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Education                               Journalism

Broadcast                                Writing

Book Publishing                      Visual Arts

Law Languages


Art modeling was not Kakonge’s first time in the classroom. She assisted in teaching the graduate students at Carleton University in Ottawa, as well as the third-year journalism students. She also received a Bachelor of Journalism degree from this school with an award funded by former Canadian Senator Pamela Wallin. She assisted and also had sole responsibility classes taught at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, as well as closer to home at Concordia University in Montréal. She speaks French fluently.

She taught journalism at the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College. She taught The Broadcasting Industry and Online Marketing at Trebas Institute, as well as Skills for College English at George Brown College. Kakonge also taught ESL at Sullivan Centre de Langues in Montréal, Institute Provincial in Montréal and TEC Inc.  Donna Kakonge has also taught the SAT for Kaplan and Manhattan schools. Other teaching experiences include the day programs in Seneca College’s and Centennial College’s journalism programs with combined university degrees through York University and the University of Toronto Scarborough campuses respectively. She taught Dramatic Writing at Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education. Recently she taught Magazine Journalism and Journalism Career Management with Centennial College. Both courses were taught online. She worked as a Senior Facilitator with Hetta Institute and worked as an Online English Teacher with Weblish Pal and Tutor Doctor. She currently takes private clients for writing and English coaching. She also offers life coaching and services to help people write their memoir and biography books. Currently, she is working on a biography of a Canadian politician and editing a book of poetry for a retired teacher. In the fall of 2011, she taught five sections of Global Citizenship at Centennial College. Donna was a Course Developer for a Proposal Writing in Adult Education course at Yorkville University. She worked as a Toronto Area Manager with Lernit Tutoring Services. Donna works as a Teacher Education Program Assistant/Academic Advisor at OISE | University of Toronto. She was a Teaching Assistant with the Department of Arts and Culture with the University of Toronto, a Teaching Assistant with the University of Toronto Mississauga campus and was a former Instructor with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and taught Self-Publishing Around the World. She also worked as a Writer with the University of Toronto’s Ontario Education Research Exchange (OERE) and as an Assistant Editor of the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy. Donna was also an Editor with Nsemia Inc. Publishers based in Oakville, ON. She has done writing workshops at Toronto Public Library branches in the downtown core, as well as book signings at Indigo Bookstores and independent bookstores. Donna helped to build curriculum for Metro College of Technology in Toronto for a Paralegal course. Donna Kakonge was an Expert with Just, and is an Expert on Homework, Study, and Presto She currently works independently helping students with Homework.

Donna began her government experience working with the Ministry of Skills and Development at a very young age simply spending a summer with hard copy paper and circling dots. This improved her artistic ability. Later, she spent decades as noted above with the crown corporation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which a rich education in quality journalism at the time. She also spent some time, one month, working the superb team of the Conservative Progressive Party in Toronto. She left due to other work only – this latter group was phenomenal to work with at the time. She recently received a Québecor Documentary Fellowship that ended in 2009. She has presented at many conferences and worked for the provincial government in the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration as well as received grants through Canadian Heritage to work with SAW Video Co-op in Ottawa. She also received a grant from the Royal Bank of Canada to work with Mobilman Management Inc. in Québec online. She was formerly a Bilingual Grants Consultant with the Ontario Women’s Directorate (OWD) which began as a position as a Bilingual Receptionist. As a Consultant with OWD, Donna helped to organize a conference for the organization’s service providers at the Delta Hotel in Toronto. She also worked as a Curriculum Development Writer with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services in Toronto. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge also has an RCMP level of clearance for security purposes. Donna Kay Kakonge took early retirement as a College Professor and worked as a Lawyer in the criminal courts for the Ministry of the Attorney General. Donna worked as an Online Legal Consultant with Presto Experts previously and worked for James Morgan Attorney having answered approximately 10,000 legal questions. Donna Kakonge is currently working with LawGuru Attorney Network helping with legal questions.

Since 1992, Donna Kakonge has freelanced in the cultural and performing arts, as well as worked in the government sector. She began by working on a breakthrough show for youth called Road Movies which aired on CBC. Following this, she worked at the local, national and international levels of both CBC Radio and Television in Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal and then again in Toronto for 17 and a half years. Kakonge was involved with the start of a first-ever morning show aired on shortwave to sub-Saharan Africa called African Eyes. While an Announcer/Producer for this show, she was sent on special assignment to Edmonton to meet Canadian diplomats and Nigerian author/activist Dr. Wole Soyinka.

