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Education and training helps to broaden the horizon of the management practitioners and facilitates the movement of Services in consonance with scientific principles. Forestry and Environmental Education is of paramount importance and should be comprehensive and practical, embracing all the facts of the numerous problems faced.

Environmental Education, Awareness and Training

The Environment Education and Training Scheme of the Ministry is meant for creating environmental awareness. Under this scheme, various progammes are conducted every year for creating environmental awareness both through non-formal activities as well as through formal education system. While the programmes like National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC), National Green Corps (NGC), use of electronic media etc. fall in the non-formal sector, the Ministry’s initiative of taking up a pilot project for strengthening environmental concepts in the school curriculum and the linked Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) programme use the formal education system for conveying the message.

Directory: report -> 0304
report -> Celebration of english language week
report -> The major objectives of this project as laid out in the proposal are
report -> The convention on the rights of the child submitted to committee on the rights of the child
report -> Programme Performed for National Environmental Awarness Campaign 2001-02 Youth Unit of Voluntary Action
report -> Kendriya vidyalaya no. 1, Jipmer campus, pondicherry. A report on observance of vigilance week 2013 from 28. 10. 2013- 04. 11. 2013 activities organized during vigilance awareness week-2013
report -> Chapter 1 Ombubsman overview
report -> Texas success initiative report
report -> Learning Unit 7 – Essay Structure Reading Material
0304 -> Administration, civil construction, plan coordination and budget
0304 -> Conservation of natural resources including forestry and wildlife

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