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Wedding Packages

Bronze Package 1 Price:

Package 1 includes ottled water, Wedding day assistance from the first day we meet to 4 hours of your wedding day, planning services, budget services, wedding invitation assistance, transportation assistance, wedding photographer assistance, videographer assistance, entertainment assistance.

Gold Package 2: Price:

Package 2 includes sparkling water, wedding day assistance from the first day we meet to only half of your wedding day, planning services, budget services, wedding invitation assistance, transportation assistance, wedding vendors assistance, half décor assistance, full on-site tour of one venue assistance, videographer assistance, photographer assistance, entertainment assistance, venue setup and breakdown assistance for only ceremony location.

Diamond Package 3 Price:

Package 3 includes tea or coffee, wedding day assistance from the first day we meet to your full wedding day, top-notch planning services, budget friendly services, customized wedding invitation assistance, luxury transportation assistance, wedding vendors assistance, full décor assistance, on-site full tour of both venues assistance, top-notch videographer assistance, top-notch photographer assistance, best entertainment assistance, venue setup and breakdown assistance for ceremony and reception location.

Pamela: I love the 3rd option it’s more beneficial for me than the others, especially with me having 50 guests.

Diamond: Alright, fill out all the contract form and bridal profile client form. I will just add the questionnaire to the pile once you’re finished filling out the other forms.

Pamela: Okay

Bridal Profile Questionnaire

  1. Bride Name: Pamela Davidson

  2. Bride Address: 4144 Bridge Avenue Portland, OR, 97080

  3. Bride Age: 23

  4. Bride Date of Birth: July 19, 1994

  5. Bride Income: $20,000

  6. Groom Name: Dustin Stuart

  7. Groom Address:

  8. Groom Age:24

  9. Groom Date of Birth:

  10. Groom Income: $50,000

  11. Wedding Budget- $20,000-$30,000

  12. City of Wedding: Portland

  13. Wedding Date: December 20, 2018

  14. Number of Guests: 50

  15. Hotel Accommodations: No

  16. What type of wedding is planned? Formal

  17. What is your ideal wedding like? Choose between these three words, underline one or two answers. Festive, Vintage, Elegant

  18. How many bridesmaids, including Maid of Honor? 5

  19. How many groomsmen, including Best Man? 5

  20. How many flower girls? 1

  21. How many ringbearers? 1

  22. What are your wedding colors? Red, Black, and Green

  23. Wedding Gown color? White

  24. Wedding Gown Style (Length: Full, Ankle, or Knee)??? Full length

  25. Wedding Gown Fabric Fall/Winter Choose 2: (Velvet, Heavy lace, Brocade, Rich taffeta, or Satin)??? Satin or Velvet

  26. What type of Silhouette (A-line, Ball gown, Basque waist, Empire, Sheath, or Mermaid)? Mermaid

  27. What type of Sleeve Options (Strapless, Spaghetti straps, Off the shoulder, Three-quarter length, Cap, or Fitted point)? Strapless

  28. What type of Neckline (Bateau, Décolletage, Halter, Jewel, Off-the-shoulder, Sweetheart, Scoop, V-neck, or Wedding Band Collar)? Sweetheart

  29. What type of veil (None, Blusher, Fingertip, Ballerina, Sweeping, or Cathedral)? Cathedral

  30. What type of accessories (Gloves, Garter, Handkerchief, Jewelry, Purse, or Wrap)? Choose all that apply. Garter and Jewelry.

  31. Ceremony Location: Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor

  32. What type of ceremony facility (religious, garden, backyard, etc.)? Religious

  33. Reception Location: Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor

  34. What type of reception facility (beach, garden, backyard, etc.)? garden

  35. Favors or Extras? Christmas ornaments favors with Thanks a lot from Mr. and Mrs. Stuart written on them.

Transportation (Sedan / Town Car, Limousine, Motor Coach, Limousine Coach, Rolls Royce, Stretch Hummer, Mercedes Sedan, Horse & Carriage, Other)? Mercedes Sedan

  1. What type of ceremony music (Live band, DJ, soloist, pianist)? Soloist and pianist

  2. What type of reception music (Live band, DJ, soloist, pianist)? DJ

Diamond: Alright, I also have some additional services also if you would like to choose a service from it.

Pamela: Great

Additional Services Form

Makeup (Choose 1) Underline the one you choose.

