Brief Report & Photos with Captions of the Valedictory Function of ogcf in Bhubaneswar

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Brief Report & Photos with Captions of the Valedictory Function of OGCF in Bhubaneswar

The Valedictory function of OCGF-2016 was celebrated at Jaydeb Bhawan in Bhubaneswar on 29/01/2016. Shri Madhu Sudhan Padhi ,IAS,Commissioner Cum Secretary(FS & CW),Govt of Odisha was the chief guest of the function. Mrs Rashmi Dhingra, Director (EC & HR), PCRA was the guest of honour of the function. Mr. K. K. Sharma, GM (General Manager), IOCL & SLC, Mr. Dilip Ray, DGM, HPCL & SLC and Mr. R. K. Chauhan, Chief Manager, BPCL & SLC were also present in the function.

The Chief Guest of the function gave stress during his speech on use of alternative fuels and savings of fossil fuels for preservation of these depleted non-renewable resources. Mrs. Rashmi Dhingra, Director, PCRA gave strong message during her speech on use of greener fuel, for making villages smokeless, for conservation of crude oil & natural gas for preserving these priceless depleting essential commodities and for saving environment from pollution. She also encouraged children to participate in various essay & painting competition organised by PCRA. Mr. K. K. Sharma, GM, IOCL told briefly on various activities performed by PCRA & Oil companies during the OGCF-2016 in various parts of Odisha.

Prizes were distributed to Winner Children and employees of IOCL in competitions organised in various categories during the OGCF-2016 in Odisha. About 200 People including children were present during the function.

Few photographs (4 Nos.) of the event with captions are enclosed as under:

(A View of the Lamp Lighting for Starting the OGCF-16’s Valedictory Function at Jaydeb Bhawan, Bhubaneswar on 29/01/16)

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