Hs-210 Medical Office Management Why Medical Assisting?

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HS-210 Medical Office Management

Why Medical Assisting?

  • Why did you choose to become a medical assistant/MOM?
    • Everyone please post a response.

Work Duties

  • What are the work duties of a
    • Clinical medical assistant (MA)?
    • Administrative medical assistant (MOM)?
  • Everyone, please choose one – MA or MOM – and respond.

About the Course

  • Course Number and Section: HS210 – Section 1
  • Instructor: Patricia Machell, M.A., D.C. – Dr. Pat
  • Start/End Dates:
  • December 8, 2010 – February 22, 2010
  • Course/Seminar Day and Time :
    • Monday 8:00 p.m. ET
  • Other seminar possibilities:
  • Wednesday 8:00 p.m. – Professor Lilly
    • Wednesday 8:00 p.m. – Professor Clark
    • Wednesday 10:00 p.m. – Professor Clark
    • Sunday 10:00 a.m. – Professor Hoskins
  • Note: If you are 15 minutes or more late for
  • seminar, you must do Option 2!

Instructor Contact Information

  • Kaplan Email Address: PatMcColmMachell@kaplan.edu
  • Cell Number: 315-663-4457
  • AIM Instant Messenger Name: PatMcColmMachell
  • Note:
  • When sending an email, use this format
    • HS210-01 [Last Name]: SUBJECT OF MESSAGE
    • DO NOT submit coursework by e-mail.

HS210 – Course Materials

  • Software: Microsoft Word is required for all Kaplan Courses
  • Text:
    • Title: Kinn’s The Administrative Medical Assistant: An applied Learning Approach 6th edition
    • Author: Alexandra Patricia Young, BBA, RMA, CMA
    • ISBN: 978-1-4160-3201-4
    • Publisher: Elsevier

Syllabus Overview

  • Read your syllabus. It is your course guide!
  • Keep up and submit work on time!
  • If late submissions accepted:
    • 10% penalty if up to one week late
    • 20% penalty if more than one week late

Course Description/Outcomes

  • Course Description:
  • This course explores procedural guidelines for accomplishing various administrative tasks in the health care setting. Topics include management of patient information, medical office software skills, and general workplace competencies of health care employees.
  • Course Outcomes:
  • Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
    • Perform bookkeeping procedures in a healthcare setting
    • Perform operational functions in a healthcare setting
    • Create and maintain patient records
    • Use appropriate communication skills in a healthcare setting
    • Use medical office software to perform clerical functions
    • Explain HIPAA guidelines

To-Do Lists

  • Each unit has a “To-Do List” tab
  • Please check this tab every week to ensure you do not forget anything!

Academic Tools

  • Each unit has an “Academic Tools” tab.
  • Things that are there:
    • Gradebook guide
    • Writing Center information
    • Lots more


  • Choose Topic 1 or Topic 2 – not both!
  • Check out Webliography for links.
  • Post initial response by Saturday midnight (ET)
    • Minimum 100 words
    • Use reference citations
  • Respond to at least two others
  • Be in the discussion for three
  • separate days
  • No late/makeup discussions
  • allowed for previous weeks!


  • In Unit 1, there are two discussions:
      • Introduce Yourself
      • Unit 1 Discussion
    • Please participate in both!

Project Rubrics

  • The four project rubrics are located in:
  • Unit 3 – Patient letter and logs
  • Unit 5 – Schedule patients plus an essay
  • Unit 7 – Two essays and filing
  • Unit 9 – Essay, bank deposit slip, and a
  • PowerPoint presentation

Project Rubrics

  • Please look in DocSharing under the specific unit to find the rubric for each project. Read and follow the rubrics.
  • If you follow the rubrics:
    • You will include all the needed information.
    • You will earn a higher grade.
    • It will make your instructor happy!

Doc Sharing

  • Located at top of your course page, it is where document information is stored.
  • Templates for projects are located here.
  • There is a “Unit” doc sharing for each unit.
  • All seminar PowerPoints can be found in the unit DocSharing – after the seminar.

Drop Box

  • Use the drop box to submit everything!
  • Use Check Spelling before submitting.
  • Submitted before midnight Tuesday (ET) each week.
  • Contact Tech Support if you are
  • having difficulty submitting
  • documents.

General Questions

  • Make sure to send an e-mail to me if you have questions!
  • Click on the e-mail tab in the course
  • or use my e-mail address
  • PatMcColmMachell@kaplan.edu
  • If it is a time sensitive question, please call me – 315-663-4457.

Text PowerPoint Presentations

  • You will notice that each unit has a “Reading” section. When you click on that you will see a PowerPoint icon with the chapter listed next to the word “Reading.” These presentations were prepared by the textbook publisher. These will help in identifying the main points in each chapter.

What about Christmas?

  • No seminars Friday, December 24, 2010 through Sunday, January 2, 2010. All assignments for that time must be submitted by Tuesday midnight (ET) January 4, 2011.
  • This means no seminar on Monday December 27, 2010 (Week 3). You will receive full credit and you do not do Option 2. Nothing is due 12/28/10.
  • There will be seminar on Monday January 3, 2011.

National Organizations

  • On the course home page, there is a section entitled National Organizations. Links to three organizations are there:
    • AAMA (CMA)
    • AMT (RMA)
    • PAHCOM (CMM)
  • Which is best for you? Why?
  • Everyone please post.

Whew! We made it through the course overview. Do you need a nap? This PowerPoint can be viewed in Doc Sharing under Unit 1 after this seminar has ended. Questions?

Download 11.06 Kb.

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