Kakonge has also worked for the Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel International, Vision-TV, and the BBC. She keeps up with the latest technology in broadcasting by maintaining a podcast online and has produced a CD of radio documentaries, as well as two audio downloads narrated by her that are available on She worked for Mobilman Management Inc. and Miralupa Inc. from her home office in Toronto and the companies are based in Québec. Working in both French and English, Kakonge worked with these companies as a Proposal/Grant Writer in the areas of Augmented Reality (AR).

She has done television appearances as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s program through commercials that aired all over Ontario, as well as guest appearances on the W Network, Food Network, and Breakfast Television. The latter was with her News Announcing class from Seneca College. She has been a fashion model for print and runway, represented by Tony Eastwood Talent Agency which also represented Neve Campbell at the same time.  She has done art modeling for the Toronto Art School, Etobicoke School of the Arts, Durham College, Arts, and Letters Club, Maxx the Mutt Animation School and many others. Currently, she is the show host and producer of Ideal Job with Donna Magazine, the show host, and producer of Beautiful People with and makes occasional appearances on’s flagship show Liquid Lunch. A new show co-produced by Donna Kay Kakonge, MA, ABD and is the studio provider and hosted by Donna Kakonge called the Donna Magazine TV but is actually the Beautiful People show rebranded and rebroadcasted on her top-ranked online media channel Donna Magazine. Donna Kakonge also responded to general questions on Just Answer for two years answering more than 10,000 questions. Donna also produces visual art with the help of clients on She also worked as a Research Interviewer with Nielsen.

Donna wrote her first novel at 17 and began self-publishing in 2006. Kakonge is the author or contributor to 123 books and audiobooks that are mainly self-published and published by, plus did ghostwriting for one book making 123, to the editor of and also including more than 4,000 postings on Donna Magazine since 2007, as well her books are in 24 libraries and 16 bookstores and services either brick and mortar or online. Donna is also the editor of three upcoming books. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge has sold almost 84,000 copies of all of her books making her a best-selling author. As well, she is working on three manuscripts. One hundred and one of her books are listed with the Library Services of Canada. These numbers do not include the books available for all of Donna Kakonge’s books. Books are also translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Please search for Donna Kakonge in Google. The books sell in India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, India, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Through Ingram, Kobo Books, Smashwords, iBookstore, Amazon,, iTunes, (ACX with Amazon), Nook, CD Baby and Barnes & Noble and more with How To Talk To Crazy People, with seven copies in the Toronto Public Library, and an updated version of How to Write Creative Non-fiction – New are sold all over the world, plus many other of Donna Kakonge’s books. There are five copies of How to Write Creative Non-fiction – New in the Toronto Public Library. Three Quarters is also in the Toronto Public Library with three copies. Her first literary publication was published by Concordia University, a short story in Headlight Anthology, vol. 1The Totally Unknown Writers Festival Collection 2011 is her latest published contribution in an anthology. Since 2007, she has had a multimedia online magazine called Donna Magazine which is currently top-ranked in Google. The Spirit of Kasacba: A Creative Non-fiction Novel published in 2015 was recently acquired by the Toronto Public Library with four copies that can be borrowed. Donna Kakonge has a long history of doing freelance writing both in print and online for various publications. She works with KTML Communications doing articles about the environment and editing books.


She has academic publications published with the International Conference in New Horizons in Education 2012 (where she has also been a virtual presenter), The International Global Education Conference 2012 (where she was a virtual presenter), Global Citizen Digest with Centennial College and a completed publication with Media, Mind, Society with OISE | University of Toronto to name a few. Kakonge has also published a number of journalistic work with New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine, one editorial in the Toronto Star and a number of stories with Pride Newsmagazine for African-Canadians and Share Newspaper. She has presented or will be presenting or appear at more than 100 conferences and has received approximately 40 awards in her adult livelihood and has more than 120 academic publications, not including her 123 published books. She recently was offered a Bram & Bluma Appel Scholarship worth $2,000.00 to attend the Humber School of Writers in Creative Writing for a graduate certificate correspondence program. A version of Kakonge’s dissertation Young Black Women in Toronto High Schools:  Portraits of Family, School and Community Involvement in Developing Goals and Aspirations is distributed to schools through Coutts Information Services and is also in the Library and Archives of Canada. Three Quarters was published in 2013. She completed the University of London External Programmes with a Bachelor of Laws. Kakonge has a Doctorate in Education from OISE | the University of Toronto in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Development. She recently received a TESOL certificate from LinguaEdge and has a Master of Arts degree in Media Studies from Concordia University where she built a website back in 1999 called Salon Utopia that included her own artwork, photographs, and creative stories. Donna also worked as a Computer Lab Monitor at the Graduate Students’ Association while at Concordia University. She has also taken numerous courses in languages, creative writing, script-writing, and broadcasting. Recently Kakonge received a $2,030.00 Tuition Assistance Fund (TAF) grants from CUPE 3902 Local Unit 1 to off-set her out-of-pocket fees for her doctorate degree.

Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD

Education                              Journalism

Broadcast                               Writing

Book Publishing                     Visual Arts


Sole Proprietor – Donna Kay Kakonge, MA, ABD, Toronto, Canada – April 2005 to present (full-time)

-manage my own freelance communications and legal business

Online Expert – Zintro, Waltham, Massachusetts, United States – July 2017 to present (full-time, online)

-answer questions and conduct research on behalf of clients

-also work on legal consulting

Online Attorney – Attorney Network, California, United States – June 2016 to present – (full-time, online, volunteer to start now paid)

-answer legal questions of clients in United Kingdom Criminal Law

-also, do legal forms for clients

Online Spiritual Advisor –, United States, and Private Clients – August 2016 to present (full-time, online)

-helped clients work through their problems

-an empathetic listener to clients

Online Legal Consultant/Writer –, California – November 2004 to present (part-time, online)

-work for numerous clients doing writing and legal work

Enumerator – Statistics Canada, Toronto – October 6, 2014, to November 4, 2014 (contract) and May 2016 to present (contract)

-collecting data from neighbourhoods for the mandatory Census 2016

-collected data from neighbourhoods for the Census Test 2014

Law – Ministry of the Attorney General, Toronto – October 14, 2014, to November 19, 2015, and September 12, 2016, to October 20, 2016 (on-call, fixed term)

-left because of the pay

-returned to work with the Ministry

-worked down at Old City Hall also in the only drug court in the province

-participated in a French Language Institute for Professional Development from October 19, 2015, to October 23, 2015

-prosecuted provincial criminal court proceedings and type annotated notes during the proceedings

-part of the provincial court team to adjudicate criminal court proceedings

-worked in bail courts, set date courts, plea courts, assist courts and in trial courts

-participated in customer service training

-worked the weekend courts also known as Walsh court happening for the very first time at the Etobicoke branch

Online Legal Consultant – James Morgan Attorney, Nevada – September 3, 2015, to September 16, 2016 (full-time, online)

-answer legal questions of clients within 20 minutes, sometimes less

-approximately 10,000 questions

-promoted to specialist answers some of the time giving second opinions on questions

-also did forms and letters for clients

-generated new members when they were pleased with my responses

Transcription – Women’s Support Network of York Region, Newmarket – January 2014 (contract)

-transcribed documents related to research and the development of reports and conferences on anti-human trafficking 

Online Lawyer – Presto Experts, New York – July 2010 to May 2016 (freelance, online)

-responded to legal questions only

-did not do legal homework for people

Online Spiritual Advisor – Circle of Stars, California – April 2009 and July 2013 and April 2014 and May 2016 and July 2017 (full-time and online, and then part-time and online)

-counseled and therapy to clients online

Curriculum Development Writer – Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Toronto – June 2008 (contract)

-worked on training materials for emergency preparedness in Ontario

Assistant Campaign Organizer – OPSECAAT, Toronto – January 2007 to March 2007 (contract)

-helped to organize a campaign to get Ontario part-time college workers unionized

Immigration Consultant – MIREMS Inc., Toronto – January 2006 to December 2006 (contract)

-gathered immigration news from various sources to compile information management for the Immigration Minister at that time Jason Kenny

Bilingual Grants Consultant – Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (Ontario Women’s Directorate), Toronto – February 2005 to May 2005 (contract)

-reviewed, accepted or rejected grant applications to the Ontario Women’s Directorate for funding from agencies that were focused on economic development and prevention of violence against women and children

Office Assistant – Progressive Conservative Party – September 2004

-helped out in the campaign office of the Progressive Conservative Party in Toronto in the preparation for the federal election coming up

District Supervisor – Federal and Provincial Government Elections, Toronto – January 2006 and November 2003 (freelance)

-helped with 2006 and 2003 elections

Marketing Coordinator – Design Exchange, Toronto - February 2005 (work-at-home freelance)

-did research on various arts and culture organizations in Toronto

Prom Queen – Surreal Gourmet Food Network, Toronto – August 2003 (contract)

-on-camera talent for the season finale of Surreal Gourmet

 On-Air Talent/Real Person – Tell it like it is W Network, Toronto – May 2003 (contract)

-did an on-camera vignette of an experience I had in high school of falling down when wearing high heels

On-Air Spokesperson – Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario – January 2003 to April 2003 (contract)

-on-camera talent for a public service announcement in Ontario for the Telehealth Ontario system

Arts Fundraiser – RBR Marketing, Toronto – December 2001 to February 2002 (part-time)

-raised more than $500,000.00 CAD for the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum

Writer/Contributor - UNICEF, Kampala, Uganda – January 1997 (part-time, volunteer)

