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Sl. No.

Name of the Scheme/



Outlay 2014-15

(Rs. in Crore)

Quantifiable Deliverables/Physical Output

Projected Outcomes

Processes / timelines


Risk Factors






















a). Secretariat Social Service

To modernize the accommodation for efficient functioning of the Ministry and also provide Information and Technology support. Maintenance of the office equipments and procurement of IT stationery.



Up-gradation of computers by installing window 7 and 8 in about 165 computers with XO operating software. Expansion of Ministry along with other modernization work will be carried out during the year for providing better accommodation facilities to working employees. Replacement of old and obsolete computers/ photocopier, Fax Machine, etc. Provision for professional services for appointing senior Consultants/ Sr. Consultants for special studies/ evaluation of the Plan Schemes.

To provide modern, efficient and contemporary working environment to the officers and staff of the Ministry of Culture.

Continuous process for the entire year.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.

b). Central Secretariat Library (CSL)

To provide information and research services to Academicians, Research Scholars and Policy Planners. It is the main reference library for all purposes.

It has a collection of over 8.25 lakh documents including Gazettes documents and other GOI publications.



Purchase of compactors. Rare book exhibition. Purchase of high end server and other software. Purchase of photocopy machine for CSL. Extension of Stack area. Modernization of rare book section. Purchase of furniture. Automation of circulation counter. In service training for librarians. Purchase of book shelves. Infrastructure for children at RK Puram. Preservation and conservation of rare books. Digitization of Gazette of India with coordination of Dept. of publication. Acquisition of books. Purchase of microfilms from British Library London. Purchase of Text books for RK Puram. One time manpower for cleaning. Reimbursement of security.

Enhancement of readership and dissemination of knowledge. Presentation of microfilms and smooth functioning of library, standard of cleanliness and providing better user services.

Throughout the year as these are continuing activities.

Normally Non Plan Grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.

Promotion of Art and Culture


Zonal Cultural Centre

Aims at the promotion of grassroots culture and cultural kinships which transcend territorial boundaries and to arouse and deepen awareness of local culture.



Organizing various cultural programmes under different schemes, cultural exchange programmes etc.

To strengthen, promote and showcase the cultural activities at national and international level.

As given under different activities.


National Culture Exchange Programme

Exchange of artistes, musicians, performers & sculptors etc. between different regions within the country for the promotion of rich cultural heritage of India

About 927 programmes would be organized under NCEP by exchanging artists, performers, craftsmen, musicologists, scholars, students and art connoisseurs.

Strengthen and promote National Integration and preserve, promote and disseminate folk art forms.

The artistes would be exchanged as per requirement from time to time during the year.



Documentation of various folk & tribal art forms particularly the vanishing art forms for their proper preservation

Documentation & publications of vanishing arts. Documentary CDs on various art forms for purpose of educational Extension and showing the achievements & contribution of folk masters will be prepared.

Preservation of folk traditions and possible creation of knowledge to the art lovers & student/scholars.

Being a continuous – process, the time taken in the completion of project is extendable.


Lok Tarang Folk Dance Festival

This festival is organized every year for the promotion of our rich cultural heritage & national integration.

This festival provides a unique performance opportunity for the folk artistes from various parts of country at the national level.

Increased awareness of regional cultural traditions the showcased at the National level.

Organized in January every year


Kurukshetra Utsav

Celebrated on the occasion of Geeta Jayanti Samaroh at Kurukshetra a sacred place related to Mahabharta

Suitable occasion for the promotion of Indian art & culture. Classical & folk artistes perform benefiting large number of people. Besides this a large number of craft & persons are given opportunity to display & sell their products

Promotion & disseminate performing art and craft and to give impetus to local crafts.

Regular feature


Guru Shishya Parampara

For the promotion & preservation of vanishing art forms

About 260 gurus with 1142 shishyas would be benefited during the year. Art forms are decided in consultation with State Governments from time to time.

Strengthening Guru Shishya Parampara.

It is a continuous process.


Theatre Rejuvenation

Providing an opportunity to the theatre artistes to stage plays & other theatre activities. Also interacting with each other on a common platform

About 200 theatre groups would stage their plays and more than 3100 artistes and a large number of people would be benefited. Workshops to promote theatrical skills will also be held.

Give an impetus to folk and traditional theatre.

Theatre organizations would be invited for theatrical performances from time to time


Young Talent Artists Scheme

To recognize & encourage young talented artistes in various folk art forms

About 217 folk art forms/ artistes would be selected.

Youth involved in folk traditions encouraged.

An advertisement would be given in the newspapers & other cultural & educational institutions would be contracted.



Shilpgrams established by ZCCs are playing very significant role in the promotion & preservation of Indian art & culture & providing platform to the talented artisans. The main objective is to boost the activities in Shilpgram/ Kalagrams.

A large number of artistes & artisans are benefited and a number of people are made aware of our rich cultural heritage.

Artisan benefitted and urban population made more aware of traditional crafts.