  1. Normal Look

  2. Bridal Look

  3. Sophisticated Look

Bridal Showers

  1. Plain Bridal Shower bring your own games and theme, with 4 hours of event planning assistance $100

  2. Classy Bridal Shower with plain games, with 5 hours of event planning assistance $150

  3. Custom Bridal Shower with custom games and themes, with full day event planning assistance $250

Engagement Parties

  1. Wine and Dine at client’s location that’s already booked with own preferred caterer, with 4-hour assistance, event planner $100

  2. Wine and Dine, Photo booth, with our preferred caterer, half day assistance, event planner $500

  3. Extravagant Custom Party, Photoshoot, DJ or Live Band, with our preferred caterer, our designers, full day assistance, event planner $1,000

Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties (Receive 5% wedding discount)

  1. Party at your own booked venue with our DJ, our designers, with own caterer, and of course our planner $500

  2. Party at an outside venue with our DJ, our designers, with our caterer, and event planner. (We will have tents as a Plan B for the crazy weather). $1,000

  3. Party at an indoor exclusive venue with our own DJ or live band, or both, with our caterers, our designers, and event planner. $2,000

Pamela: Alright, I am finish.

Diamond: Okay, the last two forms will be the vendor list and the bridal party checklist, I will like for you to read over the forms, so you can have an idea of everything that will be done up until after your wedding day and so you can have a list of my vendors. Let me know when you are finish reading it and then we can get you all set up.

Pamela: Alright.

Local Wedding Vendors

  • Name: Charlotte’ s Wedding & Men’s Wearhouse

Category: Outfitter

Vendor Services: Bridal Shop & Men’s Wearhouse

  • Name: Blossom & Bloom

Category: Beauty

Vendor Services: Hair/Makeup

  • Name: Powers Photography Studio

Category: Multimedia

Vendor Services: Photography

  • Name: Candy Glass Productions

Category: Multimedia

Vendor Services: Videography

  • Name: Blooming Moon Wellness Spa

Category: Health

Vendor Services: Spa & Nails

  • Name: Eco Modern Stationer

Category: Stationery

Vendor Services: Invitations

  • Name: Little Otsu

Category: Stationery

Vendor Services: RSVP & Thank You Notes

  • Name: Progressive

Category: Insurance

Vendor Services: Wedding Insurance

  • Name: Advanced Security Inc.

Category: Safety & Security

Vendor Services: Security

  • Name: Victorian Belle

Category: Venue

Vendor Services: Wedding Venue

  • Name: Gray Gables Estate

Category: Venue

Vendor Services: Reception

  • Name: Classic Chaffeur Company, Inc.

Category: Transportation

Vendor Services: Limo

  • Name: John Ross Music & Productions

Category: Entertainment

Vendor Services: Live Band/DJ

  • Name: Paper Source

Category: Favors

Vendor Services: Wedding Favors

  • Name: Old Town Florist

Category: Florist

Vendor Services: Wedding Florist

  • Name: Voila Catering

Category: Food Service

Vendor Services: Caterer

  • Name: Sugar Street Bakery & Bistro

Category: Food Service

Vendor Services: Bakery

  • Name: Something Borrowed Events

Category: Decor

Vendor Services: Wedding Decor

Bridal Party Checklist

12 Months Before Wedding

  • Attend the consultation with Bride & Groom

  • Have Bride & Groom complete Wedding

  • Registration Form

  • Have Bride & Groom select bridal party

  • and other attendants (Rule of thumb is one

  • usher per 50 guests)

  • Provide Bride & Groom with wedding etiquette

  • information (as required/needed)

  • Have Bride & Groom finalize wedding date

  • Prepare budget and review it with Bride & Groom

  • Book ceremony venue and pay deposit

  • Book reception venue and pay deposit

  • Determine if venues require proof of liability

  • insurance, and if so, make arrangements

  • Have Bride & Groom prepare list of guests to attend

Coordinate engagement party (if requested)

10-11 Months Before Wedding

  • Determine customs and/or traditions, personalized vows, readings and/or exchanges the Bride & Groom would like to include in the ceremony

  • (lighting of unity candle, flowers to mother, family member, etc.)

  • Have Bride & Groom meet with you and the wedding officiant

  • Book caterer

  • Book musicians for the ceremony (soloist, organist, etc...)

  • Book musicians for the reception (band, DJ, etc..)

