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Name of the Scheme/Programme


Outlay 2010-11

(Rs. in Crore)

Quantifiable Deliverables/Physical Output

Physical Achievement up to December, 2010

Financial Achievements up to December, 2010 (Rs. in Crore)

Remarks/Risk Factors
















a). Secretariat Social Service

To modernize the accommodation for efficient functioning of the Ministry and also provide Information and Technology support. Maintenance of the office equipments and procurement of stationery.



Replacement of old and obsolete computers/photocopier in the Ministry.

Digitization of old records lying in the Sections/Units for making clutter free working environment.

Modernization of office accommodation.

Renovation of 7 rooms (P&B, S&F Account cell, record room etc.)

Purchased 10 computers (9 desk tops and one laptop), 6 photocopiers.

Other office equipments too have been purchased on need basis.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.

Proposal for purchase of new computers in pipeline

b). Central Secretariat Library (CSL)

To provide information and research services to Academicians, Research Scholars and Policy Planners. It is the main reference library for all purposes.



To replace out dated server, new high end server to be installed. Automation of circulation through bar coded tags to be introduced, training programmes for new technological developments to be conducted, purchased of books, selves and trolleys, improvement infrastructure and face lifting of R.K. Puram branch library, digitization work of GOI Gazettes/Notifications

Installation of Mike system in the conference hall, fire alarm system, modernization/ renovation of CSL second floor hall. 1473 titles books in English and in Hindi and 1800 titles in regional languages, 70000 old and absolute title books identified and created on the computer.



Normally Non Plan Grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses


Zonal Cultural Centre

Aims at the promotion of Grass-root Culture and Cultural Kinships which transcend territorial boundaries and to arouse and deepen awareness of local culture.



Includes 30% provision towards pro-women, and 20% provision for ST population




National Culture Exchange Programme

Exchange of artists, Musicians, performers, & sculptors etc. between different regions within the country for the promotion of rich cultural heritage of India.

About 385 programmes would be organized benefiting a large number of artistes

More than 220 programmes organized benefiting a large number of artistes deployed at fairs, festivals, cultural events to dissimilate the cultural diversity across the country.


Documentation of vanishing Art Forms

Documentation of various folk & tribal art forms particularly the vanishing art forms for their proper preservation.

Various folk & tribal art forms, work of great masters of member states would be documented as per advice of Programme Committee and research oriented projects would be taken in hand for publication

More than 96 documentation works have been taken up till 31.12.2009.


Lok Tarang Folk Dance Festival

This festival is organized for Republic Day Celebrations during January each year for the promotion of our rich cultural heritage & national integration. This year it would be held during Commonwealth Games Delhi, 2010.

This festival provides a unique performance opportunity for the folk artists from various parts of country at the national level.

Organized in January every year, but this year, the Lok Tarang Folk Dance was organized in the month of October, 2010 during Commonwealth Games.


Kurukshetra Utsav

Celebrated on the occasion of Geeta Jayanti Samaroh at Kurukshetra-a Sacred place related to Mahabharta

Very suitable occasion for the promotion of Indian art & culture. Classical & folk artists perform benefiting large number of people. Besides this a large number of craft persons are given opportunity to display & sell their products

The NZCC in collaboration with the Kurukshetra Development Board and Government of Haryana organized ‘Kurukshetra Utsav-Geeta Jayanti Samaroh – 2010’ at Kurukshetra from December 13 to 17, 2010.


Guru Shishya Parampara

For the promotion & preservation of our Fast vanishing art Forms

Not only Gurus but shishyas are also benefited. About 20 gurus with 100 shishyas would be benefited during the year. Art forms are decided in consultation with State Governments from time to time.

More than 53 units/Kendras to benefited Shisyas under this scheme during the year 2010-11 (upto December, 2010) besides the continuing units of previous year.


Theatre Rejuvenation

Providing an opportunity to the theatre artists to stage plays & other theatre activities. Also interacting with each other on the Common platform

About 114 theatre groups would stage their plays and more than 1000 artists and a large number of people would be benefited. Workshops to promote theatrical skills will also be held.

