Celebration of english language week

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22nd to 27th August 2016

The celebrations of the English Language week was flagged off to a vibrant start with lighting the lamp before Goddess Saraswati by the principal of the vidyalaya, Dr. S.S.Dakua. this was followed by a brief overview of the programmes to be held during the week starting with essay writing and story telling competition on 22nd August and concluding with elocution on the 27th of August 2016 was presented by Mrs. Bindhu .R Mathew PGT English.

Students participated enthusiastically in the week long celebration of English language in the two groups – VI to VIII and IX to XII. The competitions of the junior group were conducted by Mrs. Anita Mishra TGT English and Sunita Sinha TGT English. On 22nd August, Mast. Prabal Sonakia bagged the first prize for essay writing competition in the senior group and Mast. Sarvjeet Joshi secured the first position in the junior group. Mast. Siddharth B. Soni and Ku. Aditi Kamariya won the first prize for story telling competition in the junior and senior group respectively.

On 24th August 2016 quiz competition was conducted in which Master Krishna Pal, Mast. Akash and Mast. Prakhar emerged as the winning team for the junior group. In the senior group, Mast. Harshan, Mast Aalind, and Mast. Navneet bagged the honours. On 26th of August 2016, the group song competition was held in which students of class XI C were declared winners.

On 27th of August elocution competition was conducted in the library in which Kum. Divyanshi Gaikwad of Class VIII B and Kum. Namrata Pandey of XII C stood first in the junior and senior group respectively. The various themes for the competitions were patriotism, national integration, youth and women empowerment. The celebrations of the English language week came to a conclusion on 27th August with the declaration of the names of the winners for the various competitions.


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