  • Book photographer

  • Book videographer

8-9 Months Before Wedding

  • Book florist

  • Book cake designer/baker

  • Book transportation for wedding and related events

  • Have Bride & Groom sign up for premarital counseling (if required or desired by couple)

  • Have Bride select and purchase wedding dress, headpiece/veil, shoes, lingerie, and accessories

  • Have Bride select bridesmaid(s) and flower girl(s) dresses and accessories

6-7 Months Before Wedding

  • Make arrangements to have bridesmaid(s) and flower girl(s) fitted with dresses

  • Have mother(s) of the Bride & Groom select dress

  • Have Bride & Groom sign up with a gift registry (up to three registries) and select desired gifts

  • Book calligrapher

  • Book rentals such as tents, tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware, cake knife, toasting glasses, candelabras, etc... (as required or requested)

  • Have Bride & Groom send any required deposits to vendors and suppliers

  • Remind Bride & Groom to book their honeymoon and update passports, obtain visas and get any necessary inoculations

  • Reserve rooms for out-of-town guests (if requested)

  • Review all vendor/supplier contracts and provide advice to the Bride & Groom

5 Months Before Wedding

  • Order invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, etc...

  • Select and order all flowers

  • Plan the reception including finalizing theme, décor, etc... Select favors, table centerpieces, decorations, candles, etc...

  • Have Bride & Groom finalize ceremony music selections

  • Have Bride & Groom finalize reception music selections

  • Provide music requests and lists to all musicians

  • Have Bride & Groom finalize wedding invitation list

4 Months Before Wedding

  • Review budget and checklists with Bride & Groom to ensure everything is on track

  • Remind Bride & Groom to select their wedding rings and arrange for engravings

  • Have Groom select and be fitted for tuxedo or an alternative formal wear and shoes

  • Have groomsmen (and ring bearer and ushers, if applicable) fitted for tuxedos or alternative formal wear including shoes

  • Meet caterer (with the Bride & Groom) for tasting and review menu options

  • Order wedding cake and Groom’s cake (if desired)

  • Have Bride & Groom arrange for MC and other speakers, such as individuals making toasts at the reception

  • Have Bride & Groom select and arrange with individuals to handle guest book

  • Have Bride & Groom select and arrange with individuals to hand out programs

  • Talk to Maid of Honor & Best Man about planning a bridal shower and a bachelorette/ bachelor party

3 Months Before Wedding

  • Have Bride make all appointments for hair, makeup, and manicure/pedicure

  • Have Bride & Groom get blood tests and/or have medical examinations (if required)

  • Provide caterer with food/menu and beverage selections.

  • Plan additional liquor needs (if required)

  • Have Bride & Groom select any readings (and readers) for the ceremony

  • Have Bride & Groom meet with the officiant to review ceremony and finalize vows

  • Determine what customs and/or traditions the Bride & Groom would like to include at the reception, such as formal cake cutting, toasts, etc...

  • Finalize time and location of rehearsal

  • Prepare maps, sets of directions, information sheets, and hotel recommendations for out of- town guests

  • Prepare wedding program, wedding weekend itinerary, and wedding day schedule

  • Obtain wedding invitations list from couple

  • Provide wedding list to calligrapher

  • Meet with stationer to have invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, itineraries, programs, menus, and any accessories printed/made

2 Months Before Wedding

  • Pick up and mail out wedding invitations (along with RSVP cards, etc...)

  • Contact booked venues to confirm arrangements and arrange with Bride & Groom to pay balances due (as required)

  • Have Bride and bridesmaids attend follow-up wedding attire fittings

  • Prepare information and instruction sheets for all members of the bridal party and for all vendors

  • Have Bride prepare guest list for shower and give to the Maid of Honor

  • Have Groom prepare guest list for Groom’s get together and give to the Best Man

  • Have Bride select going away outfit

1 Month Before Wedding

  • Have Bride & Groom obtain marriage license (within legal time period, varies by state)

  • Track gifts received and send out thank you cards (if requested to handle this) for Bride & Groom

  • Have Bride & Groom pick up wedding rings and ensure proper fit

  • Provide the photographer with list of photos to be taken

  • Provide instructions to the videographer

  • Confirm music lists and arrangements with the musicians

  • Confirm rental requirements and drop-off times

  • Pick up any ceremony or reception accessories not provided by the rental company or caterer (candles, goblets, ring pillow, guest book, cake knife, etc...)

  • Have Bride & Groom purchase gifts for bridal attendants, parents, ushers, and each other

3 Weeks Before Wedding

  • Follow up with guests who have not sent in an RSVP

  • Prepare seating plan for reception

  • Prepare name plates/seating cards

  • Have Bride go in for trial hairstyle and make-up appointment(s) and confirm wedding day appointments

  • Have Bride & Groom prepare and practice a wedding reception toast/speech

2 Weeks Before Wedding

  • Provide wedding day schedule and instructions to all appropriate vendors

  • Phone to confirm all arrangements with vendors and suppliers one more time

  • Have Bride and bridesmaids pick up their gowns/ dresses and all accessories (including veil and/ or headpiece for Bride, shoes, jewelry, etc...)