This year, ZCCs have conducted various programmes viz. theatre shows, theatre festivals and workshops festival. Under this scheme,

more than 108 plays have been staged.


Young Talent Artists Scheme

To recognize & encourage young Talented artists in various folk Art forms

About 83 folk art forms would be selected & competitions would be held involving sufficient number of upcoming artistes & public.

To recognize and encourage young talented artists invariours art forms of the Zone, about various folk art forms will be selected and competitions will be organized involving sufficient number of incoming artists and public. For this purpose, an advertisement will be*

* got published in the newspaper and other cultural organizations and educational institutions will be also be contacted.



Established Shilpgrams are playing very significant role for the promotion & preservation of Art & Culture and providing platform to the talented artisans. The main objective is to boost its activities.

A large number of artistes & artisans are benefited. A large number of people are made aware of our rich cultural heritage.

Conducted 46 programme and regular craft exhibition cum sales.


Festival of the North East – OCTAVE

The objective of the proposed festival of the North East is to help the people in general and artists from the North East in particular to have a closer interaction with main land. This will help in bridging the so-called gap between the NE and mainland.

Around 400 artistes from North East including folk artistes, musicians, craftsmen etc. will be performing in a series of programmes.

The North East Festivals ‘Octave’ have been held at Aurangabad, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.


Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi

The Akademi acts at the national level for the promotion and growth of Indian music, dance and drama; for the maintenance of standards of training in the performing arts; for the revival, preservation, documentation and dissemination of materials relating to various forms of music, dance and drama and for the recognition of outstanding artists.



The Akademi devotes to the furtherance of the performing arts of India, and seeks to achieve this by arranging performances by renowned veterans as well as by talented artists of the younger generations through training programmes, award of scholarships and documentations.



Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Survey, Research, Documentation & Dissemination Publication and UNESCO – Convention on Intangible cultural Heritage – Implementation Project

Preservation and collection of recordings of rare traditions of Performing Arts, development of theoretical and academic knowledge of performing arts and publishing literature on performing arts.

200 hrs of audio and video recordings, 10 audio CDs, 10 video CDs, 2200 photographs, 60 hrs of audio and video dubbing to be released. 3000 photographs to be added. Mapping project in 4 states.

One national conference, Two regional seminars are proposed & 6 books, 4 journals and 12 news bulletins, and 1 Annual Report. 5 scholars for encyclopedia will be engaged.

Survey for cultural mapping in 5 states,*

28 hrs of audio and 342 hrs of video of recordings, 4945 photographs, 1 CDs released.

1 book, 3 journal

*making dossiers of 5 Elements, including 10 films on them, for Akademi’s candidature for Representative List. Organizing Indian presentation in ICH festival at UNSECO Headquarter in Paris.


National Museum of

Performing Arts

Purchase of land and construction of building

Archive of Performing arts & Library and Archive

Specialized Library on Performing Arts

Development of Akademi exists museum musical instruments, puppets, masks and other art objects into a national level museum of performing arts by acquiring a separate building / campus.

To develop an exclusive archive of audio video and photographic records of performing arts of Akademi including a parallel archive in South Akademi by acquiring rare collections scattered in the country, besides the existing rich collection of Akademi’s own archive.

To expand Akademi’s existing specialized library on performing arts and digitalizing its entire holding and make it available on line.

Land from DDA expected for NMPA upgradation of available space in the Rabindra Bhawan for the display of puppets, masks and other artifacts.

Digitization of existing archival holdings, setting up subject-wise archives in SNA Centres at Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram etc.
Digitization of 22000 clippings, 2200 monograph record, and 5500 photographs.

Allotment of 5 acres of land in Delhi by DDA for NMPA will be allotted during 2010-11. Training centres for instruments making started at Kolkata and Meerut. Center for acquisition of rare musical instruments has been setup at Kolkata for Eastern Region. So far we have acquired – musical instruments.

