Traveling Alone vs. Traveling in Organized Tour

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GAC002 AE#4 Sung Woo Park HUK21963

HYU06F GAC002 AE4: Academic Compare and Contrast Essay

Traveling Alone vs. Traveling in Organized Tour

Student’s Name: Sung Woo Park

Teacher: Jooyong Choi

Due Date: 25 June 2012

Word Count: 485

Topic: When visiting a foreign country, some people like to travel alone, while others prefer to go on an organized tour. Compare and contrast these two choices.

There are some reasons for traveling. It could be used as an escape from reality or a time to look back on one’s self. Some people expect traveling is memorable, but others are just satisfied to escape from their routine and refresh themselves. There are two different types of travelers. Some travelers like to travel alone, while other tourists prefer to join in an organized tour which is scheduled by a travel agency. Although tourists place emphasis on one point, there are likeness and contrast of reasons for traveling. Both types of travelling have similarities in terms of purposes and communication, but they are different in terms of budget, safety and meeting new people.

There are some similarities between the two types of foreign visitors. First, all people travel abroad with a certain purpose. Tourists expect to experience new things that are not familiar with them. For example, some tourists leave on a trip to get rid of stress which can be also interpreted as escaping from their daily lives. Second, communication difficulty can be an issue. Unless you know the host country's language, uttering simple words and performing body languages are the only ways to communicate with the natives.

Solo travelers and tourists in organized tours also have differences. Firstly, expenditures show significant difference not only on the amount , but also where tourists’ money is spent on. An Organized tour’s fee is fixed which means that fluctuation of a tour price is low. Tourists need to spend money on certain places that are stated in the touring schedule. So, tourist can expect their traveling expenses. Otherwise, backpackers have more flexibility to manage their budget. There is no itinerary for them. Where to spend their money is their choice. In addition, the place for money consumption is quite different. Backpackers are likely to sleep at local rather than in international hotels. Solo travelers tend to consume local products and stay in small guest houses.

Secondly, the safety issue is hugely different. Traveling in a group is safer than traveling alone. Organized tour can deal with unexpected or dangerous situation with agility. A guide who knows the local situation well can help the tourists not to be in danger. On the other hand, there are concerns about the security when traveling alone. According to Orlando Sentinel, travel agents also agree that solo traveling in abroad is dangerous. Solo travelers can be the target of armed robbery. Tourists should be careful not to be in dangerous situations and they should have an emergency contact line.

Thirdly, the chance to meet new people is higher when traveling alone. The lack of information and the need for buying stuff in the local lead solo travelers to talk with foreigners, especially local people. Positive feedback between newbies give them confidence which is one of the advantages of traveling alone.

In conclusion, there are similarities of traveling abroad such as the purpose and communication difficulty, and there are differences between the two types of traveling method such as the budget, safety and meeting new people. It's hard to tell which one is better , but this analysis will help tourists to decide which one is appropriate for future travelers.


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