Option II classroom Courses

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Option II Classroom Courses

Many of the courses offered here are available for original credit, credit recovery, or non-credit enrichment via the Option II program. You must complete the Option II Application and have it approved by your Guidance Counselor who will forward it to the content area supervisor for approval.

Montgomery High School

1016 Route 601

Skillman, NJ 08558

(609) 466-7602

Algebra – Full Year

Geometry – Full Year

Financial Literacy – Half Year

College Essay Writing – Half Year

Pre-calculus Preview – Sixty-hour non-credit enrichment

The Hun School of Princeton

176 Edgerstoune Road

Princeton, NJ 08540

(609) 921-7600 ext. 2254

Comprehensive Courses (120 Hours)

Algebra I

Algebra II




Preview and Review Courses (60 Hours)


American Literature

English Literature

Advanced Creative Writing

Competence and Confidence in Reading & Writing

Algebra I Preview

Algebra I Review

Algebra II Preview

Algebra II Review



Physics Preview

The Hunterdon County

Educational Services Commission

West Amwell Campus

1422 Route 170

Lambertville, NJ 08530

(908) 439-3703


English I

English II

English III

English IV

American / US History I

American / US History II

World Studies



Algebra I

Algebra II

Physical Education

Kendall Park Learning Center

3088 Highway 27, Suite 4

Kendall Park, NJ 08824

(732) 821-2111

English - Full Credit/Preview/Review

Honors English 9-10

Honors English 11-12

Competence and Confidence in Reading/Writing

Grammar and Usage Workshop. SAT Writing

Write For College – College Essay

History - Full Credit/Preview/Review

US History I

US History II

World/European History

Math - Review/Preview

Algebra 1

Geometry Review

Algebra II Review

Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry
Math Full Credit/Enrichment

Algebra I

Honors Geometry

Honors Algebra II

Honors Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry

Intro. To AP Calculus AB

Science - Preview/Review

Physical Science Review

Honors Biology with Lab

Honors Chemistry with Lab

Honors Physics with Lab
Science – Full Credit

Honors Biology with Lab

Honors Chemistry with Lab

Honors Physics with Lab

Science Enrichment

Intro to AP Biology

Intro to AP Chemistry

Intro to AP Physics B

Test Preparation – Enrichment Only

PSAT/SAT Critical Reading

Foreign Languages

Spanish I

Spanish II

French I

French I

Rutgers Preparatory School

1345 Easton Avenue

Somerset, NJ 08873

(732) 545-5600

Preview and Review Courses (60 Hours)


SAT Math Review

SAT Verbal Review

Algebra I Review

Algebra I Advanced Credit/Enrichment

Algebra II Advanced Credit/ Enrichment


Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry

Intro to AP Calculus

Biology with Lab

Chemistry with Lab

Physics with Lab


US History I

US History II
Modern European History

Exploratory Chinese Language and Culture I

Exploratory Chinese Language and Culture II

Somerset County Educational Services Commission

At the Alternative Academic High School

Raritan, NJ 08868

(908) 722-4562

Fax (908) 232-7283

High School Remedial Courses for Academic Credit

9 – 12

World Cultures

U.S. History I & II


Algebra 1-1

Algebra 1-2

Basic Geometry/Geometry


Environmental Earth & Space Science

Earth & Space Science

9 – 12 (special arrangements)



(Alternative pathways for attaining High School Graduation Credits)

General Statement: Option II establishes alternate pathways for students of Montgomery High School to satisfy graduation requirements and meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards in accordance with New Jersey Administrative Code {N.J.A.C. 6A:8-5.1 (a) l ii}. Option II alternative experiences are voluntary. Students may fulfill the requirements for graduation by pursuing credits earned through the traditional classroom environments, alternative learning experiences availed through Option II or through a combination of both programs.

Option II permits students to engage in a variety of alternative learning experiences which are stimulating and intellectually challenging, enabling them to fulfill or exceed expectations set forth by the academic department’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. Students may take part in Option II alternatives by participating in the following: student exchange programs, interdisciplinary or theme-based programs, independent study, accredited college coursework, concurrent enrollment at colleges and universities, on-line and distance learning opportunities.

Transportation, personal safety and well-being, specialized equipment and any and all costs not otherwise provided by Montgomery High School will be the responsibility of the student and or parent/guardian.

Rationale for Option II:

1. Credit Recovery - To make up a subject failed during regular school session:

  • Credits are awarded after the recovery course and the respective MHS proficiency assessment have been successfully completed. Successful completion requires the minimum passing grade.

  • The course must have a minimum of 60 clock hours to recover five credits.

  • A (P) pass or (F) fail will be recorded on the student’s transcript and a number grade of 60 will factor into the G.P.A. for a passing grade of (P).

  • It is the student’s responsibility to have appropriate grade reports forwarded to the Guidance Office upon completion of the external course in order to receive credits.

  • For the purpose of meeting prerequisites, the summer school grade and the grade from the full year course will be averaged, but not recorded on the transcript.

2. Original Credit – To earn credits outside of MHS for academic advancement or meet graduation requirements.

  • Credits are awarded after the course/program and the respective MHS proficiency assessment have been successfully completed. Successful completion requires the minimum passing grade. Option II courses will only be included on the student’s transcript after all coursework is complete.

  • A (P) pass or (F) fail will be recorded on the student’s transcript and will not affect G.P.A. If the course is taken at an accredited college or university, a letter grade will be recorded on the student’s transcript; this will not be calculated into the G.P.A.

Application for Option II: Montgomery High School students must complete an application which includes a proposal through the Montgomery High School Guidance Department PRIOR to enrolling in a course. The request must be submitted for consideration to the department supervisor and school principal. Any course taken by an MHS student without the prior approval of administration will NOT be granted course credits.


Proficiency assessments are used for placement purposes and required for Option II credits to be received. These assessments will be administered by the MHS department supervisor or designee. These assessments are aligned with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and may take the form of an exam or portfolio of completed work.

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