Topic: Write a five paragraph essay explaining the “treasure” that Santiago finds at the end of the novel

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The Alchemist Five 5 Paragraph Essay
Topic: Write a five paragraph essay explaining the “treasure” that Santiago finds at the end of the novel. There are several different interpretations of this topic, and you are welcome to approach it in several different ways. You must include evidence from the beginning, middle, and the conclusion of the novel.
Due Dates: Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Final Draft Due: Wednesday, 08 April 2015

*Take Note: Rough Drafts will not be accepted late for credit, as they will be worked on (peer-review) in class. Final drafts will be penalized 10% per day late.

Essay Format and Requirements
1. Five paragraph:

a. Introductory paragraph with clearly stated thesis statement/topic sentence.

Three body paragraphs, each with its own topic. Concluding paragraph.

b. Each paragraph must be well formed and thoughtfully composed. Each

paragraph should be no less than six (6) well composed sentences.

c. Your sentences must be varied in structure: compound, complex, and

compound-complex sentence structures.

d. You will be graded on punctuation of sentence structure, as well as spelling,

capitalization, MLA formats, etc.
2. Three (3) direct quotations properly cited MLA format: At least one direct quotation per body paragraph. This includes proper MLA punctuation.

a. Remember, your direct quotations must not create your paragraph, your

interpretation and analysis must make up the majority of your paragraphs, the

direct quotations are used only as support for your thesis.

b. Each paragraph must have only one topic, meaning that if you choose motifs

within the novel, each body paragraph must only be speaking of a single motif.

4. All essays must be typed, 12 pt. Times New Roman Font, and Double Spaced! **No hand-written essays will be accepted—they will be returned to the student and accepted as late when resubmitted typed.
5. Heading: Name, Class, Date, and Topic Choice in the upper right corner of your essay-The heading is the only portion of your essay that is single spaced.

Mr. Jeffy

08. April 2015

Rough Draft #`1 (or Final Draft) The Alchemist

6. No Contractions, unless used in a direct quotation. Any and all contractions will be counted as spelling errors: (it’s, doesn’t, can’t, won’t, etc. and etc.).

Words of Advice:

  1. Please see me or contact me as soon as you realize that you are confused.

  1. Do not procrastinate on this essay, as you are now in the 4th quarter of your 7th or 8th grade year. Your essay will be graded with the utmost scrutiny.

  2. Writing is expression, express yourself to the highest degree.

Download 8.5 Kb.

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