Auburn riverside high school november scholarship newsletter

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Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.”
Steve Mead, Career Center Counselor 253-804-5161 ext.3391
General Information

Updated 11/26/12
This is the time of year when juniors and seniors begin receiving mail solicitations for scholarship search services. Carefully consider before purchasing such services. In general it is more productive to research opportunities in the Career Center and continue the search with the information found. After exhausting other resources, it may be time to consider such a service. There are some things to avoid as unproductive at best and outright fraud at worst. Here are six signs that a scholarship is not what it seems: “The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back;” “You cannot get this information anywhere else;” “May I have your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship?” “We will do all the work;” “The scholarship will cost some money;” “You have been selected by a ‘National Foundation’ to receive a scholarship,” or “You’re a finalist” in a contest you never entered. If you have further questions please contact the Career Center.

This guide is created by The American Legion — filled with scholarships, grants, fee waivers, student loans,

military assistance, tax incentives, checklists, and a wealth of resources and information to help you further

your education. Everyone can benefit from this publication featuring valuable assistance to veterans (and children and

spouses of disabled and deceased veterans) to pursue higher education.

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