All the year round various types of cultural activities are undertaken


Festival of the North East – OCTAVE

The objective of the festival of the North East is to help the people in general and artistes from the North East in particular to have a closure interaction with the main land. This will help in bridging the perceived gap between the North East and the mainland

Around 2350 artistes from North East including folk artistes, musicians, craftsmen etc. will be performing in a series of programmes to be organized in various parts of the country.

To showcase the colorful and vibrant art and culture of the N.E.Region to the audiences.

January to March, 2015.


Tribal Sub Plan

To provide a permanent platform to the artistes and artisans from the NE States to project their skills.

Programmes are to be organized in the member states for the benefit of tribal communities.

Preservation & promotion of Tribal Culture.


Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi

The Akademi acts at the national level for the promotion and growth of Indian music, dance and drama; for the maintenance of standards of training in the performing arts; for the revival, preservation, documentation and dissemination of materials relating to various forms of music, dance and drama and for the recognition of outstanding artists.



The Akademi devotes efforts to the furtherance of the performing arts of India, and seeks to achieve this by arranging performances by renowned veterans as well as by talented artists of the younger generations through training programmes, award of scholarships and documentations.

Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Akademi, Imphal is mainly assisted from NE funds. The Akademi takes up activities from the funds earmarked under Tribal Sub Plan.

Normally, non plan grant is used for administrative and establishment expenses.


Audio visual recordings of Performing Arts, Post recording documentation and computerization of data, State/ Region wise Survey and Cultural Mapping, Development and Maintenance of National Inventory of ICH, Support for projects to organization and individual specialization in documentation, etc.

Preservation and collection of recordings of rare traditions of Performing Arts for students and scholars, Survey for mapping performing art, Dissemination of data, information and records to scholars and general Public.

1500 hrs of audio and video recordings, 12 video CDs, 3000 photographs, 10-15 studio and field recordings. Software/ programme development of database pertaining to archival material. Mapping projects in 4 States for ICH works. To set up resource center and database pertaining to UNESCO. 4 projects to be supported financially.

Digitization of Archival material, Expansion of data base on performing arts, development of scholarship and encouragement to young scholars, greater availability of information and literature to enable policy formulation and planning of practical application by students, teachers and artists.

Regular / Ongoing Scheme.


National Museum, Archives and Library of Performing Arts,
National Museum of Performing arts, New Delhi
Archive of Performing Arts

Library of Performing Arts

Development of Akademi’s existing museum of musical instruments, puppets, masks and other art objects into a national level museum of performing arts by acquiring a separate building / campus.

To develop an exclusive archive of audio video and photographic records of performing arts of India including a parallel archive in South India by acquiring rare collections scattered in the country, besides the existing rich collection of Akademi’s own archive.

To expand Akademi’s existing specialized library on performing arts and digitalizing its entire holding and make it available on line.

Land from DDA for NMPA, up-gradation of available space in Rabindra Bhawan, Centre for making collection of musical instrument in Kolkata.

To acquire 200 number of Museum objects such as musical instruments masks, puppets, costumes, etc.

3 catalogues acquisition of 110 objects, organization of 3 workshops, instruments and mask making.
Digitization of existing archive holding, setting up subject wise archives in SNA Centers at Gowahati, Thiruvananthapuram, etc.
Digitization of newspapers clippings, seminar paper, rare books, annual reports, Audio Visual Library and photo library etc.

Preservation of intangible form (the wealth of Indian performing arts developing an integrated system of information and knowledge about this wealth by combining the facilities of Museum, Archives and Library).
Digitalization of existing archival holding, setting up subject wise archives in SNA Centers at Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram etc.

Continuing Scheme.

To be implemented subject to availability of funds


National Institutes, Centers and Projects of Akademi for Specialized fields/ forms of Performing Arts:

Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Akademi, Imphal; Kathak Kendra, New Delhi; Kutiyattam Kendra, Thiruvananthapuram; Sattriya Kendra, Guwahati; Putul Kendra, New Delhi; Chhau Kendra, Baripada / Jamshedpur; National project for specified training in Hindustani and Carnatic Music, etc. and Other National Projects.

To create Manipuri dancers of professional standing through well specialized training course, To upgrade and develop Akademi’s project support to Kutiyattam,

Up-gradation and development of the ongoing project support to Chhau Dances of Eastern region,

Development of training programmes in traditional local folk theatre forms of India - Yakshagana of Karnataka, Bhagwat Mela of Tamilnadu,

To create Manipuri dancers of professional standing through well specialized training course,

Development of Akademi project support to Sattriya Dance and allied music and theatre traditions.

