

> RMARegistered Medical Assistant, certification offered by


> RMM – Registered Medical Manager certification offered by


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