Essay #3, Text Essay: The Glass Castle Choose one option from the following: the glass castle

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Essay #3, Text Essay: The Glass Castle
Choose one option from the following:
1. THE GLASS CASTLE: Examine the symbolism of the Glass Castle. What is it, when is it mentioned in the book, and how does it relate to Jeannette’s experience as well as the themes of the book?
2. REX WALLS: Examine Jeannette’s relationship to her father closely. How does it change in the story? How does Jeannette come to terms with it in the end?
3. CHARACTER RELATIONSHIP PAIRS: Compare and contrast two relationships in the book. For example, Jeannette/Rex to Jeanette/Rose Mary, or Jeannette/Lori to Jeannette/Brian. How do the differences and similarities help Jeannette come to terms with her life?
4. FIRE AND TURBULENCE: The last line of the memoir reads, “the candle flames suddenly shifted, dancing along the border between turbulence and order.” This mirrors the first chapter of the book, which depicts Jeannette’s burning incident. In what way does Jeannette’s life waver between turmoil and order? What do the themes of fire and burning demonstrate? Cite specific examples in the book.
5. POVERTY: Examine the descriptions of poverty in the book. How does Jeannette’s impoverished upbringing shape who she becomes at the end of the memoir?

Extra Credit Option 20 points

2-3 pages: View the South African film, “Tsotsi.” Compare the destitution portrayed in the film with that of the book, “The Glass Castle.” How does poverty shape each of the main characters in the film vs. the book?

due dates:

April 27: Finish reading The Glass Castle

May 11: Draft 1 due

May 25: Final Draft due, Extra credit due


1. A solid argument: Make sure to include a solid, well-reasoned and thoughtful thesis statement in your first paragraph.
2. Polished, college level style & tone: Keep in mind that your audience is university-level readers. Use accurate diction and correct spelling, mechanics, grammar, and punctuation—eliminate surface

level errors.

3. Evidentiary support: Provide specific details and passages from the novel to support your claim. Provide a Works Cited page only if you use sources other than the novel.
4. MLA format: typed, double spaced, one inch margins (you need to adjust this—it is not your default setting), proper headings, 12 point font, Times New Roman.
5. Page Length: 3-4 full pages.
6. Grading: Points will be deducted if the paper does not meet the page limit or is handed in late.

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