My Attitude Towards Money

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My Attitude Towards Money

Money isn’t everything, but without it, there aren’t many things we can do. In this affluent society, everything you need requires money. Therefore, my father always tells me to save money. He also tells me to make a plan before spending money, because then I’ll know what to buy first without spending unnecessary money on other things. He influences me a lot.

I learned how to save money from my father and I am going to share my opinion with you; first, make a plan before buying things. Second, don’t waste your money on unnecessary things. Third, save the rest of your money in your bank account. Lastly, do not get addicted to gambling.

These are the steps that I use to save money. To save for a rainy day, I only spend money on things that I need.


  • It’s unnecessary to use speech/quotation marks when stating what someone told you i.e. “He also tells me” To make a plan before you spend the money, because that can make you clearly know what to buy first without spending unnecessary money on other things.” It’s best to use this form of punctuation with what someone ‘says’.

  • In the second paragraph, you wrote that “As far as I am concerned, I learn how to save money from my father.’, but learning how to save money is not an opinion, it’s a statement of method.

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