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Auburn Senior High School

800 4th Street NE – Auburn, Washington 98002

December 19, 2013

SUBJECT: Senior Portfolio and Presentation Graduation Requirement
Dear Parents of Seniors,
Successful completion of a Senior Project is one of the graduation requirements for Seniors in Washington State. The two components of the Senior Project at Auburn High School are the Senior Portfolio and the Senior Presentation. This letter’s purpose is to clarify the Senior Project requirement and evaluation process and to ask for your support as your student strives to complete the project by the due dates shown below.
AHS Seniors have received Senior Project guidance and support during Advisory sessions from 9th grade through last year’s 11th grade Advisory. This year, Advisory is called Transitions, and is limited to four sessions. Senior students are also well aware that creation and completion of the Portfolio and Presentation must occur during the student’s personal time outside of the scheduled Transitions/Advisory class. The attached checklist summarizes items required in the Portfolio. Additionally, scoring rubrics found on the AHS website’s Senior Project link ( clearly communicate “Meet Standard” requirements for both the Portfolio and Presentation.
Students must turn in all Portfolio content in a 3-Ring binder to his/her Advisor on February 14, 2013. Please review the enclosed list of Portfolio components with your student and encourage thorough completion of all items by this date. Feel free to forward any questions you may have to your student’s Advisor, who will ultimately score each student’s Senior Portfolio once it is received. If the Portfolio is judged to “Meet Standard” based on the grading rubric, your student will be allowed to sign up for the Senior Presentation. Students whose Portfolios are judged to be deficient will not be allowed to give their Senior Presentation until they have corrected or improved their portfolio to the “Meets Standard” level.
Seniors need to create presentation slides using Microsoft PowerPoint—the required audio-visual program—for inclusion in their final Senior Presentation. Senior Presentations will occur on March 12, 14, 19, and 21, 2013. Parents are encouraged to attend their student’s presentation. Presentations are restricted to no more that than 15 minutes in length and are accomplished before a panel consisting of a combination of teachers, administrators, and community members. Students who do not “Meet” or “Exceed” standard on both the Portfolio and Presentation will not be eligible for graduation.
Thank you for your support. It is exciting to watch the Senior presentations and view the accomplishments of our young men and women. Please feel free to share any questions or concerns you may have with me by calling (253) 931-4880, or by email at

Richard Zimmerman, Principal

Senior Culminating Project – Portfolio Components:

(“Meet Standard” expectation available on Portfolio Rubric found on the AHS Website’s Advisory Link)

  • Portfolio Notebook (3-ring binder...minimum 1 ½ “ recommended)

  • Personalized cover page for the inside cover of the portfolio notebook

  • Completed autobiographical letter, or college essay used to apply to a university

  • Evidence of Awards, Medals, Plaques, Certificates, Newspaper Articles, etc.

  • Completed Transition from High School Plan and Classes Connected to Career Interest forms

  • Current transcript

  • Career Interest Survey results (scores/recommendations/outcomes) from the 11th or 12th grade (not from 9th or 10th grades)

  • History of academic assessments, transcripts, and achievement test scores (e.g. the WASL/HSPE, ITED, ASVAB, PSAT, SAT, or ACT)

  • Copies of acceptance letters to schools, military, apprenticeship program, etc. if received

  • Current resume

  • Letters of Recommendation (at least one from an adult non-family member)

  • A minimum of four (4) best work packets (A packet consists of the Best Work item/artifact and both the student reflection and teacher grade sheet/rubric completed by the teacher that assigned the work). At least two Best Work packets must be related to the student’s selected career pathway.

  • Students who are unable to provide a binder, dividers or document protectors should contact their Guidance Counselor or Administrator for assistance.

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