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Unit 5 – To Do List

  • Read Chapters 12 and 13 This week, you will read about the Office Environment, Daily Operations, Written Communications and Mail Processing.
  • Participate in the Discussion This week you will be discussing general office procedures and appropriate document processing. (18 points)
  • Participate in the Seminar This week’s seminar will focus on all aspects of basic secretarial skills. (5 points)
  • Project For this part of the project, you will work on outpatient forms and pre-patient arrival procedures. (65 points)

Unit 5 – Discussion Board

  • Please choose one topic for your original response.
    • TOPIC 1
      • Go to AAMA or AMT website and examine the association suggested key roles for a Medical Assistant regarding general office procedures. Click below to access the AAMA website.
      • About the Profession; AAMA Role Delineation Study.
      • Demonstrate which office procedures you see as most important. Choose the top three that you see as most important to your role and tell me why they are important to your profession.
    • TOPIC 2
      • ROLE PLAY ACTIVITY: Dr. Gentry, a Pediatric Cardiologist, has called your office and made a request for a patients records. She has indicated that she will need the patient medical record, all patient test/lab results, and all physician notes for your patient.
      • Discuss appropriate and inappropriate ways of communicating sensitive patient information both within the office and from the office to other medical facilities. What federal guidelines do you need to follow in order to fulfill this request?

Unit 5 – Project

  • Requires: Two submission
    • Inpatient/Outpatient Admissions and Procedures
    • Essay (300 words)
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Admissions and Procedures
    • Download Inpatient/Outpatient Admissions and Procedures Form.
    • Go to Chapter 10 of Kinn’s Text Study Guide: Complete Question #83, p. 97.
    • NOTE: If you have problems clicking on the correct box, just highlight it.
  • Essay
    • Answer the following question in essay format (300 words minimum) and include a title page and reference page:
      • What duties should be completed before the patient arrives to your office?
      • Be sure to include at least five duties that need to be complete, giving explanations and examples of each

Office Secretarial Skills

  • Name some secretarial skills a medical assistant or MOM must be able to perform.

Office Secretarial Skills

  • What about the office machines?
  • What about cleaning?
    • The reception area during the day?
    • Checking the bathrooms during the day?

Ordering Supplies

  • Who orders the supplies?
  • Everyone, please name some things to keep in mind when ordering supplies.

Office Secretarial Skills

  • An order was just received from Staples.
  • What is the correct procedure for a medical assistant/MOM to follow?
  • What is the list of items included in the order called?

Office Budget

  • What is a budget?
  • Everyone, please name some things that need to be included in the monthly budget.

Office Policy Manual

  • What is the purpose of an office manual?
  • What is included in the office manual?
  • How often should it be updated?

Office Policy Manual

  • You are the office manager and you must create some general office policies.
  • Everyone please submit one general office policy statement now.

Business Letters

  • A business letter has four sections
  • What are they?
  • Everyone please respond!

Business Letters

  • Parts of a business letter are:
    • heading – letterhead and dateline
    • opening – inside address, salutation,
    • subject line (if any)
    • body – message
    • closing – complimentary closing, typed
    • signature with title, typist’s initials, and other notations

Business Letters

  • What is the purpose of noting "c”: at the bottom of a letter?
  • If you typed a letter for Dr. Ray Miller, how would you indicate that?
  • Everyone, please post exactly what you would type.

Business Letters

  • The best style to use when composing business letters in the medical office is the one: preferred by your doctor!
    • Which style is most efficient and most often used?

Writing Supplies

  • When you write a business letter, what supplies do you need?
    • What is a watermark?
    • What is card stock?


Modified Block Style

Typing Envelopes

  • Elizabeth Peters, MD
  • 400 Main Street
  • Winters, NC 23489-4145
  • SYRACUSE NY 13202-7254


  • Keep a folder containing your business letters with different styles to save you time when composing letters. You can refer back to them.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar to avoid giving a negative impression of the doctor!
  • Keep a medical dictionary and grammar guide in the office to assist you!
  • Writing a phonetic spelling of a patient’s name will help in pronouncing it correctly.

Writing Tips

  • Keep sentences short.
  • Put only one idea in each sentence.
  • Eliminate superfluous wording.

Writing Tips

    • I am sending you a copy of your report and this report is about your MRI but there are several things we need to discuss so please come into the office as soon as possible.
  • Enclosed is a copy of your MRI report. There are several things we need to discuss. Please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Writing Tips

  • Are these sentences?
    • Around the block.
    • Do it now!
    • The doctor will not be here until 3:00 p.m.
  • Use Check Spelling!

Parts of Speech

  • What is a noun?
  • Pronoun?
  • Verb?
  • Adjective?
  • Adverb?
  • Preposition?
  • Conjunctions?
  • Interjections?


  • Overnight Guaranteed Envelopes (Express Mail®)
    • $17.75 flat rate (paid online)/ $12.85 (paid online) and up
    • Next day delivery
  • 2-3 Day Envelopes (Priority Mail®)
    • $4.90 (paid online) and up
    • 2 Day delivery but can be 3 day
  • Letters & Cards (First-Class Mail®)
    • $0.45 and up
    • 2-3 Days delivery


  • How would a medical assistant/MOM send a letter to a patient if confirmation of receipt was needed?


  • Certified with return receipt requested
  • When is registered mail used?


  • Mail is classified according to type, weight, and destination.
  • The United Parcel Service, Federal Express, and the United States Postal Service are all PUBLIC delivery services

Project 2 – Part 2

  • Part 2– due by Tuesday midnight in Unit 5
      • Outpatient Form – 20 points
      • Essay – 45 points
      • Please be sure to view the instructions for Project 2 in the PowerPoint presentation located in the Unit 4 folder of Doc Sharing.

Project 2 – Part 2

    • Due by midnight Tuesday of Unit 5
    • From the Unit 5 folder in Doc Sharing download:
    • Inpt_Outpt Admiss Procedures Template
    • Note: You will need to view the Project 2 Study Guide information again from the Unit 4 folder of Doc Sharing. The patient information is found there.

Project 2 – Outpatient Form

  • Complete the form.
  • Place check marks or highlight where needed.
  • Make up the demographic information for the patient.
  • Be sure to write in the “Comments” area.
  • Your name goes at the bottom of the form where it says “Scheduled by”.
  • Notes:
    • The Referring Physician and the Attending Physician are the same doctor for this patient.
    • Blood work is the same thing as Outpatient lab.
    • Comments must be added that indicate additional information not found on the form elsewhere.

Project 2 - Essay

  • Due by midnight Tuesday of Unit 5
  • Answer the following question in essay form (minimum 300 words):
  • What duties should be completed before the patient arrives to your office?
  • Note: Be sure to include at least five duties that need to be completed, giving explanations and examples of each. See Chapter 12 in your text for this information. These are the duties that need to be done each day before a patient arrives at the door.

Project 2 - Essay

  • Use APA formatting
    • Double space.
    • Size 12 Times New Roman font.
    • Include page numbers.
    • A title page is required.
    • A separate reference page is required with at least one reference citation.

Exam 2

  • Exam 2 is due by midnight Tuesday of Unit 6.
    • See the Study Guide in the Unit 6 folder of Doc Sharing
    • Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14
    • There are 30 questions – 20 multiple choice and 10 true/false.
    • 55 Minutes to complete the exam
    • You can only enter the exam one time

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