  • Have couple pick up tickets, itinerary, traveler’s checks, etc... for honeymoon

  • Have Bride arrange for bridesmaids luncheon and give gifts to attendants

  • Have Groom arrange groomsmen get together and give gifts to attendants

1 Week Before Wedding

  • Provide caterer with final numbers for reception

  • Confirm the rehearsal date and time with all members of the bridal party and all others assisting with the wedding (such as officiant, parents, photographer, videographer, musicians, etc...)

  • Meet with Bride & Groom to review all wedding plans and to get the marriage license from them

  • Find out from Bride & Groom where wedding gifts that are received on day of wedding are to be dropped off

  • Obtain from Bride & Groom the final checks for vendors’ outstanding fees (such as musicians, officiant, caterer, florist, transportation, and your fees, etc...)

  • Prepare envelopes addressed to various vendors to pay final fees

  • Have Bride & Groom pack for their honeymoon including clothes, toiletries, tickets, passports, visas, maps, guidebooks, traveler’s checks, money, etc...

  • Have Bride & Groom pack their going away outfits, wedding night, and next day clothes and toiletries

2 Days Before Wedding

  • Have Groom and his attendants pick up tuxedoes/formal wear

  • Have Bride and Groom give gifts to parents and each other

  • Pack all items you need to bring to the wedding ceremony (such as guest book and pen, marriage license, ceremony programs, candles, emergency kit, special ceremony or cultural items, etc...)

  • Drop off all reception favors, table centerpieces, cake knife, toasting goblets, candles, reception venue so they can be set up prior to the start of the reception

  • Have couple confirm early meeting times with bridal party for the wedding day

1 Day Before Wedding

  • Attend and direct rehearsal

  • Hand out wedding schedule, itineraries, and instructions to all members of the bridal party and any others involved with the wedding such as ushers, parents, photographer, videographer, officiant, musicians, etc...

  • Provide seating details to ushers

  • Bring ring bearer’s pillow and provide to individual responsible for the ring bearer

  • Have Groom give Bride’s ring to Best Man (or to you, for safekeeping, if a young ring bearer is involved in the wedding)

  • Have Bride give Groom’s ring to Maid of Honor (or to you, for safekeeping, if a young ring

  • bearer is involved in the wedding)

  • Oversee the decorating of the ceremony and reception venues

Day of Wedding (Prior to Ceremony)

  • Bring your charged cellphone along with you for the day

  • Bring your checklists, schedule, list of vendors and important contact information

  • Attend to Bride, as required (make sure she eats!)

  • Oversee and coordinate with venue manager, musicians, photographer, videographer, officiant, florist, decorator, and transportation.

  • Bring marriage license, guest book and pens, programs, and candles (and set everything up)

  • Bring an emergency kit, which will include: a small sewing kit, safety pins, bobby pins, antacid, tissue paper, a brush, hair spray, double-sided tape, two sliver rings, earring backs, etc...) all items are necessary in case a situation arises

Day of Wedding (Ceremony and After)

  • Attend and oversee ceremony (including processional, recessional, and receiving line after ceremony) and provide supervision, guidance, support, assistance, instructions, or whatever may be required for the ceremony to run smoothly

  • Provide final payment checks to all ceremony vendors

  • Collect marriage license, candles, guest book and pens, extra programs, and any items left behind after the ceremony

  • Attend photo shoot after ceremony and coordinate with photographer

Day of Wedding (Reception)

  • Oversee and coordinate with venue manager, caterer, musicians, DJ, cake designer, photographer, videographer, etc...

  • Coordinate and oversee reception receiving line

  • Provide final payment checks to all of the reception vendors/suppliers

  • Coordinate first dance(s), cake cutting, bouquet throwing, garter toss, etc... (as requested)

  • Collect all wedding gifts, envelopes and cash received at reception and deliver them to predetermined location

After Wedding (If Requested)

  • Drop off wedding dress at cleaners

  • Return Groom’s formal wear attire

  • Arrange for pressing of wedding flowers

  • Send out thank you cards for gifts

  • Send out change of address cards (if needed)

  • Ensure that Bride & Groom receive marriage license

  • Send congratulations & “thank you for your business” cards to the couple

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