Sample short essay: "Food and Me"

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Sample short essay: “Food and Me”
Like a fox I creep into the kitchen, listening intently for any movement that might impede my mission. I cling to the side of the fridge, heart pounding in my chest. Slowly, I peel open the door. I’m greeted by a cool kiss. The fridge knows exactly what I’m about to do, as it has watched me year after year. Suddenly it clicks and starts to hum loudly, possibly to warn my family of an intruder or maybe just to startle me. I peer into the massive white rectangle, past the roast beast, next to the expired milk, at that perfect white box.
It’s my sister’s eighteenth birthday and as always, my special friend, “The Cake,” has come to visit. I slither my tiny nine-year-old fingers around the precious container and open it to find the chocolate glory gleaming back at me! All I’m after is one swipe of that delicious, glossy frosting. I’m not concerned about the embarrassment I’ll feel the next day. Nor the three scornful looks of disapproval from my mum, pop, and the birthday queen. I don’t care because at this point, I am in sweet bliss.
I love cake. I live year to year, not to celebrate my own achievements, but to rejoice at that return of the cake. Summers bring angel food topped with fresh fruit and chilled whipped cream, dropped directly from heaven into my stomach. Fall brings cakes filled with spice; dark, rich cakes that smack the senses with cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum! Don’t drink, eat cake! Then comes winter with its…fruit cake. Dry, hard, chewy. Ok, maybe winter is an off season, but spring makes up for it and then some. Spring rolls in with weddings, bringing layer cakes that tower over you. These are professional pieces of art that fill every sense.
Visually stunning centerpieces, cakes bring us together. We gather around for these special occasions and await our slice of excitement. Although I receive the same lecture each year and my icing addiction causes me embarrassment, I always get a slice. I see cake as a slice of something greater in us all, a fluffy, heartfelt gift that sweetens our moments together.
Peer Review Comments:
“I love the description in this essay! I also like the organization of the different kinds of cakes around seasons. You must have one powerful sweet tooth to sneak a bite of your sister’s birthday cake. The overall tone sounds nostalgic as if you don’t get to sneak so much cake anymore.”

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