Essay Quiz: Hazardous Materials Writing Prompt

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Learning Target: Student will identify and respond to hazardous situations that might affect the safety of children in a field site situation.



Essay Quiz: Hazardous Materials Writing Prompt
Review the scenarios below and recommend the best procedures to handle the hazardous situations considering the healthy and safety of all individual involved. Please respond in chunk paragraphs with attention paid to correct spelling and grammar. Pay particular attention to all parties in the scenario and their best situation as well. Please write in ink and use your own paper. It may be typed.
Scenario 1-

You are working at a local daycare and two 6 year old boys have a disagreement over a small truck and one boy receives a bloody nose and the other a cut hand as they fight and struggle with the toy and who should have it. You are doing playground supervision with a high school student helper and have 20 students outside.

Scenario 2-
Your 3rd grade class is doing a fieldtrip to a local zoo. One student gets sick and throws up on the two kids sitting in front of him on the bus. You have 18 students with you and two parents, plus a high school assistant. The sick child doesn’t appear to be improving and gets sick again before the group reaches the zoo. What will you do in the best interest of the whole group and the sick child
Scenario 3-
You are working in a local daycare center that there have been two cases of hepatitis B with the toddler group and one assistant. What procedures will you follow in changing dirty diapers at the center and proper disposal of the diapers? What will the staff need to do as well, given this outbreak? Be very exact and assume nothing.

Attach rubric to your response.




Responded to all 3 scenarios with thoughtful detailed information based on Hazardous PPT presented in class


Each response had a minimum of 3 guidelines to insure safety of all key players in scenarios


Writing was free of grammar and spelling errors.




H. 2.1.1 Evaluates dimensions of health and relates to personal health behaviors.

H. 3.1.3 Evaluates environmental risks associated with certain occupational, residential, and recreational choices

FCS  1.2.7 Analyze factors that contribute to maintaining safe and healthy school, work and community environments.

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