Ongoing project for archival

Digitalization of clippings and photographs completed.


National Institutes and Centres of Akademi for Specialized fields/ forms of Akademi :

Kathak Kendra, Akademi,

Kutiyattam Centre, Kerala, Chhau Centre, Baripada / Jamshedpur, Other National Projects, Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal and Sattriya Centre, Guwahati

To create Kathak dancers of professional standing through well specialized training course,

To upgrade and develop Akademi’s project support to Kutiyattam,

Upgradation and development of the ongoing project support to Chhau Dances of Eastern region,

Development of training programmes in traditional land folk theatre forms of Akademi - Yakshagana of Karnataka, Bhagwat Mela of Tamilnadu,

To create Manipuri dancers of professional standing through well specialized training course,

Development of Akademi project support to Sattriya Dance and allied music and theatre traditions.

3-4 new production of dance seminar on Kathak, The ongoing project of Kutiyattam involving a number of projects training, production, research and performance directly benefiting institutions 200 artistes and scholars.

Ongoing project of Support to Chhau Dances involving a number of projects training, production, research and performance directly benefiting about 300 artistes and scholars in urban and semi-urban areas.

Setting up/ developing projects Centre for Music, Gwalior, Centre for Puppetry N. Delhi, Centre for Odissi Dance & Music Bhubaneswar and on Traditional Theatre Varanasi. Regular activity of training and performance was held
3-4 new productions of dance dramas in a year, 2 or 3 festivals, performance in different states, *

Done 3 new productions by Repertory. Imparting Kathak training to 316 students. It is ongoing programme.

Promotion of ancient art form from ‘Kutiyattam’ with financial support to Gurukulams all over Kerala. Presently imparting training to 58 trainees. Also organized outreach programmes in different areas within and outside Kerala.

Regular training activities held in Baripada, Rairangpur, Seraikella in Chhau Dances, music and mask making.
Centre for Puppetry started in Delhi

To be achieved:

Traditional Puppet Festival of Karnataka in February 2011;
Done – New production. Ongoing Training programme.
Sattriya Centre started at Guwahati in August 2008. Training support to Sattriya Dance & Music continued

* Ongoing project on Sattriya Dance involving a number of projects training, production, research and performance directly benefiting about 300 artistes and scholars in urban and semi-urban areas. Festivals of Sattriya Dance, Borgeet and Ankia Bhaona, seminar on different subjects.


Festivals, Workshops and National Exhibitions

1SNA Festivals, Workshops & Exhibitions

2.Collaborative Programmes with State Akademis, Organizations, Central Govt. Organizations & Major Cultural Institutions and Sponsored Programme (New Scheme)

3. Regular Programme in Meghdoot Theatre Complex

To preserve, promote and development of performing arts traditions in live practice on regional and national levels and support exchange of ideas, concepts and techniques nationwide.

16 festivals on Natya Parampara, series of brhaddesi, Nritya Lok, traditional theatre etc. in different cities. 25 programmes in collaboration with State Govt./Akademics and with central organizations in field of performing art.

Fortnightly programmes of puppetry traditional theatre, film etc.

Promotion and Dissemination of music, dance and drama through these seminars and festivals will go a long way in strengthening country’s cultural tradition.


Awards, Honours and Prizes :

SNA Fellowships and Awards (Akademi Ratna Sadasyata and Puraskar)

Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar,

Yuva Puraskar ,

To recognize excellence and sustained contribution in performing arts and support eminent old artists. The Akademi awards fellowships and Akademi award (Fellowship is restricted 30 living person)
Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar has been constituted for the young artists of below 35 years old. The award carries purse money of Rs. 25, 000

33 Akademi Awards and 5 Fellowships to be given.

33 Yuva Puraskar to young artists.

Presentation of annual fellowships and awards by Hon’ble President of Akademi alongwith a week long festival on music, dance and drama held in Oct.10.

Puraskar distribution ceremony and festival of award wining artists held in Set. 10


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