English IV – Mrs. Landry First Grading Period Fall 2011 Study of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature Week 1

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English IV – Mrs. Landry

First Grading Period - Fall 2011

Study of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature
Week 1

M 8/22 WELCOME; School reminders/lessons; Class Procedures;

Academic Honesty; HW: return signed paperwork

T 8/23 Procedures con’t.; Class Expectations and Syllabus; Get To Know You

W/Th 8/24 & 8/25 Intro and Discuss OUTLINE notes format; History of The English

Language lecture; SAT Essay diagnostic

HW: Read “The Seafarer” pp. 104-107, complete reading guide

F 8/26 Discuss History of the English Language and introduce characteristics of

Anglo-Saxon culture; continue outline format discussion

HW: continue reading “The Seafarer
Week 2

M 8/29 Complete “The Seafarer; Cornell notes practice; HW: take Cornell notes on pp. 22-27

T 8/30 Return and Discuss HOEL notes; Senior lecture expectations and Outline

W/Th 8/31 & 9/1 pp. 22-27 Cornell notes due at BEGINNING of Class; ANGLO-SAXON lecture –

lecture notes due at the end of class; HW: Begin Beowulf – read pp. 42-45

F 9/2 Return and discuss lecture notes; Intro, Discuss, and Analyze Epic Hero and Beowulf;

Assign Beowulf essay; HW: read Beowulf pp. 46-56; study for Anglo-Saxon lecture quiz
Week 3

M 9/5 Labor Day Holiday

T 9/6 QUIZ: Anglo-Saxon lecture; continue Beowulf discussion; HW: read Beowulf pp. 57-61

W/Th 9/7 & 9/8 Characteristics of A/S poetry; discuss pp. 57-61; Epic Hero chart; HW: read Beowulf

pp. 62-70

F 9/9 Discuss and Complete Beowulf; HW: Continue working on Beowulf essay

Week 4

M 9/12 Review Beowulf; writing workshop for essay; HW: Beowulf essay Rough Draft due

Block Day (as in day after tomorrow!!)

T 9/13 TEST: HOEL, Anglo-Saxon background/literature, Beowulf

W/Th 9/14 & 9/15 RD of Beowulf essay due – PEER EDIT Session in class; intro to Medieval era;

HW: Beowulf essay due Friday 9/16

F 9/16 Beowulf Essay due; Medieval era discussion and introduction of Ballads

Week 5

M 9/19 Video Analysis (Characteristics of Medieval era); Ballads cont.; HW: read and take

Cornell notes on Medieval era pp. 28-33

T 9/20 Ballads continued; HW: complete background notes; due at the beginning of lecture


F 9/23 Introduction to Medieval Romance; HW: begin reading Sir Gawain and the Green

Knight” pp. 228-245; Study for Medieval lecture quiz on Monday, 9/26
Week 6

M 9/26 Analyze and discuss “Sir Gawain”

T 9/27 Analyze and discuss “Sir Gawain”

W/Th 9/28 & 9/29 TEST: Medieval era and “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”; Introduction to

Canterbury Tales and the characters

F 9/30 CT Characters

Note taking will be checked periodically for a grade.

Make-ups and tutoring are available by appointment.

The syllabus serves as a rough guide! You are responsible for noting changes from the board or the website.

Grading Scale: 60% Tests 40% Quizzes

I affirm on my honor that I did not give or receive any unauthorized assistance on this assignment or examination.
Directory: cms -> lib2 -> TX01001414 -> Centricity -> ModuleInstance
ModuleInstance -> Iliad essay outline and samples
ModuleInstance -> September 26 Warm-up
ModuleInstance -> A long Way Gone
ModuleInstance -> Editorial Format
ModuleInstance -> Short Answers/oers (Open-Ended Responses) I. What Is a Short Answer?
ModuleInstance -> The Taks essay What is it like? What can I write about? What kind of essay should you write?
ModuleInstance -> *Now that you’ve printed your author’s biographical information, please choose highlighter colors to annotate it
ModuleInstance -> Citation Guide for Antigone Compare/Contrast Essay
ModuleInstance -> Apush tips for Writing frq
ModuleInstance -> A. P. European History Guidelines for Writing an Essay You will frequently be asked to respond to writing prompts in this course. These exercises in writing are intended to prepare you for success on the ap exam

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