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2015/2016 Application Deadlines & Application/Tuition Fees

BC Institutions – Apply via


Tuition per credit:

*Domestic: $166.27 ($498.81/crs)

*International: $879.97/credit ($2,639.91/course)

*Higher for Applied Sciences, Commerce, Education, Pharmacy

  • Arts - both V & O Applied Biology - V

    Applied Science - both V & O Human Kinetics - V

    Forestry – V Pre-Pharmacy - O

    Science - both V &O Music - V

    Food, Nutrition and Health – V Management – O

    Applications accepted from August 17, 2015

  • Jan 15 final deadline for May (see side list of faculties offered)

  • Jan 31 final deadline for Sept (all faculties). No early admission.

  • Apply by Dec 10th to be considered for entrance scholarships

  • March 15 deadline to meet English Language Admissions Standard

  • Application fee $65.50 domestic; $110 international


Tuition per credit:

*Domestic: $177.39 ($532.17/crs)

*International: starts at $720.44

*fees are higher for 200/300/400 division courses for Business, Applied Science and Computer Science

  • Applications accepted from October 1st

  • Feb 28 early admission deadline for Sept entry (Mar 31 final deadline) (Jan 31 deadline for entrance scholarships*) *only students completing the 80-credit Dogwood diploma are eligible to apply

  • Sept 15 for Jan entry and Jan 31 for May entry

  • Application fee $75


Tuition per unit (1 crs= 1.5 units):

*Domestic: $526.20 per course

*International: $1,702.68/course

*fees are higher for Business & Engineering

  • A
    International students have different application deadlines: see website
    pplications accepted from Sept 1

  • Feb 28 application deadline for Sept entry (current HS students)

  • See website for additional program deadlines for HS graduates

  • Oct 31 for Jan entry (most programs)

  • Mar 31 for May entry (most programs)

  • Application fee $70.25 if high school records within Canada ($114.50 for foreign transcripts

  • $35.75 late application fee is charged in addition if application is received after the deadline


Tuition per credit: $167.03 ($501.09/course)

International: $584.61/credit ($1,753.83/course)

  • G
    International students & professional programs have different application deadlines: see website
    eneral undergraduate application deadline is Mar 1 for May and Sept entry

  • Nov 1 for Jan entry

  • Application fee is $76.50 domestic and $153.00 international

Applications received after the deadline will be considered on the basis of space availability


Costs vary by program. See website for more information:

  • Most full-time Technology programs open for admission November 1st

  • Admission to Technology programs is either on a first qualified basis until program fills OR Competitive Entry Process with a fixed application deadline, and admission based on marks plus other criteria

  • Most Trades & Technical Studies accepts applications throughout the year

  • Application fee $62 domestic and $154 international

Once programs are full, completed applications are placed on a wait-list (first come, first served)

Capilano University

Tuition per credit:

Domestic: $120.34 ($361.02/course)

International: $539/credit ($1,617/course)

  • Applications accepted from late Summer

Applications submitted or finalized after the deadline will be processed as time permits, but will not be granted priority registration
or Arts and Sciences and Business Admin programs:

  • Sept 15 application deadline for Jan entry; document deadline: Oct 15

  • Jan 31 application deadline for May entry; document deadline: Feb 15

  • Mar 31 application deadline for Sept entry; document deadline: May 31

Career/Vocational Programs: Please refer to the website for application deadlines

  • Application fee $50 domestic and $135 international

Douglas College

Tuition per credit 100/200 level:

Domestic: $97.70 ($293.10/crs)

International: $520/credit($1,560/course)

International students have different application deadlines: see website
pen Enrolment Programs (General Studies, Sciences, U-Transfer):

  • Applications accepted starting Jan 1 of preceding year for Jan entry

  • Applications accepted starting May 1 of preceding year for May entry

  • Applications accepted starting Sept 1 of preceding year for Sept entry

Limited Enrolment Programs (ECE, Nursing, etc) – apply early. Consult the calendar for deadlines.

  • Application fee $30 domestic; $100 international

Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Tuition per credit:

Domestic: $386.43 for3 credits

International: $1,406.07/3 credits

  • Applications accepted from Sept 15 to Jan 15 for Sept entry

  • Portfolio deadline: Feb 1

National Portfolio Day – December, 2015 (11am – 3pm) Usually held first Saturday of December, to be confirmed

  • Application fee $70 domestic & international

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Tuition per credit:

*Domestic: $131.05 ($393.15/crs)

International: $525/credit

*Tuition fees higher for certain Selective-Entry & Career Programs; check website

For Open Access & Selective Entry undergraduate programs:
Applications Open: Early Application Deadline*: Final Application Deadline:

Sept entry: Nov 1 March 1 August 1

Jan entry: Mar 1 Aug 1 December 1

May entry: July 1 Dec 1 April 1

*Limited Intake programs will only continue to accept applications after the Early Application Deadline as space permits

  • Application fee $40 domestic and $120 international

Langara College

Tuition per credit:

*Domestic: $91.85 ($275.55/crs)

International: $565/credit ($1,695/course)

*for 100/200 level courses

Arts & Science University –Transfer Programs:

  • applications accepted starting 11 months before each semester

  • Sept entry: apply by April 30th; Jan entry: apply by Oct 15th: May entry: apply by Feb 15th

  • for open enrollment programs, students are assigned a course registration date/time based on their date of application. APPLY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TO ENSURE BEST COURSE REGISTRATION

Career Studies and Arts & Science Limited Enrolment Programs – please see websites, most start in Sept

  • Application fee $40 domestic; $155 international


Tuition/credit for U-transfer: Domestic: $140.35 ($421.05/crs)

International: $493.59


  • Various intakes – refer to website. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis, depending on availability.

  • Check website for tuition fees for Career Programs

  • Application fee $35 domestic and $135 international for 1st program & $65 for 2nd program

Alberta Institutions

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB

Domestic tuition: min $532.08 3 credit course

International: $2,007.60

  • M
    Deadlines are sometimes extended – see website
    arch 1st for Sept entry

  • Very few programs offer Jan or May entry – see website

  • $125 application fee for new students

  • Apply through


uebec Institutions

McGill University

Montréal, Quebec

Domestic tuition: $703.05 per 3 credit course

  • Applications accepted after Oct 1

  • Feb 1 for Sept entry (Music is January 15, Religious Studies May 1st)

  • $103.12 appl. fee for up to 2 program choices (applicants to Music pay an audition fee of $63.48)

  • Apply through website:

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