English 2H: Notebook/3-Ring Binder Guidelines 2015-2016 One of the expectations of this class is that you have a

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English 2H: Notebook/3-Ring Binder Guidelines 2015-2016
One of the expectations of this class is that you have a neat, complete, and organized binder/note-taking system which is for THIS English class ONLY. Before exams and quizzes, you will be told to review notes and/or handouts from specified dates or sections of your binder. Always date your notes! Furthermore, there will be periodic open notebook quizzes or checks to insure that everyone’s notes are complete and up to date. These will be surprise quizzes and they will be timed. Finding information promptly is important so that learning time is maximized. PLEASE remember to make up ANY AND ALL notes that you miss due to absence. Pick up any handouts that you miss due to absence on THE DAY YOU RETURN. This is your responsibility. Don’t forget to complete all missed class work.
I strongly recommend the use of a three ring binder with loose-leaf paper clipped into it. You MUST organize your binder/notebook/folders by creating the following eight sections:

  1. Course Guidelines & Reference Information: At the beginning of your notebook/binder you should keep the following information: Frequently asked Questions, Grading Policies, Class Participation Rubric, Where to Find Me, Notebook Guidelines, and any other similar handouts.

  1. Daily Notes and Class Work: ‘Do Now’s, in-class assignments, and daily notes which do not fit into other categories (brainstorms, graphic organizers, journal entries, etc.) THIS SECTION MAY BE EMPTIED WHEN WE COMPLETE EACH NOVEL/UNIT.

  1. Literature and Literary Terms: Notes and quotes dealing with literature, literary elements, poetry, and poetic devices (including authors) - Homework assignments dealing with literary elements/poetic devices should be transferred to this section when you clean out your homework section at the end of a unit/marking period.

  1. Grammar, Spelling, Style, and Usage: Keep review of parts of speech and punctuation at the beginning of this section. ALL grammar, usage and punctuation notes should be kept in this section. Grammar work focuses on SAT preparation.

  1. Vocabulary: Vocabulary work is ongoing, and quizzes will ALWAYS contain both new and old words. Save ALL vocabulary lists and related work and keep them in this section. Latin roots and other S.A.T. items (such as commonly confused words. Ex: torturous vs. tortuous)

  1. Essays and Writing: This section should include all essays, English Regents writing tasks, creative writing assignments and handouts and notes containing directions (outlines, checklists, etc…) and/or notes on writing. These may also be homework assignments, but should go here, in the writing assignment section, nevertheless. On your homework list (in the homework section), write yourself a note indicating that assignment # ______ is in the essay and writing section, so that you know where it is and that you have completed it. Essay rewrites and corrections should also go in this section. Rubrics for Grading of essays should also be kept here, as should the Editing Symbols I use for correcting of writing.

  1. Homework Assignment List & Instructions: Keep track of all numbered homework assignments on your homework planning list. This is provided for you each quarter. Being able to locate homework quickly is essential. When homework assignments are arranged numerically it is easy to see if you are missing any assignments and need to make them up. When homework goes in another section, this should be indicated in the homework section on your homework planning list. The easiest way to keep track of all homework is to keep the homework list up-to-date.

  1. Tests and Quizzes: Please do not throw away tests or quizzes which have been returned to you! Save them and use them to study for future exams/quizzes – including the final exam.

All the best. I look forward to a fun year.

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