People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (peta)

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3rd Major Essay Assignment

Resource Addendum

List of organizations:

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a very comprehensive website (, including an “action center” that has many options for responsible actions. Many of these can be done via online too. Also, PETA has a unique college-student focused sub-website called peta2, which can be reached via peta2 has a “Take Charge” section that includes links to sign petitions and write letters to companies that violate PETA’s animal ethics.

  • God’s Pantry has numbers and contact information for many types of volunteering at

  • Salvation Army local centers that deal with food/nutrition issues. Find location at

  • Kentucky Proud includes locations and times of all Kentucky farmers markets on their website at

List of Possible Responsible Actions:

  • Volunteer at an organization.

  • Write letters advocating a change in policy of corporations (like fast food corporations or food processing companies)

  • Create a flier/brochure for an organization

  • Conduct an on campus food drive. (You could even collect within our classroom, and I’d be happy to bring the drive the attention of my other classes as well as other English instructors.)

List of Possible Behavior-Change Projects focused on “eating responsibly:”

List of Fieldwork Opportunities:

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