The K. A. R. E. Foundation Scholarship Application

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The K.A.R.E

The K. A. R. E. Foundation Scholarship Application

Please return this completed form, your essay, letters of recommendation, a copy of your SAR (Student Aid Report), and a copy of your high school transcripts through seven (7) semesters to the K.A.R.E. Foundation, Hamilton & Jefferson Counties Regional Office of Education, 1714 Broadway, Mt Vernon IL. 62864.

Applicant Name: Date of Birth:

Address: _ Social Security Number:

High School:

Phone: Father's Name

Mother's Name

Parent with whom the applicant lives: __ Father __ Mother __ Both __ Other

1. High School Graduation Date:

GED (date you received passing information)

2. Organizations – Awards/Recognition: (List organizations by school year. Also, awards & recognition's you have received and what year they were received).

__________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________

(Continued on next page)

(Application continued)

3. Present work or volunteer status:

Are you currently employed? __ yes __ no
(If you answered yes, where are you employed?)

Are you currently volunteering any of your time? __ yes no

(If yes, where and how many hours per month?)

4. Family members living in your home: (add the appropriate number on the blank line)

Mother __ Brother(s) __
Father __ Sister(s) __
Other family members living in your home? (ex. Grandparent) __
Number of brother(s) and sister(s) in college? __

5. Essay Statements:

On a separate sheet (s) of paper please write or type a response to the following:
A) Tell the committee about yourself, your career goals, and college objectives.
B) If you are awarded this scholarship, how will it assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.

Date: Signature:

With the above signature, I hereby attest that all information included is true and correct.


1. _____ Completed Application

2. Essay Completed

3. Letters of Recommendation: (You should include one (1) letter from your school and up to two (2) from personal references)

4. A copy of the SAR (Student Aid Report)

5. ______ A copy of the High School Transcript


Scholarship Committee

K. A. R. E. Foundation
1714 Broadway
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

The K.A.R.E Foundation


The Following information is provided for your benefit as you prepare to continue your education at the post-secondary level.

1. The money will be paid directly to the college or university that you tell us you are going to attend.
2. The college or university will set up an account in your name at the Financial Aid Office.

3. $250.00 will be sent to the Financial Aid Office for the fall semester. Another $250.00 will be sent for the spring semester.

4. The Financial Aid Office will authorize disbursement to help pay tuition, books, and fees. You must have also applied for federal (Pell Grant) and state (Monetary Award Program) financial aid. The Financial Aid Officer of the school you are attending will utilize these funds (Pell Grant/Monetary Award Program) first.
Any portion of the $250.00 not used to cover tuition, books, and fee expenses will be paid to you at the end of each semester.

  1. You are required to send to the K. A. R E. Foundation a copy of your grade report each semester. Failure to do so will prevent the foundation from continuing your financial aid. You can mail a copy of your grade report to the address provided.

  2. GOOD LUCK! You have our sincere best wishes as you begin your college experience.

K A. R. E. Foundation
Scholarship Committee
Board of Directors
1714 Broadway
Mt. Vernon, II, 62864

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