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The December ROO Scholarship Report will contain additional scholarship opportunities. Questions? Contact Ms. Hartnett (A-G), Mrs. Trammell (H-O), Mrs. Scott (P-Z), Mrs. Freeman (PASS), or Mrs. Lindsey (CTE).
Seniors! Be ready to fill out the FAFSA on January 1, 2013. Submitting the FAFSA early is the key to getting a good financial aid award. You will need to complete the FAFSA each year you are in college.
Glenn Manderville Memorial Scholarship: EECU will award six $5,000 scholarships to students who meet the application criteria. Students or their parents/guardians must be members of the EECU. Students need to enclose a completed application, recommendations from a teacher and a counselor, ACT or SAT scores, copy of their high school transcript, and an essay on “Why I Want to Attend College.” Applicants may be required to have a personal interview. The application deadline is January 31, 2013. Students may pick up an application in Admin B.

The American Legion Scholarship: All eligible applicants will receive this scholarship. Students must be a child of active duty personnel of the U.S. military or National Guard who died while on active duty on or after September 11, 2001. Applications are available at and must be postmarked by April 15, 2013.

The Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas Scholarship: ACET offers twenty $1,000 scholarships for students who are or have been enrolled in compensatory education programs. This includes Bilingual/ESL, Homeless, At Risk, Pregnant/Parenting, Migrant, or have received a Title I intervention. Students must enclose an application, three letters of reference, high school transcript, and a short essay on how the compensatory education programs helped them. Applications must be submitted by March 8, 2013, and may be obtained in Admin B. You may check with your counselor to see if you have been enrolled compensatory education programs.

Texas State University President’s Honor Scholarship: Students planning to attend Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, may apply for this scholarship. If you are in the top 15% of your class and make at least 1400 on the SAT or at least 32 on the ACT, you are eligible for a $32,000 scholarship for four years. The Texas State Achievement Scholarship is available for students who are in the top 15% of their class and make at least 1300 on the SAT or 29 on the ACT. The Achievement Scholarship is worth $16,000 for four years. Students may begin applying for scholarships in October and the deadline is May, 2013. You may apply for the scholarship when you apply to Texas State University.

The Mensa Foundation Scholarship: Mensa scholarships are based solely on the 550 word essay you submit with a goal statement that includes specific information on experience or steps you have taken to meet that goal, persuasiveness (e.g., how your past achievements/experiences and your future planning increase the probability of reaching your goal), and why you think you will succeed. The deadline for submission is January 15, 2013. You may access the application at Mensa is an intellectual society which provides a forum for members around the world. Several additional scholarships are available for Mensa members or member’s dependents.

The Irene S. Wischer Educational Foundation Scholarship: This $10,650 renewable scholarship is for students with good character who demonstrate academic potential and ability, and who also demonstrate a need for financial assistance. Those students wishing to apply need to enclose a scholarship application, school information form, academic recommendation form, personal recommendation form, clergy recommendation form, and financial questionnaire. In addition, students must enclose their transcripts, a copy of the Student Aid Report from FAFSA (if completed), and proof of US citizenship. The application is due March 1, 2013. Students may pick up an application in Admin B.

Tips on Filling out the FAFSA

  1. Go to and apply for a pin for you and for your parents now.

  2. Don’t delay completing the FAFSA. Go to and complete it as soon after January 1, 2013 as possible.

  3. Be sure you put your parent’s information under parent and put your information under student.

  4. Remember, you must use your parent’s financial information if you answer “yes” to any of the questions in the section about dependency.

  5. Identify which parent information to use if your parents are divorced or separated. You will need to use the financial information from the parent you live with the most.

  6. You will need to estimate your parent’s income tax information to fill out the FAFSA in January. Then fill out a corrected FAFSA after you and your parents have completed the income tax returns.



Download 9.2 Kb.

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