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English II

Summer Reading Assignment 2016
The CCA summer reading program is intended to maintain reading skills, to improve reading comprehension, to increase vocabulary, and to build a lifelong appreciation of reading.

The essay is due by August 22, 2016.

For students registered during August 2016, the essay is due September 8, 2016.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE as many other students nationwide have summer readings and books do sell out or go on back order.
Reading Instructions:

Choose one of the books on the list below level. Read actively, highlighting or making notes or comments about characters, themes, ideas, and events.

Essay Instructions:

1. Briefly describe the setting and time period about which the book is written.

2. Identify what great themes of life (friendship, love, war, etc.) the author addressed. Describe how the author presented these themes.

3. Explain the main conflict in the novel. Describe how the protagonist (main character) resolved the conflict.

4. Copy THREE specific passages that struck you as significant—or interesting, profound, amusing, illuminating, disturbing, sad...? Discuss why each was significant to you.

5. Address how the theme of the book is relevant to society today and add your own reflection on what you thought of it.

The essay must demonstrate that you read the entire book, instead of simply reading an electronic or printed summary. Be careful to use your own words in your writing.
Essay Format:

The essay should be approximately 750-1000 words.

The heading should be at the top, single-spaced, left justified, and contain the following information:



Title of Book


Number of Pages

Book selection options:


Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice

Bronte, Charlotte Jane Eyre

Hawthorne, Nathaniel Scarlet Letter

London, Jack White Fang

Paton, Alan Cry, the Beloved Country

Stevenson, Robert Louis Treasure Island

Elliot, Elisabeth Through the Gates of Splendor

Frank, Anne Diary of a Young Girl
Non Fiction

Lewis, C. S. Screwtape Letters

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