La vida en el campo

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Lizeth Caballero, 13

Bakersfield, CA

1st place - Essay Contest Winner

Ages 10-13

La vida en el campo
Farm working, field work, agricultural people, what is the first idea that comes to you when hearing these words? When these words come to me , I think…”farmworking”, is a place where crops are being grown and people are under the scorching sun , picking crops. “Field work”, is my idea of getting up every morning, working in faraway fields. “Agricultural people”, comes to me as Hispanic people, undocumented workers, humans who desire a better future for their future generations. All these farming words, ides, and expressions, are my family.

To start off, my parents work in the fields dealing with the grapes. They set up, plant, pick, and pack grapes. A typical work day for these farm workers is hard. It’s getting up in the early morning; for example, my mother gets up at 4:00 a.m. to make lunch and prepare for the busy day. They drive about 45 minutes to an hour to reach the destination. From getting to work, to working in the extreme heat where there’s hardly shade. After, they travel in their own transportation or carpool home. Exhausted, their duty is to come home and attend the family.

Not only do parents go through this difficult work, but their children go through lots of challenges. Younger children with farm working parents stay alone, when the parent or parents leave to work. Others have to wake up to be babysat in another home. My experience with this has not been easy. I was to wake up at 4:30 a.m., prepare all my belongings I’d need for that day. My parents would take us to the babysitter.

My future dreams are to live a successful life. I want to become a Gynecologist, Architectural Engineer, or FBI agent. I will reach these goals by achieving positive grades. I will study at one of the best universities. I know I will achieve these goals.

Farm workers are suffering every single day! Thanks to them, we have fruit on our tables and can transport fruits all over the world. This helps the economic needs and helps sustain life. I have had a difficult experience with being a child of a farm worker, but I always remember my parents my parents, and all other farm workers just want the best for their kids and future family. Thank you farm workers! Without you our future would not be preserved.

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