3-4 new production of dance, 3-4 festivals, performance in different States. To start peripheral Centre in Manipur. 5-6 new production of dance, seminar on Kathak, expansion of Kathak Kendra Repertory Company, 3 festivals of Kathak, Kathak Mahotsava. The ongoing project of Kutiyattam, Sattriya (Music and Dance), Puppet making, Chhau Dances, training in Katputli, Yashgana, Gombeyatta Gapallia, Koya Bommalatta, etc. involving a number of training production, research and performance directly benefiting institutions number of artist and scholars. Nritya parva, annual festival of Sattriya Dance, lectures, seminars and workshops etc. on Sattriya Dance and Music & Theatre traditions. 3-4 new productions of dance dramas and festival, performance in different states. To start peripheral centers in Manipur. Organizations of cultural programmes/ events and extend financial support to practitioners of traditional art forms. Cultural mapping and inventory of performing art candidature for inscription on Representative List and urgent safeguarding list of ICH. To work on dossiers for UNESCO. Setting up/ Developing project center for Music at Gwalior, Centre for puppetry, at New Delhi, etc.

Development of national level institutions of performing arts, setting high standard of training and performance, larger audience and Akademi based will be created.

It is an ongoing scheme and will be executed in scheduled manner to achieve the target.


Training and Performance Support,

Support to Music, Dance, Theatre, Folk & Tribal Arts.

Research, Publication,

Performing arts databases, Encyclopedia of Performing Arts and Academic Seminar interaction Interviews/ workshops, Training programmes, etc.

To preserve, promote and development of Indian Music, Dance, Theatre and Tribal folk traditions in live practice on regional and national levels and support exchange of ideas, concept and techniques nationwide.
To support different forms of music, dance and theatre, encourage young members of the traditional arts, support to such forms, style traditions, Gharanas etc.

Training and support performance:

3-Research works on Carnatic music, Telugu drama/theatre and folk song (Jhoomar) of eastern India; 6 books, 8 journals and 12 news bulletins (English and Hindi), 1 annual report; Broad mapping of the territory of print and other sources, such as artifacts, prior to commissioning specific projects; 5 scholars for encyclopedia will be engaged.

Support to Music:

2 festivals on Brahddesi and tradition and one national festival of regional tradition of North, East, West, South and Central; Ongoing training progrmme. 12 new training programmme be initiative; One festival focused on experimental creative choral and ensemble works in music.

2 festivals of young musicians in East and South Zone; Sangeet Sangam, Bhubaneswar; Thumri festival, Dhrupad Festival; Festival, seminar and workshop on Tappa; Over 250 cultural institutions to be supported with financial assistance.

Support to Dance:

Organization of various festivals, Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, Demonstration with special focus to major dance tradition of India; New training programmes on various forms; 2 Festivals for young dancers of all zones; series of Meet the Masters; 5-6 projects to be supported; over 150 Institutions to be supported.

Support to Theatre:

2-3 production oriented play wright workshops; 3 New training programmes; 2 Festivals each of young directors and senior directors; 5 projects to be supported along with over 300 cultural institutions with financial assistances.

Support to Folk & Tribal arts:

10 New training programmes to be initiated, 12 groups to be sponsored in different festivals; 5 Regional festivals/ seminars; organization of Lok Utsav; 10 research projects to be supported along with 100 institutions/ groups to be financially supported.

Expansion of knowledge of distinct, rich stands in India performing arts heritage with +ve implications both as regards preservation and renewal of artistic practice. Growth of knowledge of awareness of issues in the field of performing arts and cross fertilization among cognate disciplines.


Awards, Honours and Prizes:

SNA Fellowships and Awards (Akademi Ratna Sadasyata and Puraskar)

Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar
Pension to fellows and Awardees

To give recognition to individual artistes for outstanding achievement in the field of music, dance and drama, Akademi Fellowships and Akademi Awards. The Akademi Awards are given annually to maximum 33 artists. The Fellowships and Awards carry a purse money of Rs 3 lakh and Rs. 1 lakh, Tamrapatra and a shawl.

Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar has been instituted by the Akademi from the year 2006 for giving recognition and encouragement to young artistes below age group of 35 years, which carries purse money of Rs 25,000/-.

33 Akademi Awards, 2 Fellowships, 33 Yuva Puraskar to young artists.

Pension @ Rs.10,000/- p.m. to living fellows & awardees.

National honor to artists for further promoting their performing arts.

National recognition to young artists.


International Programmes

Indo-Asian Projects of Performing Arts,

Interaction with National Institutions of Performing Arts of Other Countries.

Support for up-gradation and refresher courses for NRI & PIO Artists & Scholars

Implementation of UNESCO Conventions of ICH and Cultural Diversity.

Indo-Foreign Cultural Exchange Programmes, Exhibitions & Seminars, and International Festivals

The Government of India concludes cultural exchange programmes with various countries to have better understanding with each other cultural heritage

National Integration through cultural exchanges. An International festival of performing arts with the objectives to create better understanding with cultural institutions in India and abroad and to create opportunity for interaction and exchanges of ideas.

Programmes involving cultural exchange with abroad. Joint performance with National Akademies of neighboring countries, sponsoring 6 groups in major Asian festivals, organizing seminar/exhibition in festival of India & China, visit of delegation to China, implementation of 6 reciprocal Cultural exchanges under IFCEP

For development of India's cultural relations and exchange of ideas, concepts, technique, forms etc. leading to a larger global image of the country.


Production of films, documentaries, TV Programmes, DVDs and ACDs on Performing arts subjects

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