-contributed to a handbook to help Ugandan children

Summer Office Clerk – Ministry of Skills and Development, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – May 1991 to August 1991 (full-time, temporary, summer help)

-in order to transfer the examination results of people who were trained in vocational education I filled out holes on a piece of paper with pencil and transferred the hand-written test results to the paper that could be read by the computers at that time

-this job improved my dexterity, concentration skills, and artistic skills


Sole Proprietor – Donna Kay Kakonge, MA, ABD, Toronto, Canada – April 2005 to present (full-time)

-manage my own freelance communications and legal business

Tutor –, United States – January 2017 to present (full-time, online)

-provide help for clients’ homework that I receive through the site

-personal activity on the site is dormant right now

Tutor – Homework, United States – January 2017 to present (full-time, online)

-provide help for clients’ homework that I receive through the site

-personal activity on the site is dormant right now

Homework Expert – Presto Experts, New York, New York, United States – July 2010 to present (part-time, online)

-responded to legal questions only

-helped with legal homework

-help with social media and journalism assignments

-currently helping a student with an African course

Instructor – Bircham International University Faculty of Arts & Humanities – February 2010 to present (part-time, online)

-supervise students

-supervise applications

-supervise scholarships

-online tutoring


Homework Expert – Just, California – November 2015 to December 2017 (full-time, online)

-provided an interview with Reader’s Digest in the United States concerning grammar as an Expert with Just Answer

-provided answers to homework questions online

-helped with assignments in Spanish

-helped with assignments to come up with unique and fictitious languages

-specialized in helping with Legal and Business homework as well

-did interviews on behalf of Just Answer

Paralegal College Instructor | Curriculum Development – Metro College of Technology – December 5, 2015 to January 8, 2016 (volunteer)

-supplied curriculum to the Paralegal Program at Metro College of Technology

Educator to Psychiatry Students – Toronto Western Hospital – April 2016 (part-time)

-do mock interviews with University of Health Network psychiatry students to prepare them to work in the mental health field

Online Teaching Assistant – University of the West Indies, Jamaica – June 2014 to July 2014 (part-time, volunteer, online)

-prepared to work with Early Childhood Education students to help them online with their courses

English Teacher/Philosophy Instructor – English Lab Toronto – March 2012 to April 2012 (part-time)

-helped with English conversation classes that focused on philosophy

ESL Business Communications Instructor – SPEAC International Language Institute – February 2012 to March 2012 (volunteer)

-prepared to work with online technology Mimio to teach English in a classroom setting

Academic Advisor/Teacher Education Program Assistant (TEPA) – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, OISE | University of Toronto – September 2011 to April 2014 and September 2015 to May 2016 (part-time)

-provided academic support to Bachelor of Education (BEd) and graduate students at the OISE Student Success Centre (OSSC)

-coached students on their resumes and cover letters

-worked on developing workshops and online learning materials for OISE students

-worked in a team to deliver e-Portfolio instruction to teacher candidates

-conducted workshops to prepare teacher candidates and instructors with the e-Portfolios on Blackboard

-conducts one-on-one sessions through the writing centre to help teacher candidates with their e-Portfolios

-read and rated potential teacher candidate profiles for admission to OISE

-observed social foundations course in the B.Ed. program

Independent Tutor – Learning Disabilities Association Toronto District – March 2014 to March 2015

-member of the LDATD

-on list of independent tutors with the aim of finding students to work with

Instructor – University of Toronto School of Continuing Education – May 2013 to July 2013 (part-time)

-taught a self-publishing course in the creative writing and freelance writing certificate programs

-one of the books I edited Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships by Teresa Madaleno, published in 2013, is currently available on,, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

-Kitty Salsberg and Ellen Foster wrote Never Far Apart which is published by Second Story Press and The Azrieli Foundation

Teaching Assistant – University of Toronto Department of Arts, Culture and Media – September 2013 to October 2013 (part-time and online)

-marked duties

-course had 750 students and the instruction is online

Tutor – Community Outreach Canada (B.A.S.E. – Building a Strong Education), Toronto – July 2013 and February 2011 to May 2011 and October 2011 (contract)

-conducted online courses with five students

-subjects included programs in Social Work, Child Youth Worker, Gerontology and Early Childhood Education mainly from George Brown College

-tutoring mainly George Brown College students in social science subjects

Area Manager – Lernit Tutoring Services, Toronto – July 2013 (part-time)

-managed a group of tutors to teach various subjects throughout the Greater Toronto Area

Voice Teacher – Alza Acting Studio, Toronto – July 2013 and November 2014 (part-time)

-taught acting students voice lessons

ESL Teacher – Learnship, Germany – July 2013 (part-time and telecommunications)

-taught German business clients English skills

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