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Transitioning to College: Student Perspective

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Sam’s Adventure

From High School to

College of Southern Maryland to

My Four Year Adventure

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Frank A. Clark

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere”

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In High School

  • Continue with Math

  • Write as many papers as you can

  • Advocate at my IEP meetings

  • Tried to get more independent as possible in doing schoolwork because if you don’t you become independent on others: “Even though I could do it myself” I remember always asking my teachers for help, it took a long time to believe in myself”.

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High School con.

  • Study and get accommodations for SAT

  • Go to try College for a Day and information Night

  • Learn how to explain your disabilities to the professor

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High School Con.

  • Realistic Expectations in how your disabilities impact you in college:

  • Quote: “My learning disability made learning some things extremely difficult, Finally, I woke up and began to make the right choices”

  • I felt I was Unprepared for a four Year

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College of Southern Maryland Adventure

  • Documentation-DORS

  • Interview with Mrs. Bacchus

  • Must get your forms in early each semester

  • Keep copies of your forms

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CSM con.

  • Learned to Advocate for myself with her and my professors

  • When I missed an assignment in my English class since I was out of the room taking a test, I had to get myself.

  • Advising and Graduation I had to do on my own

  • Only took four classes at a time getting good grades with a reduced course load: Quote: “During my first semester, I took 5 courses, I couldn’t keep up- and I failed”.

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Accommodations that helped me

  • Scribe

  • Extended Time

  • Different Room for Exams

  • Computer for Essay Exams

Slide 9

Expectations for CSM

  • Learn Writing Process

  • Learned how to reference papers

  • Constantly Edit Papers

  • Go to a good Math Tutor and a good English tutor

  • CSM has both

Slide 10

Expectations con.

  • Learned public speaking

  • Learned to love math and science even when I did not want to

  • Learned how to do research

Slide 11

Transition to A Four Year Adventure

  • Started doing laundry, Mom is happy!

  • Registered for courses and go to advising myself

  • Spreadsheet on application due dates, ADA contacts

  • Criteria include Small size

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Transition to Four Year con.

  • Close to Home

  • Good ADA

  • Recommend Visiting Admissions, ADA, and going on a Tour

  • Recommend Dressing Nicely and writing thank you notes

Slide 13

Transition to four year Con.

  • Recommend joining CSM Honor-Scholarship offers Got $18,000 from McDaniel College of Maryland Got $17,500 from Washington college in Chestertown Maryland.

  • Keep Your grades up

Slide 14

Decision Making

  • Rate Schools by Clubs, Academics, ADA Support

  • Decided not to go one of my four year choices since it did not have scribes and did not put effort in accommodations for disabled students.

Slide 15

Decision Spread Sheet

Picture: Spread sheet entitled “Sam Hoy College Transfer Contract Table” that details the names of the schools Sam was interested in attending, the ADA contact person for each school, their email and phone number, the application due date and information about the essay requirements.

Slide 16

Picture: Table that illustrates the criteria that Sam had for each college. Some of the categories include academic reputation, student to faculty ratio, various support services, job referral system, etc.

Slide 17

What I learned so far…

Picture: George Washington

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