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These scholarships will benefit graduating seniors of Hamilton County High School. Two scholarships will be given that embody the values of Bobbye and Jerry Sloan.

• The Bobbye Sloan “Melody in Music” Scholarship: One at $3,500

• The Jerry Sloan “Fields of Dreams” Scholarship: One at $3,500

Scholarship Requirements and Information:
• Two $3,500 scholarships to a graduating High School male or female.*

• For the “Melody in Music” Scholarship, applicants must have participated in their school band or orchestra, performed musically in their church, either singing or playing an instrument, or has performed musically in the community.

• For the “Fields of Dreams” Scholarship, applicants must have participated in FFA, or have agriculture or farming experience in their community.

• Applicants must have a current cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or above.

• Applicants must plan on attending an accredited two or four-year college, university or business/technical school in fall 2006. The awards are provided with understanding that the funds will be used to offset the costs of tuition, books or required fees.

• Applications must be postmarked no later than March 28, 2007.

Awards will be made in May, 2007.

• Participation is limited to students living in or attending high school in Hamilton County.

• Selection criteria are academic performance, accomplishments in music or agriculture, community service and a typed essay.
*Scholarships will be awarded to students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.


Bobbye and Jerry Sloan first met at McLeansboro High School in 1960. They were married 41 years in June 2004, when Bobbye died of pancreatic cancer. She put up a long and valiant struggle with an unrelenting disease. Bobbye loved her family, friends, pets, basketball and the beautiful southern Illinois town of McLeansboro, where she and Jerry called home.
During her life, she enjoyed all these things to the fullest, but one thing Bobbye always loved, even up until just before she died, was music. Bobbye loved to play, as well as listen to all genres of music, from classical to jazz, from Elvis and the Beatles to George Michael. She played the clarinet, piano and in the twilight of her life, she took up the harp, which she enjoyed as much as or more than any instrument she had ever played.
Music helped define Bobbye and she loved to share it with her friends and family. Her three cats, Sammy, Lucky and Zeke, as well as her “good dog” Sable, were very loyal listeners to her music! All that knew Bobbye, can remember the joy in her eyes as her fingers danced across the keys of her majestic piano as she tapped out “The Entertainer”, “Somewhere in Time” or any one of a number of her favorite tunes. Music was her stage as basketball is Jerry’s.
Jerry Sloan has enjoyed as much success in the game of basketball as anyone ever associated with the game. Besides his two-year stint as volunteer assistant coach at McLeansboro High School in 1983 and 1984, he has spent his entire professional life in the National Basketball Association.
But with all of his success in the field of basketball, it is in the fertile fields of southern Illinois that he enjoys spending his free time. It’s the time he spends on a tractor, walking through the woods, or operating a chain saw, that Jerry truly cherishes. He utilizes this time as “therapy” after a grueling 82-game season in the NBA.
The agricultural life is how it all began for Jerry as he “cut teeth” on a B John Deere tractor as a youngster, and teamed the value of sustenance and that what you sow is truly what you reap. It is without a doubt that the values of hard work, persistence and self reliance that he learned on his family farm in McLeansboro helped inspire him to become one of the finest guards to play in the NBA and without a doubt, one of the NBA’s greatest coaches.

• A copy of your high school transcript and you will provide a copy of your college, university, business or technical school acceptance letter and proof of enrollment prior to receipt of scholarship money.

• An essay of no more than 500 words, (must be written as a word document on computer) describing how music or agriculture has positively contributed to your life and education, and how receipt of one of these scholarships will benefit your life in the future.

• Two letters of recommendation (i.e. teacher, counselor, etc.).
Send application and all required information,

postmarked no later than March 28, 2007 to: (for 500 word essay)
Hand-in-Hand Foundation

Attn: Scholarship Application

9956 Hickory Ridge Dr.

Zionsville, IN 46077
Any questions, contact Kathy Wood, 402-691-6223.

Please check which scholarship you are applying for
The Bobbye Sloan “Melody in Music” Scholarship ________
The Jerry Sloan “Fields of Dreams” Scholarship ________
Name: _________________________________________ Graduation Month/Year: /____

Address: ______________ City: ___ Zip: ____ _

Phone: ______________________________ Email address: _____________________________

Birth Month/Date/Year: _________/__________/_________ Sex: M F

Parent/Guardian Name:
Applicants Signature: Date:
Parent/Guardian Signature Date:
List scholarships, honors and/or recognitions:
List community service or civic involvement during your high school years:
List any other extra curricular activities during high school (sports, clubs, etc.):
500 WORD ESSAY: Please write as a word document on your computer and send to:

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