P. O. Box 253 Chester, md 21619

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Cancer Comfort Angels

P. O. Box 253 Chester, MD 21619

Website: www.cancercomfortangels.org

email: cancercomfortangels@gmail.com

A member of the Foundation for Community Partnerships


Cancer Comfort Angels is a Christian based non-profit program to help in our local community. Our organization provides a simple act of kindness, which comes in the form of our Comfort Kits: a handmade blanket, cross, words of prayer to let you know you’re not alone in this fight.

It’s in the Hope that we can make each day a little brighter and let people know we are a friend here with you to support and love. Coping with cancer is difficult enough and Cancer Comfort Angels is here to bring Hope that God is always with us.
This is an opportunity for high school seniors whose lives have been affected by cancer, or have made a difference in someone’s life who is fighting cancer, to receive a scholarship to help with higher education expenses.

Cancer Comfort Angels Scholarship


To assist six deserving high school graduates (from Queen Anne’s County High School and/or Kent Island High School) to further their education at institutions of higher learning.


Applicant must be a senior in good standing at either QACHS or KIHS whose life has been affected by cancer, or has made a difference in someone’s life who is fighting cancer.


Six $500 scholarships


Selection will be made by the Cancer Comfort Angels Scholarship selection committee with written notice prior to the award. Official award to the recipient will be announced in May. The scholarship is NOT renewable.


The recipient will be required to notify Cancer Comfort Angels Scholarship Fund of his/her final school choice and due date for payment. The money will be sent directly to the college upon verification of the student’s enrollment and appropriate billing from the college.


Applications may be obtained from the guidance offices of QACHS and KIHS. Applications may also be found on our website: www.cancercomfortangels.org or requested by email: cancercomfortangels@gmail.com.

Applications must be submitted to:

Kent Island High School Queen Anne’s County High School

RE: Cancer Comfort Angels Scholarship RE: Cancer Comfort Angels Scholarship

900 Love Point Rd 125 Ruthsburg Rd

Stevensville, MD 21666 Centreville, MD 21617

Applications must be postmarked by: April 15, 2013

NOTE: Incomplete or late applications will not be considered for a scholarship.

Cancer Comfort Angels Scholarship
Please complete all information requested below. Information may be typed or legibly hand-written. Information provided will be used by the Cancer Comfort Angels Scholarship committee in consideration for awarding this one-time scholarship.

  1. Full Name ________________________________________________________________

  1. School Attending: KIHS or QACHS (circle one)

  1. Student ID #: __________________________________

  1. Address____________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip _____________________________________________________________

  1. Phone number (h) __________________________ (c) ___________________________

  1. Date of Birth _________________________________________________

  1. Names(s) of institutions (2yr/4yr/trade or technical school) to which you have applied and been accepted.

  1. In a brief statement, describe your plans for higher education and explain how you hope to apply this education to your future career and personal ambition goals:


Submit a one-page formal resume’ that includes the following headlines:

  • Contact Information

    • Name

    • Address

    • Phone Number (s)

    • Email address

  • Objective (vocational objectives)

  • Education (Schools attended, years)

    • Current Cumulative High School GPA

  • Work Experience (as applicable)

  • Activities (as applicable)

    • School-related

    • Community/Volunteer

    • Honors/Awards/Special Talents


Submit a 300-500 word essay on one of the following topics:

How my life has been affected by cancer.


I have made a difference in someone’s life who is fighting cancer by……

Essay will be evaluated on content and form.

I certify that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate.

____________________________________ _________________________________

Student Signature Date

____________________________________ __________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

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