Principals of General Zoology (Zoo-103)

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Principals of General Zoology (Zoo-103)

General Information

  • Dr. Mikhlid Almutairi
  • Assistant Professor
  • Medical Molecular genetics
  • AB 67, ground floor
  • Office hours:
    • Sunday and Tuesday from 10 – 12
    • Also by appointment

Learning Objectives

  • Structure, function and cytogenetics of the animal cell
  • Different animal tissues
  • Taxonomy
    • Important Phyla (plural of phylum), Classes, Genera (plural of genus), and Species
  • Anatomy and physiology


  • Lecture
    • 2 lecture exams (30%)
    • Cumulative final exam (40%)
    • 70% of total grade
  • Laboratory
    • 2 laboratory exams
    • Lab notebook
    • Field trip or paper
    • 30% of total grade

Tips for Succeeding in Lecture

  • Read assigned chapters before attending lecture (do the same for lab)
  • Study at least 4 hrs per week, from notes
  • Ask me any specific questions
  • Tests are combination of multiple-choice and short answer / fill in blank questions
  • Test questions will be derived from the lecture notes


  • Standard
    • A = 90% or above
    • B = 80% - 89%
    • C = 70% - 79%
    • Etc.
  • Plus / Minus
    • A+ = 95% or above
    • A = 90% - 94%
    • B+ = 85% - 89%
    • Etc.

Missed/ Late Exam Policy

  • No make-up exams, except with:
    • Medical documentation
    • Legal documentation
  • Make-up exams will be essay form
  • If you arrive late to an exam, and even one exam has already been turned in, you will be given an essay test

The Biological Sciences

  • Biology – study of life
  • Many different fields (some examples)
    • Zoology – study of animals
    • Anatomy – study of morphological structures
    • Physiology – study of how body structures (cells, organs, organ systems, etc.) function
    • Evolution – study of change over time (molecular level to ecosystem level)
    • Ecology – study of how organisms interact and affect their environments, or vice versa

Zoology (Science of animal)

  • Is the branch فرع of Biology that focuses on the structure التركيب , functionالوظيفة, behaviorالسلوك , and evolutionالتطور of animals

Subfields of zoology

  • Zoographyعلم الحيوان الوصفي , also known as descriptive zoology: describesيصف animals and their habitatsأماكن معيشتها
  • Comparative anatomyعلم التشريح المقارن : studies the structure of animals.
  • Animal physiologyعلم وظائف الأعضاء : is the study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of animals.
  • Molecular biology علم البيولوجيا الجزيئية : studies the common genetic الوراثية and developmental التطورية mechanisms of animals and plants.

Subfields of zoology

  • Behavioral ecology: علم البيئة السلوكيis the study of the ecological البيئيand evolutionary التطوري basis for animal behavior, and the roles of behavior in enabling an animal to adapt يتكيفto its environment (both intrinsic داخليا and extrinsicوخارجيا ).
  • Evolutionary biologyعلم البيولوجيا التطوري : See of both animals and plants is considered in the articles on evolution, population genetics, heredity, variation, Mendelism, reproduction.
  • Systematics علم التصنيف and taxonomy علم التقيبم : classifyيصنف and group speciesويرتب الأنواع via common descent and regional associations.

Subfields of zoology

  • Entomologyعلم الحشرات : is the study of insects, the largest group of animals.
  • Palaeontologyعلم الحفريات : is the study of prehistoric life, including organisms' evolution and interactions with each otherتفاعل الكائنات فيما بينها and their environments. As a "historical science“
  • Ethologyعلم السلوك : is the study of animal behavior

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