Quizzes often provide immediate feedback

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Moodle Quizzes

In Moodle, the Quiz activity is used for a variety of activities. Your instructor may refer to this as a quiz, test, or exam. All Quiz activities function in similar ways.

Why take online quizzes?

Students in online classes will have online quizzes, however you may be surprised to learn that many instructors in face-to-face, hybrid, and web-supported classes also require that students complete quizzes online. There are several advantages to this:

  • Classroom time is limited. By moving a test out of classroom time, your instructor has more time to engage with you as a student. You will have more time for content, more time to ask questions, and more time in the classroom devoted to you.

  • Quizzes often provide immediate feedback. When an instructor creates a quiz in Moodle, he or she has to identify the correct answer. This means that, in many cases, your grade on a quiz is available immediately after you finish. You don't have to wait until the instructor returns quizzes back to know how you've done.

  • Multiple attempts are possible. Since the quiz is not taking up classroom time, an instructor may choose to allow multiple attempts on a quiz. If so, after getting a grade on a quiz, you may have the option to retake it for a potentially better score. This gives you time to review content and try again.

  • Missing class does not may not equate to missing out on a quiz. Moodle quizzes do not necessarily have to be taken at a specific date and time (unless it is required by your instructor to complete it in class). If you miss class, you can still take the quiz for that day.

How to take a Quiz

To open a quiz select the name of the quiz from the course main page. There are several screens associated with a quiz; here is a guide to interpreting these screens:


This screen will display any instructions for the quiz, along with due dates and time limits.

To begin the quiz, review the instructions and information, and select Attempt quiz now.

Quiz Heading

Quiz Attempt

This screen is where you answer quiz questions.

Some quizzes may only have one page of questions, while others may have several. At the bottom of each page will be a button labeled either Next Page or Finish Attempt. The Finish Attempt button will always be found on the last page of the quiz. You can go back to previous questions using the Previous Page button.

Next page button Previous page button Finish attempt button

There is a quiz navigation box where you can jump to specific quiz questions. This will allow you to move through a quiz free-form, instead of in sequential order.

Quiz Navigation Box

You can flag a quiz question to mark it as one to return to later. Once you have flagged a quiz question, you will see a red flag icon beside that question. This allows you to easily return to a flagged quiz question.

Red flag icon

Summary of Attempt

Once you have clicked the Finish Attempt button, you will be taken to a screen which will give you a summary of your attempt.

From this screen, you can easily find if you have left a question unanswered. Any flagged questions will also show the flag icon here, as a reminder if you need to revisit the question.

Once you have reviewed the attempt, click the Submit all and finish button.

Summary of Attempt

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