Summer work is required for this course. It can be found on my teacher web page and is due at the beginning of the school year

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Course: Physics

Instructor: Mrs. Georgeann Canter


Text: Physics

Summer work is required for this course. It can be found on my teacher web page and is due at the beginning of the school year.

Useful Items: Notebook Scientific calculator

Protractor Wide rule paper

Grade: Your grade is a weighted average based on the following categories

70% test

15% quiz

10% other

5% participation

Class Participation: A participation grade is given almost daily to help students understand and practice the various concepts that are taught.

Homework Assignments: Problems will be assigned often. It is suggested that you do the work on your own, but working with others is fine as long as you are not copying. Understanding how to do the work is the key to success. This work may be put on the board as a participation grade.

Graded Assignments:

* Hand in at beginning of class, {or they are late}

* 2 points off if they are 1 day late

*More than 1 day late, worth ½ of graded amount

*Spelling will be taken into account

* Must be on wide ruled paper

*Any paper without a name will have 1 point deducted

Quiz: It is possible to have a vocabulary quiz with each chapter. A mind jogger video quiz will accompany each chapter. They will be taken as a “team”. A pop quiz over the material covered is always a possibility.

Project: A special assignment will be given each quarter. These projects will be entered as a test grade. They will be graded differently than other assignments. The outline for how they are graded is included with the project guidelines.

*physicists presentation (alone or with a partner)

*toothpick bridge (major supplies will be given, students will need cardboard)

*egg drop (students will need 2 eggs, 1 brick, 1 shoebox, 2 sandwich bags)

*kite (sticks from a store bought kite are permitted, other materials are student chosen)

*Science in fiction (the student will pick a book to read that has been made into a movie)

Cheating/Plagiarism: See student handbook for guidelines.

Attendance: It is understood that a student may miss school on occasion. However, it is up to the student to check with others in the class to find out what they have missed. Students are also reminded to check the assignment boards for any changes and the box for handouts they may have missed. All missing assignments need to be made up ASAP. If you were absent when an assignment was due it should be turned in the day you return to school unless other arraignments are made with the teacher. Until made up, missing assignments will average as a “0”. If you consistently miss on test day, your make up test could be given in essay form.

Tardy: You are responsible to get to class on time. When the bell rings, you should be in your seat ready to start class.

Physics Extras: *4 points memorize the Ode to Physics {only once}

*5 points paraphrase a Christmas carol {only once}

*4 point proper article summary from science magazine {2 per quarter}

*8 point typed, research report on a topic obtained from teacher {1 per quarter}

Ode to physics

Behavior in class, all myths dispelled,

Doesn’t include talking after the bell.

The classroom rules, both brief yet stern,

Of which when given the proper tools,

Can lead us to a knowledge that’s acute’

So we will be good in Trivial Pursuit.

So give us your vectors and frictional force,

How glad I am for Physics course,

For how could I sleep every night,

Without knowing the speed of light?

So forgive us for talking and goofing around,

We’re merely discussing the speed of sound.

Arthur unknown


1. A signed safety form must be on file.

2. Work well in a group. 10 points

3. NO HORSEPLAY ! This could result in a 0 grade for the lab.

4. Missed labs may need to be made up on your time.

5. Reports are to be turned in within 1 week of doing the lab. 25 point (usually)

This grade will be separate from the Physics class grade.

It will be based on points.

Extra points will be given for: Typed reports

Research questions

Imaginative reports





Brother(s) include names and ages

Sister(s) include names and ages

Height Weight

Music type

Favorite group/song

College plans Where Major


Activities you participate in

Sports participate/enjoy

Favorite pro team/sport

Favorite food(s)

Drive Car you have

Work Where what is your position

Pets include type/names

Something that you dislike

Something that you have never done/ate but would like to try


Something amusing about you

Close friends

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